Lead dream meanings

General Meanings:

Traditionally the dream of lead has a connection with a load or a stressful situation. The dreamer lives his life not like as he wishes. On the other hand, the dream symbol of lead may stand for life force or masculinity.

Control Who pours lead in the dream shows his ability to accomplish something useful, ability to control stress or unpleasant situations.

Psychological Meanings:

Requires changes In dreams lead may be as a sign that it is perfect time for change and transformation. The dreamer desires for changes in order to improve his quality of life.

Desire to reach material satisfaction Lead is the material which indicates the desire to reach worldly things of life, also signifies burden and suppression of mental and spiritual development. Often the dream of lead wants to show you that you should not worry so much about everyday things or should not reach only material success.

Spiritual Meanings:

On a spiritual level the dream of lead stands for body consciousness.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if see lead – In the dream you see lead, then this dream points to obstacles that bad friends may cause them. Also you have to be aware of slander and quarrels at home.
  • Love if pour some water – In the dream you pour some water on the lead, then you may expect happiness in love or marriage;
  • Luck if carry a heavy amount of lead on back – In the dream you are carrying a lot of lead on your back, then this dream is a very good sign that you may win the lottery;
  • Fraud if be in a lead mine – When you are in the lead mine in your dream, then your friends will be suspicion on your money-making. Also you someone wants to cheat on you;
  • Worries if see lead ore – In the dream you see lots of lead ore, then this is a sign that you will have troubles or unpleasant accidents;
  • Anger if melt lean – You are melting lead in your dream, then this dream marks that you will lose your patience because of failure.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Be wiser if see lead – This dream signifies that you have to be wise enough no matter that you make mistakes, but do not let others to use them;
  • Better life if pour lead – You pour lead in the dream then this indicates positive connections which will help you to improve your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • False friends if see or have lead – In the dream you see or have lead, then this dream denotes that that there are lot of fake people and false friends, you have to be aware if you want to avoid troubles;
  • Happiness at home if pour lead – The dream is very positive which indicates happy family relationships or even a marriage.

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