European (Judeo-Christian)
– dream of the contrary.
– almost empty: expect fortunate events through their own work or because of their strong personality;
– filled: sloppy, careless work, you will suffer for the, loss of job or financial difficulties in the business.

– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)
– None dream explanation in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation
A piece of furniture designed for the storage/display of books.

Complete definition
A bookcase, or bookshelf, is a piece of furniture, almost always with horizontal shelves, used to store books. It may be fitted with glass doors. A bookcase consists of a unit including two or more shelves which may not all be used to contain books or other printed materials. Shelves may be fixed or adjustable to different positions in the case. In rooms entirely devoted to the storage of books they may be permanently fixed to the walls and/or floor. Bookcases frequently have doors that should be closed to protect the books from air pollution, and bookshelves are open-fronted. These doors are almost always glazed, so as to allow the spines of the books to be read. Especially valuable books may be kept in locked cases with wooden or glazed doors. A bookshelf normally stands on some other piece of furniture such as a desk or chest. Larger books are more likely to be kept in horizontal piles and very large books flat on wide shelves.

Synonyms of bookcase
noun: library, bookshelf; plural: libraries, bookshelfs; related terms: article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture, shelf.

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  1. I dreamt that in my apartment the bookcase was gone from the living room. The Persian carpets were not there. In their place was a shabby, dirty wall to wall carpet.
    It was dark. I felt uneasy.

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