Thirst dream meanings

General Meanings:

To be thirsty in the dream indicates that the dreamer has an unsatisfied inner need.  Each form of emotional satisfaction would now be welcome. The following meanings of thirst:

  • Thirst is the desire for good relations with loved ones, as well as to avoid false friends.
  • Can not quench the thirst in the dream, then this stands as an indication that the dreamer feels abandoned, without hope to improve position no matter how hard he will try.
  • Satisfy the thirst, then there is a hope for the speedy recovery of a messed-up situation. This will bring  successes and satisfaction of life.
  • Drink plenty of water because of thirst, then this dream announces wealth in near future.
  • To give something to drink for a thirsty man, then you may expect for gratitude.
  • To be thirsty and to see an empty bottle then this dream can warn of a disappointment in the partner relationship.

Psychological Meanings:

To satisfy your thirst in the dream, then this is a sign that you are capable of accomplish requirements properly. The thirst of the dreamer wasn’t satisfied then this shows that inner existential needs to be fulfilled.

Spiritual Meanings:

The thirst in the dream stands literally for the thirst for spiritual knowledge and for enlightenment of the soul.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Desires if thirst – The dream of thirst usually is a purely physical reaction, the dreamer desires to drink the elixir of life;
  • Reaching better life if have thirst – The dream means that you desire for better life and all your aims are currently under its possibilities;
  • Anxiety if be thirsty and can not drink – In the dream you are thirsty and can not drink then you may expect sadness and anxiety in your life;
  • Honor if give to drink to thirsty man – When you give to drink for thirsty person, then this dream marks that you will have gratitude because of good heart;
  • if breastfeed – In the dream you breastfeed then this dream denotes about a futile effort that will not bring you any benefits;
  • Happy life if be thirsty and have enough to drink – This dream announces happiness and wealth, prestige, fulfillment of desires;
  • Sad love if be thirsty and found an empty bottle – You found that the bottle is empty and you are thirsty then this dream marks that you will experience a disappointment in love;
  • Success if see others thirst – In the dream you see that other people are thirsty and you give something to drink, then this dream denotes that you will draw the favor of influential people and this will bring you success.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Pointless aims if feel thirsty – You are thirsty in your dream, then this dream denotes that all your efforts are futile, you are wasting your time
  • Luck if drink from breast – You are thirsty and drink from breast then this dream is a sign that you will have success and special honor;
  • Award if be thirsty and drink – You drink because of thirsty in your dream, then you may expect  gratitude and award for your support;
  • Warning if be thirsty – The dream goes as a warning of overindulgence, this may bring lots of damage.

* Please, see meaning of hunger.

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