Vision dream meanings

General Meanings:

The information Your mind works freely without any restrictions of conscious, it seemingly works on different levels. The dream has three different aspects, the dreamer and I, content of a dream, and the actual information and knowledge, which is usually appears in the form of visionary images.

Psychological Meanings:

In the transition phase between waking and sleeping, and vice versa, many people experience very impressive visuals, this causes different emotions then ordinary dreams. You may describe them as visions.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritual manifestations, or rather manifestations of the Spirit are generally considered as visions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Changes if have a vision – The vision in the dream will bring you changes in your life, this may be developments in the profession, changes in private life. First of all they may seem negative, but eventually bring benefits for all involved parties;
  • Warning if see a known person – The vision was about a person that you know, then this may be a sign of danger for the person that you see;
  • Luck if strange vision – The vision is strange and unusual then in your real life you will have unexpected success  also you will participate in a pleasant entertainment;
  • Anxiety if see many people – To see a lot of people in the visions, then this predicts turmoil and struggle in near future;
  • Damage if vision with white clothes – The vision has something in common with white clothes then this is a warning of a friend which may bring failure in your life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Fraud if have vision – To have a vision then in near future you will experience an illusion which may deceive you and will not bring any satisfaction.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Sadness and happiness if have a vision – In the vision you felt satisfaction then this will bring success and changes in your life, but when you were sad then you may expect sadness.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Sense; fate; fulfillment.


The vision shows what is the meaning and the significance of a person’s life.This puts you in the position to do what the Great Spirit has given to you, determines as fate and life as a goal. Everyone has a different vision, and every vision deserves respect. In ancient times children were prepared from youth to seek their visions. In today’s world there are only a lucky few which know, that they may have a vision.

General Meaning

Something clearly seen, get a sense for life.



Transcendent Meaning

This actually requires you to go on a vision quest.

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