Temptation dream meanings

General Meanings:

News send to us In the early days of Christianity believed that the dreams are deception and delusions of the devil, who wants to tempt men and women to the sin. There are many written sources of Saints who have been led into temptation by erotic dreams. Today we know that dreams “are sent” by nobody, they are messages of ourselves to ourselves.

Suppression of sexuality Dreams of temptations or actions that we deem that are immoral in the waking life, remind us our desires and lusts. A dream in which you go to prostitutes or to a Gigolo can be a pure expression of sexual “malnutrition” or the wish for sexual variety. The suppression of desires may have noble motives, but you have to be clear about your emotions that this will not lead you to psychological difficulties.

Psychological Meanings:

The temptation is a conflict between two impulses. In the dream the dreamer can experience such a conflict between the need to go out into the world and the desire to remain in the safety of your own home. The temptation is indulgence in itself, it describes the situation in which the dreamer rather goes the way of least resistance, than to choose as the best course of action.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the temptation in the dream represents one of the biggest barriers, which the dreamer has to overcome.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Anxiety if succumb to a temptation – In the dream you were seduced then this dream marks that through envious people you will have difficulties and anxiety, they try to damage your reputation;
  • Success if resist – To resist for a temptation in the dream , then you may expect that you will be successful in a delicate matter.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Warning if be seduced – To become a victim of a temptation in the dream, this dream marks that there is a big trouble around you, so you have to be careful when you make the important decisions.

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