Natives dream meanings

  • Aborigines (indigenous peoples, native inhabitants) - ...and insight you have inside. Because imbalance inside you may make you psychologically unsteady. Psychological Meanings: Everyone has personality parts that stay simple and primitive, no matter how civilized you may be. This dream doesn’t pay attention to material things but to the most important – to the spiritual side. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level natives in the dream represent the symbol of getting closer to the earth and to the nature. Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) You are dreaming that you see indigenous peoples, this is not a good goal, you are on the wrong gates. You focus on... (read more)
  • Cannibalism - ...become someone or get rid of something. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The desire to take something in control if you are a cannibal – for a dreamer to be a cannibal signifies his wish to control everything. Alternatively, the dream could show the desire to get rid of the aspects of your personality you do not like; Fear of losing your privacy if you were eaten by a cannibal – if someone was willing to eat you or already started doing so, it shows your apprehension to lose your privacy and individuality. * Please, see meaning of natives, food.... (read more)
  • Depression (mood) - Association: Suppressed emotions, lack of alternatives. Question: What feelings am I afraid? Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of rest if your mood like depression – In your dream you feel like depressed then this may be a sing that you are too tired and need some time to rest.... (read more)
  • Vacation - General Meanings: If the dreamer has his vacation in his dream, this refers that the dreamer needs to have a rest and to satisfy own needs, without having to worry about others. Vacation often requests to the rest because this leads to exhaustion of nervous system. Sometimes this dream may show that the dreamer will miss favorable opportunities and positive chances through inaction and “vacation”. Psychological Meanings: The vacation in the dream represents always a symbol for relaxation, leisure and freedom. Often, the desire connected with ability to enjoy life with his partner or his family. Especially in... (read more)
  • Failure - General Meanings: Need of power The failure of something may be a sign that the dreamer is lack of energy or force to finish or even to start something. Individual failure can stand for rivalry which points that the dreamer has to find alternatives and regard his behavior. Psychological Meanings: Face your fear Fear of failure is very common, and if failure is the subject of the dreamer, this is perhaps the chance to meet your fear in acceptable ways. Try to build up your confidence again, try to focus on the successful and rewarding skills that you have... (read more)
  • Zebra - General Meanings: Two sides and ways Zebra indicates black and white, good and evil, happiness and unhappiness these things are very close together. Therefore the dreamer should always look at things from two sides, and however, do not be arrogant in prosperity and in adversity and should not despair, because there are always the way out of worries. Psychological Meanings: To weight consequences The dreamer has difficulty to choose between two conflicting alternatives. The dreamer needs to take some time to weigh and watch out carefully all the consequences and perceive not only as black or white. Traditional Meanings:... (read more)
  • Savage - Traditionally: European – To be in an uncivilized country, between savages: means a happy life in your own country; – To see bushman: small worry because of dishonesty of someone; – Dreaming of many savages: hardship, distress and danger. * Please, see also meaning of natives in dreams.... (read more)
  • Indigenous peoples - ...part of the personality, especially instincts, impulses, desires and feelings that you actually fascinating. Inner conflict - Frequently we understand these needs, inclinations and wishes as the “dark sides” of the personality, for which you perhaps may be ashamed; however, they must be integrated into the self-image and to be accepted, otherwise you eternally will be in conflict with yourself. Accept the sexual desires – Occasionally the natives symbolize sexual needs, due which you have to sacrifice the morality because you have no possibility to free yourself from them; also you must accept them, even if you cannot act with them.... (read more)
  • Zulu - * See interpretation of dreams about natives... (read more)