Concealment; inevitable.


Where do I lead my decisions?

In general:

Corner means that something will change, because it strikes a different direction, but takes no radical turn around 180 degrees, something that may relate to plans and objectives, but also on the inner attitudes, attitudes and beliefs, should revise it to not to fail.
– The dream to turn a corner, means that the dreamer has managed to put in motion and to have new experiences, even though at first it looked as if there were obstacles.
– Bends the dreaming right around the corner, this refers to a logical action orientation, he turns left, he uses an intuitive approach.
– Who in the dream comes at a corner hatched, probably everyday life somewhere and is thus composed of the criticism.
– One can also hide in a corner, then you dread to act against it.


The dream makes the dreamer a hidden little or authorized aspect accessible. The dreamer must not feel crowded in the corner, he can deal with the unexpected and with new experiences. Sometimes: an escape from reality. Those who dream of cowering in a corner wants something (or of something or someone) to hide.


At this level, the corner is that the dreaming must obtain a new perspective on his spiritual indecision.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– corner in a dream: one gains advantages, too: minor obstacles, unless you leave the area;
– creep away from fear in a corner: very unfavorable sign;
– see other people in the conversation in a corner: you want to destroy enemies, a friend will prove to be traitors.

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