War dream meanings

Independent external cause can give you a dream of a war. Situation in waking life is out of your control. Thus it creates a feeling of a chaos. This disorder steals peace of your mind. You are living in turbulent times and your emotional state is affected. As a result internal conflict emerges. Anger or depression, those destructive forces are following nearby. More damage can be done from inside than outside. You need to act confidently, first by removing aggressiveness, second by preparing yourself for a fight.

Inevitable transformation in waking life could be a reason for dreaming of nuclear war with bombing and total destruction. This dramatic change in your life is led by a fear of unknown experiences. Your subconscious mind is tempering you to be ready when new life cycle begins.

Experienced or witnessed life-threatening event can invoke the dreams about the armed conflicts. An actual combat or a fight, a natural disaster or a car accident, sexual or physical assault, or even news about such events can haunt you in dreams by images of devastating combats. Subconsciousness is trying hard to find acceptance for conciliation to what has happened in your past.

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