Zeppelin dream meanings

General Meanings:

Limits Zeppelin (airship) can represent as a phallic symbol for sexual needs that were spiritualized and may become the source of creativity. The Zeppelin moves through the air, it can mean that your sexuality, the intellectual capacity are currently disabled. This also implies a social promotion, with a lot of reputation or rapid results.

Psychological Meanings:

Support and unpleasant emotions A floating zeppelin over our heads can be a sign that you may feel a little bit depressed because of everyday life. To travel in an air ship so this indicates that you will get help from an old friend or a patron to achieve a very secure place.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Better life if see zeppelin – To see a zeppelin or many zeppelins in the dream, this promises a brilliant promotion and higher position;
  • Progress if fly with zeppelin – To fly with a zeppelin in the dream so this announces good progress in your life or at work;
  • Warning if see crash of zeppelin – In the dream you see a crash of zeppelin then you may expect that your existence will be endangered.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Be brave if see zeppelin – The dream of zeppelin means that you will reach the goal, but you must show more courage and efforts.

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  1. As i look into the sky, I see claods of chemical white substance. But the fog is not thick enough… And far, FAR! behind these cloads I see a red Zepplin, far away. What does it do here? What does it want to say?