Spider webs dream meanings

  • Afraid - ...to attack you or bite you, shows that you have fear of being betrayed by your friends. Or it can show very strong enemy that is very dangerous right now. Second interpretation of the dream about fear of snakes, is clearly an indication of real phobia in the dreamer – ophiophobia is fear of snakes. Feminine power or phobia If Spiders – Dreaming about spiders has links to feminine power and sexuality or mother’s complex. In a dream to have fear of spider or to be afraid of being bitten by one, shows that the dreamer is afraid of some... (read more)
  • Brown snake - Dream about brown snake can embody : With the fury of a thousand titans, may a truckload of blood-thirsty gnats throw a party upon your heinie. May a leprous and sweaty group of nasty monkeys, with much ritualistic celebration, shimmy upon your heinie. You indescribable, toe jam for brains. With the force of three million titans, may a festering heard of spiders manicly vomit in the landfill you call home. In addition With the force of Thor’s belch, may an army of manic maggots erect a strip mall upon your mother’s grave. With the rage of an irate manticore,... (read more)
  • Advertising - ...step very closely and evaluating his actions very strictly; Difficulty if Publishing – In a dream to publish paid announcement, like an advertisement in a newspaper or commercial ad on TV or a banner in the website on the internet: is a sign of coming trouble; Arabian (Islamic) Fortune if Reading – To read an advertisement in dream: indicates that you will get a good news or a good deal. Hindu (Hinduism) Marriage or Profit if Advertising – Dreaming of advertising: might be a sign of possible marriage and / or profit. Miller’s Dreambook: Advertisements dream meanings by Gustavus Hindman Miller from dream dictionary... (read more)
  • Yarn (thread) - Association: Connection, Pattern Question: What do I connect or create? General Meanings: Making and creating order In the dream yarn stands for ability to create order in the chaos. Earlier yarn was connected inseparably with the spider, an archetypal symbol of the life. The person creates his life from what is given to him and you have to be more patient. To spin yarn indicates that the dreamer can initiate a happy love relationship. Who often dream yarn, signifies that the anxiety and concerns stand behind your good life. Psychological Meanings: Connection between two persons In a dream yarn... (read more)
  • Snake around neck - ...of plague-ridden weasels seek a battleground upon your mother’s grave. With the power of sixty-eight times thirty-three titans, may a moldy and decaying group of plague-ridden weasels lambada upon your mother’s grave. Dream about snake around neck can augur : May a decaying platoon of putrefied monkeys retch in your father’s entrails. May the hosts of Hades manicly spill ninty-nine rusty tacks upon your mother’s grave. May a curdled heard of spiders franticly find shelter upon your mother’s grave. Dream about snake around neck can augur : You reeky, bad excuse for earwax. May a scabrous pack of manic rats... (read more)