Walking off in the distance with someone dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of of walking off in the distance with someone may allude to gratification, idolatry and fellowship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung analysis such dreaming of walking off in the distance with someone signifies unconstrained attitude, effete sexual urge, creativity and competency.
Enthusiastic evolutions are afoot in your life only when: walking off in the distance with someone - This dream sign commonly augurs influence over others. You are a visionary person. Still, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream should augur contra nuance: a person of importance may be deceitful and dissembled in regard to your person.
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  • Sea - you were walking along the shore or the beach, then such a dream represents the road of your life; If you looked at the sea in your dream, then it means that you prefer to look at the things from the distance; If you dreamed that you were sailing with boat, such dream foretells about important changes you will have; To swim in the sea – fulfillment of desires; If you dream of sky blue water – you will have an important meeting; The depth of the sea represents hidden anxiety and worries. Shuvalov’s Dreambook: Sea dream meanings by Shuvalov The... (read more)
  • Ocean - blackmailed by someone. To avoid this – you have to spend the whole night somewhere near the water (river, ocean, lake). Medicine Wheel: General meaning: The quickly rushing waves of the ocean tell that you are in a phase of rapid changes in interests, a threshold in life have achieved, in which you’ll let go of all control and enjoy yourself at the flow of life force. Huichol shamans: Dreaming of white foam on ocean waves signify love, creation; Dreaming about walking on ocean’s water shows that you want to create something new. New Family dreambook: Ocean meanings in dreams by... (read more)
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  • Way/Path - the woods – The inner feelings announce that our concision needs to be brighter, to be more positive; Need for carefulness if walk through rocky dangerous mountain path – Where a dreamer is walking through dangerous rock mountain way shows that you need extra carefulness and awareness. Arabian (Islamic) Pleasant events if good way – This dream points to pleasant things, but you may expect to have some difficulties; Worries if poor, rocky and unpleasant path – You will have all kinds of obstacles at work or conflict with family members; Not clear desires if leading to endless – This... (read more)
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  • Lion - that you will deal with the barriers throughout your way very easily; Intellectual increase if see the trainer of the lion – the tamer of the lion represents your potential to increase smart and intelligent aspects of your personality; Negativity if the lion is black – for a dreamer to see a black lion, means that you or someone else is trying to do damage; Magnificent power if lion is white – such dream shows your creativity and ability to cope with the most difficult situations. It could also indicate your fear of facing the the capability you are holding... (read more)
  • Hair - in the best state of mental and physical wellness; Respect if the hair is brown – In the dream to have brown hair means that everyone is going to enjoy your company or actions you do. You’ve got respect from those around you. If the dreamer sees someone else with brown hair – this person with brown hair have now or will have big authority; Enemies or sexual desires if the hair is red – the dream suggest to be careful with people you are in contact. Otherwise, the dream could represent hidden sexual wishes, which are not fulfilled; Frivolity... (read more)
  • Flying - to dream of seeing yourself flying with wings, indicates the happiness at all aspects of the future. The dreamer is becoming closer to his target, however all of the power must be used if he wants to reach the final and wanted destination; Danger if lose the wings while flying – to dream that you are flying with wings, but lose them, indicates to the danger and frustration you will suffer. Carefulness must be approached fully at this time of the life; Pleasant days if dream of a long flight – the dream about the long distance that you took... (read more)