Walking in the rain dream meanings

Walking in rain symbolize your ability to go easily throughout natural obstacles of waking life. Also, it shows that you are in the company to the Heavenly powers. Raining and walking means that you are in complete harmony with your surroundings and there isn’t any anger or other bad emotions.

Additionally, to walk while rain is pouring indicates cleansing and refreshing. Spiritually it shows your higher level of consciousness. Something special gift has been awarded to you. Sometimes it means that you are going to have expected birth in waking life.

Alternatively, it means rechargeable energy that flows throughout your body and increases good charm in others.

Finally, it means uncomplicated growth of your financial and professional capital. You are doing very well in reaching your goals without rush and infliction of damage to others.

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  1. I saw a dream where I’m carrying a girl aged 2yo in the rain, few known people following us with an infant in hands, I have a rain coat and protecting the toddler in my hand, she is talking continuously and trying to put her head outta coat, but the infant is getitng wet but I couldn’t help, we’re walking like that and at a point they disappeared, me and the kid in my hand were walking, once I got to a highway I stopped to board any vehicle passing through…then I woke up coz I felt too disturbed, what does this dream means ?

  2. i dreamt of trying to escape an impending rain but it caught up with, i started enjoying being soaked as i work in it. please can i have an interpretation to this?