Ball: integration, wholeness. Ball game: integration of individual and collective consciousness. Healthy competition.


Ball: what parts of my being I join? Ball game: what would I like to share? In which group do I add myself?

In general:

A ball is with the playful, childlike side of the dreamer, or connected with his need to express themselves freely. A ball to follow, points to a need for freedom back, but refers to the glitzy side of the personality. Ball can stand for the fate, which is a player we like it or not, sometimes he also symbolizes the totality of a person who is self-contained. Depending on what happens with the ball, has the following meanings:
– playing with the ball shows – mostly favorable – turn to the fate.
A fool can shoot a soccer ball with a chance to be interpreted as an indication that you should not miss, because it hits the bull’s-eye.
– If you are hit by a ball, meet a perhaps soon the caprices of fate, usually this is an unfavorable sign.
– The sagging or deflated ball has sometimes point to contradictions in the personality that is not rounded, but may also show lack of vigor and energy. There are many other circumstances that arise with which a ball or a ball in the dream can and must always be interpreted individually.


If the dreamer part in a ball game (see “Games”), then he is well aware of his need for order and for freedom. Ball games to remind one of childhood and are associated with relaxation and leisure. On the other hand, the fight for the ball or the ball right treatment always an erotic symbol dar. For a more precise interpretation, it is important to characterize the way of the ball game and related to one’s own life. The ball is like to play the ball (see below) is a symbol of wholeness, comparable translated the earth and the sun ball: the guess on the move psychic energy. Who plays in the dream with the ball, may make some or even lose it to the mercy of his emotions get carried away in a matter that the use actually is not worth it. Often we think we have an easy time, but you will beat us then maybe just a trick. As in the fairy tale of the Frog King, which plays a key role in the golden ball, the ball in the dream is a symbol of change or transformation processes is the dreamer.


Sun and Moon festivals, but also emotions are impenetrable completeness on a spiritual level often symbolized by a ball.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– see: cheerful disposition, fate plays with us, you can lose time, win or give up his fortune;
– play with it: concerns are raised by good news, happiness is at a turning point, a warning about superficial love affairs;
– children play with a colorful balloon: you will soon be disappointed, but the pain is over quickly;
– play with a ball (man): an indication of a good new partnership (business or private);
– play with the ball lover: sign of a very positive relationship with both sides;
– give or get paid: unexpected pleasure;
– be made of one: trouble;
– lose: you will find something that is useful.

Arabian (Islamic)
– to see: a sign of joy and happiness;
– to play: you’ll fritter away your time with useless things;
– play ball: you act rashly.
– beat: big disagreement.

* Please, see meaning of sphere, game.

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