Show; achievement.


What I wish for recognition or I fear? What am I willing to show the world?

In general:

Stage is often common for life with meaning and the environment, depending on what happens on it, one can recognize his own relationship to the world and draw practical consequences for meaningful changes in one’s own attitude, expectations and behaviors. In the action on stage but also the unconscious can the current situation in life “dramatically” through play and provide decision support, which can be seen only individually.
– In the dream means to stand on stage, that will show the present and dreaming.
– An open-air stage is an indication of communication with the masses.
– A revolving stage shows the need to keep moving, even while the dreamer plays a role.
– Is the dreamer only the audience, he is forced into the role of passivity and has to watch the action on stage.


The boards, which means for many of the world, is a venue for a symbol “position in the limelight,” which one aspires. It looks like the center and enjoys the attention of others. No wonder introverts hardly to remember those dreams.


From the spiritual point of view, a stage is a symbol of the theater of life. The dreamer is to observe in the situation, the events objectively, even though he is involved. By the “piece” projected outward, he can control his life.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– see stage in a dream: applies to success in a particular field;
– a hidden by a curtain: futile struggle;
– you can see disappear, but the curtain: the success will come soon;
– stage play: it is better seen as a spectator and not as a person acting in the play;
– see yourself on one: one wants to achieve his professional success without much effort;
– others see on one: suppressed envy come to light.

Arabian (Islamic)
– if you see yourself on stage: you are not telling the truth;
– stage: not to be shy.

* Please, see meaning of theater.

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