Leaf dream meanings

General Meanings:

A leaf in the dream denotes a time of growth or time itself. The leaf of tree in the dream symbolizes first of all feelings, thoughts and other mental processes in ourselves. It is very important to notice in the dream the appearance of a leaf – the sprout, fully formed, faded or fallen off. Other meanings of the leaf:

  • Sprouting leaves in the dream indicate that you have an ability to reach your needs and aspirations, also that you have good chances of success.
  • Green leaves are a sign of hope and new opportunities and confirm that you will reach the goal that you desire.
  • The dream symbol of wilted leaves indicates a period of mourning and unproductive work or misfortunes.
  • In the dream colorful but wilted or dried leaves stand for disappointments, failures and sorrows or buried hopes, feelings and thoughts for which we have to say goodbye.
  • Whirling leaves as a dream symbol can be a warning that you may step aside untenable from your desires and you will loose you right way.
  • A lot of leaves or a pile of leaves denotes the diversity of thoughts and ideas.

Psychological Meanings:

If you look at your life in retrospect then leaves as a dream symbol can give you an advice for a certain stage of life.

    • The dream of leaves has a meaningful and a creative value. Most of them are like the directions or part of the tree of life.
    • Fresh and green leaves mark a healthy life.
    • The wilted leaves in the dream, the unconscious gives us a sign of a weak spot in our psychic, also indicate that you have complexes of which we have to get rid.
    • Falling leaves are a sign that we must do something to recover our mental balance.

Spiritual Meanings:

Leaves symbolize fertility and growth. Because each leaf is unique, the dream can be interpreted as an indication of the beauty of creation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if see green leaf – To dream of green leaf then this announces you success in business, fulfilling of desire and new ideas;
  • News if pluck a leaf – In the dream you pluck one leaf from the tree then you may expect good news or pleasant surprise from your closest friends;
  • Bad period if see falling leaves – The leaves are falling in your dream, then this is not so positive dream symbol which announces disappointment, sickness and suffering, misfortune in near future;
  • Difficult time if colorful but withered leaves – Such a dream denotes that you will have disappointment in love, defeats, losses or even death of a friend.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Happy time if see green leaf – The green leaves in the dream is a positive sign which will bring you a satisfaction and fulfillment of your desires;
  • Save prosperity if fading leaves – The fading leaves as a dream symbol marks that in later life you want to live without worry, so you have to save now your wealth in order to have great later age;
  • Don’t be rude if falling leaves – This dream is a warning that you shouldn’t wish for others harm, because this will happen to you;
  • No worries if leaves lying on the ground – There are lots of leaves that are lying on the ground then your late age will be without worries.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Joy if see green leaf – The green leaves on the tree in your dream marks that you will have health and happiness in your life;
  • Illness if dried leaves – In the dream you see dried leaves then you will have a dangerous disease so you have to take care of your health;
  • Worries if withered leaves – The dream announces you poverty and despair.

* Please, see meaning of branch, tree, foliage.

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7 responses

  1. I dreamt I was walking through a park. Green grass and a little walkway to get through to the other side. I came across and leaves on a tree was pink and white and was fallung fast from the tree but the tree still had leaves on the tree It was still full.

  2. I had a dream where the sky turned cloudy and all different color of leaves with spots of gold were falling from the sky. I noticed them falling as a ran to grab one. I grabbed a dark green with spots of gold. Within a few seconds of grabbing it a vacuum like air grabbed it from my hand and then all the leaves were hovering over the sky like clouds. What does that mean?

  3. A close friend that I work with had a dream that lots of leaves were flying into her face and she found it quite unusual and a bit disturbing. I’ve told her that I will try and find out what it means. Can you assist?

  4. i had a dream about myself with my wrist cut long with blood flowing out &
    another with a small dry bonsai plant on a bed with all green leaves withered around.
    plz i want to know the significance of this dream.

  5. Had a dream of a african american woman asking me for money. I then asked her to follow me as we are walking to a big tree and there was leaves on the ground dryed I stepped on them and could feel them crunch under my feet