Yin & Yang dream meanings

General Meanings:

Balance Yin & Yang is oriental symbol of philosophy in the West have become well known. It represents the balance between two complementary opposites. In dreams, it symbolizes the balance between the instinctive, intuitive nature of the feminine and the active, rational nature of masculinity.

Psychological Meanings:

The human continually strives for balance that need not necessarily mean inertia. The symbol of Yin and Yang symbolizes a state of dynamic force.

Spiritual Meanings:

The energy created between two complementary opposites creates a perfect balance.

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  1. I had a dream of a man that i know. He was in a room sitting on a mattress. The doorway was low and there were cobwebs in it. I had to duck through and i felt webs in my hair and i knelt down next to him and asked him if i had a spider in my hair. He looked slightly irritated and brushed off my hair and said “ugh your a mess” there was another mattress opposite his so i walked over and laid on it. He then walked over to my mattress and laid down next to me. But his head was toward my feet. We were both kind of on our sides facing eachother and curled around eachother like the yin/yang symbol. Which i then whispered “yin/yang”

  2. I can’t remember much of my dream but i was looking for the black half of the yin and yang symbol and could only find the white half. I feel like its important to say the white piece I found was a necklace charm and I found another white half but it wasn’t a charm I just know I found it. But I couldn’t find a black half piece anuwhere

  3. I dreamt of a yin yang sign, i think it was pictured backwards (or maybe i was on the wrong side of the table), but it was on a red table on the right side and inside the sign, maybe two inches deep, was carved. I only remember the right side, and it was of an above view of a waterfall, if wasnt detailed. I was sitting on a pellow at this little, and could feel the bend in my knees as i leaned over to touch the top of trees or green nature with my right index and middle finger, and i felt that it was smooth.. i couldnt remember the left side though. I feel like my dreams plead for harmony but my world will not give it.