Zombie dream meanings


Re-animated corpse.


What am I afraid to let go?

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fear of yourself if be a zombie – In the dream you are a zombie then this is a sign that you are afraid that your improper behavior will come out and will fear the others;
  • Difficult period if see zombie – When you dream of zombie then this denotes that you are afraid of something in your life also this may be that you have stress or unpleasant situation in your life.

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  1. In my dream all of my loved ones were zombies and all coming after me I managed to escape a couple of times and end up hiding in the bathroom of my house I wedged myself up against the door as I felt them slam there body’s into it one by one and all of the sudden I’m thrown straight back as the door flys open and I see my father and boyfriend as zombies run toward me and I could feel them tear in to me with there teeth as I tried my best to fight them off then I woke up screaming

  2. In my dream i couldn’t rememeber much but this is all i could remember i was asleep woke up and looked out the window there were zombies down the street everywhere then i wake up all sweaty look out the window and it was all normal

  3. Well I don’t really know where to start. Dreams like this really put me in a weirdemotiknal setting. Anyways I had a dream that I was having a get together with a couple of friends and next this I k ow we were trying to defend off zombies. We were all just running around and I was trying my hardest to protect my older brother and little sister from getting bit but I couldn’t. It strange because in my dream I remember hugging my brother and telling him to be careful, (he was leaving with a group with weapons( but I had knew already that he was bitten)) , and then I couldn’t find my little sister and that freaked me out. I guessed she had already but taken. :`(. After that whole emotional goodbye with my older brother I walk down the hall crying and see my dad doing laundry (um I know weird right) and hes telling me that my siblings need to go back and live with with my mom in another state and I’m like no they are not leaving. Their bit. And he just pretty much shrugges his sholders. And im crying even more at this point and then I scream to him that I feel like I failed as a brother because I couldn’t even protect them. Then I storm up the stairs to.find my friends just.relaxing. watching tv and eating mac and cheese like nothing had even happened. And still perinoid about what i had thought i experienced I then see a sharp pencil on the end table and I take it and asked who is in the bathroom. They all say the name of this girl I went to school with and so I creep up to the bathroom amd ask who is in their and she tells back (her name). I tell her she needs to hurry up and calm her a dumb bitch and she says for me to shut up and calls me a bitch. Then I wake up.

  4. I start off in this camp site n then we all have to leave so we do and there these thing we have to take n then we leave as I get out there zombies that don’t run after us n then as I walk there cheerleader n then they start being mean n some boy come n take my friend as I come n kick him in his back he shoots me n I wake up
    Every night I have this dream I don’t know what it means

  5. I had the dream before but this was kinda like the second part. My mom had woke me up and told me the zombies came back. I was scared but i knew what i had to do. When the outbreak was still small i had my friend ingrid and her brother come over with me and lock up the house. I got a letter once the outbreak got big. The letter was from my ex boyfriend who was still my boyfriend in the dream. He got bitten and my heart felt like it exploded. I looked out the window and he was as mindless as all the others. I am still deeply inlove with him, but i have no clue why I had this dream.

  6. To start off with in actual life i am 4 months pregnant. My dream started out as me and my boyfriend on a jungle gym. He looks at me and tells me to switch off a light so we could run to a safe spot. Out of no where two zombies show up and start taunting me telling me i wouldnt be able to make it and me and my baby would be eaten. As one starts to make its way up the slide i jump off and sprint to turn off the light and i turn around and the female zombie is behind me smiling telling me to try and get away. I run and try to jump up to catch my boyfriends hand and i realize i can levatate slightly and i miss his hand to help me up. As i turn around to see how far the zombies are away from me to see how much time i have to get away i see this very tall, muscular man running towards the zombies, tackling them almost. Then the dream jumps forward and were in a grocery store. I look across the street and i see a gas station with a swarm of zombies heading toward my group of friends who went over to refill the cars so we can leave. I run over to warn them and all of a sudden the air compressor for certain tools we have, such as, a nail gun, power saw and such, blows up sending shrapnel everywhere. Myself and my other living companions duck where as the zombies get the full effect of it. But they dont die. One zombie has a saw blade3 sticking through its eye and all the way to the other side of his head. Then i hear the zombies making plans to counter attack us when we least expect it. As we go to run out of the back door we open it to run and behind us is a companion who gets infected. He looks at me and just smiles, and as he goes to try and bite me i wake up sweating.. What does this dream mean?

  7. I had a nightmare that my sister was a zombie and she ended up killing me, but I tried for so long to keep the zombies outside of my house. I was sitting against the front door, trying to keep them out and I actually felt them pushing against the door trying to get in…

  8. When i try to remember exactly how it went. I cant. I only remember being in a big big building, i cant remember if i was with anybody though. But there was certain parts where i kept repeating or restarting somehow. Like if i kept trying better tactics to not get caught by the zombies. Like this part where i was out on the streets at night but i could jump as high as i could.. but somehow this particular zombie always got me?. At first it felt like i kept the dream going because for some reason i knew it wasnt real. But when i started repeating parts i started getting scared. Right before i woke up i somehow ended up with a friend i think and it was daylight and i saw flying baby zombies. My dream kept going back & forth to these certain parts.. there was also this other part where for some odd reason there was slides in the building. I kept climbing to the top and shorcutting to new spots but i kept falling.

  9. It started off as my father, my brother & i went to travel in a car to some place, surely we noticed that this place looked pretty normal so we stopped at a hotel,stayed at a big bed room of 3 beds
    then my brother & I went to that room appearently he sat on couch which is strange because there were 3 beds like i have said.A few seconds later there was a sound of an alarm the room had a light which was blinking red which made the entire room blink red. Some zombies were heading upstairs my borther seemed to not be there anymore. My dream skipped next thing i know i was outside it was dark a few city lights were open but zombies were everywhere roaming the streets & sidewalks but mostly sidewalks blood & gore was hard to see but i saw so many people dying. i decided to head back to the hotel and i tried to avoid the zombies by going past some damaged cars luckly i only had to fight one zombie that had spotted me after that i made it back to the hotel.At the hotel, i was at the main lobby people were just standing there turning into zobies one by one. I ran out of the hotel tried to look for my dad or brother.My dad came out of nowhere & something(probably my instincts) told me to get into the car, i went inside. my brother wasn’t there only my father.I looked at the zombies close to the window. before i knew it my dad drived out of there without my brother not even mentioning him.Then suddenly it was all sunny and normal again as my dad & i left and drived up to a hill which looked like green grass.This dream was in 3ird person point of view for me & i wonder why too.