Fall in love dream meanings

General Meanings:

Trust yourself and be independent If you are dreaming that you fall in love, this means that you are moving to risky things, you may be attached to certain things, which are exaggerated or are not appropriate for you. Besides, you should watch out yourself and trust yourself more. You should not depend from other people and you should not give up your own wishes and ideas.

Unpleasant events If another person falls in love with you in the dream, this dream denotes that you will have bad and sad experiences.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Sad feelings if dream lover or love – This dream denotes that you are too reticent in the feelings and this means that you will make sad experiences;
  • Frustration if fall in love – You fall in love or somebody else is in love with you in your dream, this dream will bring you bitter disappointments;
  • Good changes if fall in love with someone – In the dream you fall in love with someone, then this dream signifies that you will have other advantages and benefits which may change your life and your own personality.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Evaluation if fall in love – In the dream you are fallen in love, this dream is a very good sign that this year will be very good for you. You deserve this, because you put lots of efforts and hard work.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Deception if fall in love – In the dream you are fallen in love, this dream marks that you will experience small deceptions, but this will not make huge damage;
  • Happiness if see lovers – When you dream of lovers or in-loved people you will enjoy secret joys.

* Please, see meaning of worship, old love.

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14 responses

  1. Last night i had a dream that me and this girl we were falling in love in a post apocalyptic world and these people she used to work with were after us and i would have to shoot them then she would cry cause her old friend was just killed and she would cuddle up to me sad and afraid it fdlt so real and i really felt like i loved this girl that is until i woke up single and a little upset she wasn’t real

  2. I had this dream where I met this girl at a party. I met her because I got a seizure and someone called her over and she gave me this shot that helped me. She then after helped me up to a couch near by (by the way this all took place in my home) and after talking with her I just began to fall in love.. (Butterflies hit my stomach like a storm) so I told her that I didn’t want her to go, I didn’t want to lose her (because I had full control of my dream and know this was a dream.. She also knew this was a dream). So I opened my hand and created this ring (powers) and I put it on her and said “if you keep this on, I should be able to see you again” and the moment she touched it, it became a wedding band. And she replied that it couldn’t be.. So she ran off.. I chased her till the sun rose and she stopped at a halt and turned around quick to warn me of a truck that was about to run me over, I dodged it in time (I always feel that I was supposed to actually die there and wake.. And she possibly turned the tables to save me). So when I finally caught up to her because after that she stood there.. I held her and told her again that I didn’t want to lose her and that I had to depart soon (wake up).. So she looked down with doubt.. But then cracked a small smile as if she remembered something and then said “maybe.. Let’s see..” So when I let her go, I shot up into the sky and woke. The strangest part is that when I woke.. I had butterflies in my stomach.. Like if I really was in love.. I even have a girlfriend currently which I am greatly in love with considering I’ve been dating her for a long while now.. I know its just a dream and maybe it won’t relate to anything in my life.. It just left me really confused.

  3. I dreamed of falling in love with Harley Quinn like wtf how weird is that? But anyways I wanted for my dream to come true but I guess its impossible. I’ll just wait for God’s plans I guess.

  4. I just woke up and I had the weirdest dream, it was some what related to the show degrassi and I was falling in love with this girl that’s in my senior class and she felt the same as we’ll and she cried about it and just wanted to be with me and it sucks bc I’m in a relationship with someone else right now and their isn’t shit i can do
    What should I do??

  5. I had a dream that i fell in love with this girl who was frozen for some time. She was pretty and just my age. In that dream we’ve been through alot together, and right when i want to tell her i love her, and asked her to dinner and movies, shes gone without a trace. I woke up disappointed. Is that bad?

  6. I had a dream recently where I met a guy and built up feelings for him. I don’t believe I’ve ever met him in real life but I really hope I can somehow find him.

    • I had the same dream. Ever since I had that dream, I can’t get the person out of my head. I’ve also never met this person before which is really weird, but I’ve read somewhere that the people in our dreams are people we have seen at least once in our life.

  7. I seem to be having dreams where I always meet this mysterious man and I fall in love with them.I don’t even know who this man is,and its not just every now and then its literally every night,and it causes me to wake up sad,and lonely.What does this mean?

    • I keep having the same kind of dreams every single night. I feeling of being in love with this stranger is consistant and deep and warm. However, the man that I fall in love with every night appears to me as a different man physically every time.

  8. um i had a dream where i was 10 again and i fell in love with a British princess we hung out barely new each other and i showed her around town then she left for England for five minutes in the dream i didn’t realize but than i ran to my mother told her what happened and than we got in the car and tried to get there first we were sorta successful in this than i caught her just before she was giving her ticket to the employee i talk to her for 20 seconds before hugging her and kissing her then the dream ended
    (what does this mean from an american point of view)

  9. someone (i had crush on) asked to kiss him on the cheeks.. and i did, i kind of hugged him too..
    the happiness i felt was extremely sweet
    we talked for so long
    but no one confessed
    it was obvious that we’re two in love, but we enjoyed taking secret glances at each others..
    the dream was too long but i only remember the kiss and hug..and his smile
    ..even now when i close my eyes i can feel it :)))
    what does it mean from an islamic point of view?

  10. I once had a dream that the girls from Pretty Little Liars said something about a boy being the one I do remember me and the boy talked and btw I don’t know how to ride a bike but in the dream he let me use his bike and I was pretty successful in riding thebike and I remember he made me feel special and beautifuland he funny and good looking Question:What does this mean from an American point of you?

  11. I had a dream where I fell inlove with a murderer. I stayed with him in his house and together we planned to murder another person. The person whom he had murdered, he’s head was cooking in a pot of boiling water on the stove in this man whom I fell inlove with’s house and I was asked to stir the pot. Also in my dream I found out that my brother was also a murderer. At first I was against the murders, but soon made peace with it and agreed to it. I fell inlove with the murderer and plotted with him. What does this mean from an islamic point of view?