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  1. In the dream I was walking and I came past my husband cousin we never spoke to each other and we walked past each other and he looked at me so dirty and i continued walking and when I arrived at my guru house I found suite cases with clothes packed and two little girls which were said to be my guru wife and they were leaving and I did not ask where were they going and the dream ended.

    • Sawubona Velaphi, cela ungsize ngiphuphe engathi ubhuti wami befanele asithengele inyama wavele wathenga izinkomo ezimbili eziphilayo eyeslisa neyesfazane ezimnyama, ngabe lisho ukuthini leli phupho?

  2. i dreamt of a person telling that he is going to buy a cow and will name the cow with my name but i mustnt be worried because he is going to slaughter that cow this week.

  3. in my dream i was being strangled by a huge python snake that wanted to swallow me and it called to my eldest daughter to assist it in swallowing me when i faught with it hands appeared from its mouth to fight back but i managed to fight it off and escape from an underground room that looked like a garage and i locked the door behind me only to be confronted by an old woman who embrased me like a lover would do and i woke up.

  4. Ngiphuphe I was in a very nice place when I look around there was deep-sea, a long road to the bridge which the bridge is united to a huge mountain and a volcano mountain on the other site,

  5. I was in a very nice place when I look around there was deep-sea, a long road to the bridge which the bridge is united to a huge mountain and a volcano mountain on the other site, so I thought Ive a long road to my success or whatever, I feel so tired yile angeyhambile already

  6. i dreamed getting to the shop and there were steps going up and suddenly I saw myself walking on top of aisle of the shop and I was now with two other people following me and they were women as I was walking then I realised that the surface was very down and that the sheves were wet and I then said to myself it would be better I sit and so that I dont fall here and I sat and at the same time moving with my bum until I was on the other side and I then stood there and jerked the shelves so that the women should not fall and indeed they came and crossed as well and now we were in another house and there were plenty other people as we were there then a honda ballade grey colour but its rear left door was black came and stopped at the gate and someone came out and got in the house and I quickly stood up saying to others I need to speak to the driver of the car and the driver parked the car just in front parking lot and I spoke to him and that was the end of the dream.

  7. My husband dreamed his sister that passed away getting married and
    there was lot of people but he didn’t see his mother who also pass
    away last year what does it mean

  8. I just dreamt I was @ braai a full of meat such tat pple were throwing it around & a guy I knw asked me 2 take a photo of him while he was carrying ma favourate sweater yet he was wearing a torn t shirt .I remember asking him why he was carrying ma sweater but he never answered me . All of a sudden I realised tat almost everyone was nw asleep around e fire I then went into ma car & tried 2 close e door so tat I cld go home & sleep but I cldnt close e door I struggled until I woke up .I know lots of meat is death but is it me or smeone close 2 me ?

  9. i dreament this white guy was standing on top of a taxi and the driver was so angry and stopped tthe taxi driver stopped the taxi so fast and the white guy fell and he drove over him and he died and i went out to check and he was dead and i cried.0

    • Ngiphuphe.nginesilonda emnweni.ngasengiphethuka izibungu.eziningi ezimhlophe.
      Ingabe.lisho ukuthini.lephupho ngikhathazekile

  10. Ngiphuphe ngilethela uma ukudla okukade kuphakwe umuntu engingambonanga ephushweni….bekukhona amaplate awu5 aphakiwe….menghambisela uma wathi hayi manje. Ngavuka

    • Vela phi kunjani ngiphuphe impangele ise tafuleni uma ngibiza abantwana ukuthi balethe umese yabaleka lisho ukuthi leliphupho lami

  11. Ngiziphuphe ngiyokhipha isisu abt a week ago and after the abortion I died in the dream.This week I’ve been having a number of dreams I dnt understand.On Monday I dreamt that my Boyfriend was in a car accident and in ICU,on Wednesday I dreamt of my boyfriend’s friend who had come to apologise on my boyfriend’s behalf and he had come with 2 kids a girl and a boy bt the girl was my boyfriend’s daughter.Izolo my niece said she dreamt of us eating fruits at a function and that’s all we were eating she says evem wen we were offered something else we jst ate fruits…wat culd these dreams mean

      • fruits mean fertility. when i was expecting and had no idea i was pregnant thats all me and father of my child used to dream of. i also dreamt ngikhiphe isisu and died while pregnant, only later to discover i am pregnant (4months along). so get a pregnancy test sisi

      • uma uphupha ukhulelwe yiphupho elihle uma ushadile lokho kuchaza ukuthi uzothola amawele kepha uma uyintombi lelo phupho lichaza ukuthi isoka lakho alibhekile kuwe futhi akazimisele ngokukushada niyohlezi niyintombi nesoka

    • python represent different things/spiritually to many cultures and religions through out humanity to others represent evil and to others it represent good. but let me focus myself to Linda whom I think is an African just like me I understand the phython as symbol of spiritually in particular representing our ancestors something which only appears to those who have been choosen to follow their calling by ancestors it represent loyalty intelligence abundance and symbolise hybrid spirituality and all those qualities are in you and this dream communicates that inner need for you to fullfil and you will find happiness and peace within and without.

    • Wow SAndra inhlanhla zibusiso ziyeza zisendleleni ziza ngendlela eziningi kungaba abantwana kubusiness noma ifa kaba liza ngemidlalo yokugamble kodwa loku okufisayo ungapheli amandla bambezela futhi okubalulekile ukuba ubekezele.

  12. hello..
    I keep dreaming of a house i lived in when i was a child..i have no connection with anybody or anyone in that house again..almost all my childhood friends are married..and i am not communicating with anyone of them..sometime this dreams stop for a period of one month..then i start having it again..i had it last night..so i woke up and started thinking…immediatly i went back to bed and my eyes closed..it came again and the time i was wearing a purple gown and i was upstairs in the house..
    I am soo worried..pls help me

    • Your dream suggest that you have unfinished business in that house it might be that there is a very strong connection spiritually between you and that house or something which was dear to you was left behind in that house it could be your ancestors who lived with you in that house and passed on while you were still living there and when you left the place or the house you never informed them and they dont know where are you and that is the reason for this communication from them and the the colour purple is the indication of the dream having spiritual connotation the gown you were wearing symbolise high spiritual vibrations present within you and that yours is the highest.
      Can you pray and meditate fast from dawn to sunset on the dream and more clarity would be brought to you about the dream (you are one of the gifted embrace it keep me posted and be blessed.

  13. ngiphuphe me and my boyfriend were stealing peaches in a tree that we did not who it belongs to but the peaches were so delicious.

  14. I dreamed I was in a place that seemed to be my place of dweling, although I could not recognise it. It seemed like a normal day, but strangely I was with a girl I went to high school with.

    She then crouches(qojama) as if to do some work on the floor, a snake with patches of orange & caramel brown and about the thickness of an electric pole, rears as if to attack her. I scream at her to move out of the way.There is also a point where I have a higher view of us, from behind the snake and I can see myself telling this woman to get out of the way. It is not clear whether she does or doesn’t move out of the way or that the snake actually bites her.

    Later what seems to be my brother or cousin captures the snake, while hissing and resisting and takes it outside. It ends there.

  15. I dreamt I was in a train going home. As the train was moving I sat at the door picking up old 20c and 10c coins and showing people where the money was. I collected enough and went back in the train and noticed familiar faces as the different people were jumping off the train a group of thugs came in and demanded I give them the money I picked up but then my ex husband came to the rescue and fought them. While he was fighting them I saw his deceases grandmother, I went to greet and she had snuff on her hand did not say anything back but wachithela isnuff on my hamds and went to join on the fight as the train was about to move again I went to help her back into the train but she was heavy and I asked my ex husband to help me and also realised that his mother was in the same coach but a bit far from us. They jumped off at the usual destination while I continued with my journey home

    • This is an African dream dreamed by an African woman leli iphupho lingahlukaniswa kabili uma uzibona ucosha phansi imali engusiliva ngoba phela yayinjalo leyo mali kudala uze ubonise abanye kusho ukuthi nxa wena uphiwa abadala inhlanhla uye uveze isipho sakho ezizweni ubabonise nalapho imfihlo yakho ikhona kungakho izigebengu zingene zafuna lelo lifa oliphethe noma ungacacisi ukuthi kwenzekani kuwe nomyeni wakho kepha kubonakala ukuthi usakukhathalele umyeni wakho kanti nabo abakubo basakuthatha njengomakoti wabo lokwenza ukuthi ugogo wakhe angavumi uma ubulisa kodwa uchitha isnuif ezandleni zakho kungoba ngesintu uma sikhuluma nabadala sisebenzisa sona isnuif asikhulumi nje ngathi sikhuluma nontanga yethu bakulwele impi bakusindisa kulezi gebengu ngoba naku uze wachubeka ngohambo lwakho bona basala ngathi kukhona abakukhalelayo kuwe okumele ukufune ukuthole ukulungise ngoba ngathi ubheke kakhulu izinto zomhlaba njengemali icarrer yakho kwaze konakala emzini nxa uqubeka ngohambo lakho uyabona ukuthi usushiye abavikeli bakho emuva nalabo abakulwelayo kusho ukuthi usuqubeka awusana security nasekhaya lapho ukhona ayikho isecurity ithi ngithi kafushane sukuma uzibheke ngoba leliphupho kunezinto eziningi ezingacaci kahle yana emtwini akuhlole anabe ngalendaba Unkulunkulu akubusise

  16. I dreamt that there was a shadow of a woman by my bed side (she was standing there next to my bed while I slept).
    And the other one was that I was washing my hair.

    Please assist

  17. Thembi your dream lacks detail if you could furnish more detail about the dream like when you felt the presence near your bed was the energy positive or hostile did you get scared or was it scary what did it look like that presence human or animal.

    Secondly when you were washing your hair how connected was that to the presence in your dream, were you washing your hair on a dish : basin or river was it dark where you were who else was there was the water running still, was it outside inside the house. provide more info and so that one can assess and provide a response be blessed

  18. I dreamt I was with an old friend of mine and we were crossing a bridge emfulene, the second time we crossed umfula omkhulu, there was a sound that came from the water, first a girl wearing a white vest, red and white beads( Ithwasa) came out of the water, then there was more movement in the water, I silently told my friend not to look at the thing in the eyes, as it imergerd from the water, I saw it was a huge black snake, then it changed its upper body into a human being, it then told me to come with it, I was too scared then I woke up, the funny thing is I wasnt realy scared but in my mind I had told myself that I am scared as I remembered the day, I walked passed umfula in diepkloof Soweto and I saw a person standing by a tree wearing a goats skin, what does this mean?

    • Zizi iphupho lakho listraight alifuni kutolikwa ubone ezingabonwa okukhwenza ukuba uthwele icala akungubani noma bani obona lezindaba ziyimfihlo mtanami owambhulelwe yona ukhonjwa indlela mangithi kuwe akekho oyokuthwasisa ngaphandle kwaloyo izindlodlo ezimkhethileyo manje cenga uzithobe kubadala ekhaya noma emdenini baku phahlele bakucelele ukuba zindlodlo zikhanyise Thokoza

      • ngiphuphe ngibhukuda olwandle ngivele ngekhanda ngacina sengiphumele ngaphadle kodwa amanzi kade ecwebile

  19. Please help as this is not 6th dream in less than two weeks involving snakes the green ones dont freak me out its just this one that I had this morning, it is beaking my concerntration as hard as I try to ignore/ put it at the back of my head. your assistance will be highly appreciated.

    zizi•an hour ago


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    I dreamt I was with an old friend of mine and we were crossing a bridge emfulene, the second time we crossed umfula omkhulu, there was a sound that came from the water, first a girl wearing a white vest, red and white beads( Ithwasa) came out of the water, then there was more movement in the water, I silently told my friend not to look at the thing in the eyes, as it imergerd from the water, I saw it was a huge black snake, then it changed its upper body into a human being, it then told me to come with it, I was too scared then I woke up, the funny thing is I wasnt realy scared but in my mind I had told myself that I am scared as I remembered the day, I walked passed umfula in diepkloof Soweto and I saw a person standing by a tree wearing a goats skin, what does this mean?

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  20. Ngiphuphe udade engathi uzolethelwa umbondo ngabantu esingabazi,kuqale omakhelwane beyalela bekhomba indlela ezakithi.kodwa ekuqalen kuqale kwavela mina ngibalekela ukusiza umngani ahlinze inkomo yomsebenzi kubo,ngihambe ngaze ngangena exhaphozini ngaphuma ngaphesheya kwamele ngikhiphe imali eyi siliva ukuze omunye uumlisa anginqamulise,kusho ukuthini lokhu sizan plz

  21. Hi everyone,ngino 2month now ngiphupha into eyodwa sengisaba noklala.ng’phupha indoda efishane ewumlungu, ufuna uklala nami.njalo ngphupha si naked nayo sobabili,sidlala but ngvuka ngphatheke kabi.pls help anyone

    • mina ngiphuphe ngithwele umbhobho iFN ngapha ngithwele ipistol. manje bengihamba nzima ngisesaba ukuthi abantu bazangibona. ngabe lichazan leliphupho

  22. Thaby leliphupho licaza umkhuba wemimoya engcolileyo ekungamile kufuneka uthole umelaphi wendabuko azocosha lesilwane esizocina silala nawe sikuhluphe kumarelationship akho kakhulu angeke ube noxolo shisha uphakamise izinyawo kungakonakali

    • Hi ngiphuphe ngibulala I ex yami sino cousin wam kungathi iyona engisukele yangishaya ngempama,ngihlez ngiphupha ingibuka sometimes ingihleka ,lingiphatha kabi coz sengibuyele ku baba wengane but usesejele plz help

  23. Thaby gxumana name kulezinombolo ngizokhulumisana nawe yebo ngingakusiza ukususa lesilwane nokukhunga lemimoya nansi inombolo 0823303148 sengizozwa ngawe

  24. There is this girl I met a few months ago and we are just friends. We used to take the same bus but now recently, she is avoiding me and hurridely prefers to take a taxi. She is avoiding my calls and sms’s. This is how the dream goes:- On a first dream it was basically me and her. It felt like I forgot a bag which belonged to her and we had to both go get that bag. What happened next is we were walking on a long pathway and there were tall green trees on either side. It was a long pathway covered with stone paving. On one tree on our right hand side, we saw a colourful bird banging a tree branch against its stem. I don’t remember getting there but I remember me and her now walking back on the same path and then I just woke up.

  25. I have this constant dream where me and my boyfriemd are sleeping outside on the grass or floor with blankets ,we are outside at home in the backyard, I get to be uncomfortable*s if something bad is about to happen. The other dream I find myself naked walking around a lot of people then I start covering myself with cloths.
    Please if u can interpret I will appreciate it

  26. Nonhlanhla kuyakhathaza uma uzoloku ulandelelwa iphupho linye kangaka njengoba ucaza iphupho lakho ngingathi uma ubona utshani bubuhle kusho ukuthi impumelelo ezifisweni zakho kanti ngxa buhlaba bubunile noma bushile kusho izinhlupheko nokugula.

    lelilesibili liqaza ukuthi cha wembethe kodwa unqunu kahle uhamba ze baningi abakubonelayo phakamisa izinyawo ume ngezinyawo kunomkhuba.

  27. Thabo your dream denotes that no matter how you would love to be with this girl but her recent attitude and behavior is an indication of a life you would have with her there would be moments where you would also think that everything has come together and you are ready to commit and because her heart is somewhere else you will be hurt and clearly birds represent the holy spirit and when it bangs against the trunk of a tree it is clearly saying No you cannot walk in the isle with this woman she is nothing but trouble.

  28. This week I dreamt my mother giving me ukhamba elinoqombothi oluncane….and I was holding a stick and my mother(who is alive) told me not to drink it and told me to go to a veld……and then as I woke up…..I dreamt that a friend was wearing 4 kinds of beads: 2 whites, red and red and white. Cela ungisiza!

  29. Hi,ngiphuphe kubulawa inkukhu eziningi,ebomvu,emhlophe,nempangele.kukhona izangoma eziningi.after lelo ngphupha inkomo futhi nazo zibulawa,bezontathu zona but angzibonanga kahle ukthi bezinjani,ngbone ebomvu nje.help

  30. ngphupha iboyfriend yam sinabantwana bamawele intombazane nomfana sekukathathu, ebsuku ngike ngezwa ngkhalelwa ingane emadleben ekhay bath mhlampe ilo owashonela esiswini, ngbuye ngphupha ngigeza noma nglele nomuntu wesilisa, ngbuye ngybone ngsehlathini elimnyama phakath kwalo ngakwaz ukufikela ngale kwalo kodwa ngyabona kunokukhanya on the other side kodwa okungkhathaza kakhulu ngphupha kukhona umunt ontshontsha,athwebule indodana yam ena 5months loku senkuphuphe kaning kodwa ngyaya ngmfune ngmthole

  31. Hi
    My a frnd of mine dream he was having a hellova a fight with ubaba wakhe ongasekho,wavuka ejuluke emanzi nte.manje udidekile uthi lisho ukuthini,ukuthi engalwa nobaba wakhe

  32. Sibongile leli phupho lakho licaza ukhwehluleka kwezitha ukukuvimbela ukuthi kufezeke izifiso zakho nokuba qubeka ngokhwenzayo ungesabi lutho.

    • Velap help me ngiphuphe ngidlala kwi swimming pool amanz amhlophe ne.bf yam kodwa kumanje silokhu sixabana bgabe kusho ukuthi

  33. Hi everyone
    Umngane wami uphuphe elwa nobaba wakhe,wavuka ejuluke emanzi and manje uxakekile ukthi yini engenza aphuphe lento.please help

  34. cha leli akulona iphupho elihle licaza ukuthi kwabathandanayo lisho ukuthi ihlazo nokuphela kodumo lwakho kwabathandayo abasoze baphumelela ngokuthandana kwabo libika ukukhathazeka okukhulu nezinhlupheko.

    • Ngcela usizo ngencazelo yalepupo ngpupa ngshaywa ikhehla nogogo engingabaz benghlanganyela ikhehla belngshaya lingcabangela kdwa ugogo engbhula ngempela ngenduku labengyeka kona ngagoduka bt ngaqala enextdoorngababikela bafa insin bebona imivimbo ngthe ngsasho baqhamuka logogo nomkulu bephethe amageja bebuya kolima locc wase nxt wababuza ehleka wat bhekisisan lomunt enimshayile akuyena lo benimqondile bavele baphela amandla bahlala phans bathula ngbe sengkhapha lomakhelwane laqala kunetha likhiza ngajika ngaya ekhaya mangfika ngkohlwe ukungenisa ingan yam ekhubazekile iyanethwa ima ngyshiye emnyango ngaythatha ngxolisa aykwaz ukukuluma bt epushen ingbuzile ukt ungkohliwe yn mama noma beyngaphmsele kahle amagama ngavuma ngaxolisa bt ngeth ngythatha bekumele ngingene endlin ngayopuma ngesango ngabuye ngangena kwelinye iside lomuz kwayma ngmsa endlin ngaphaphama

  35. Ngiphupha ugogo wam osewashona kakhulu lezinsuku. Izolo ngiphuphe kunenkonzo ekhaya and ngithe ngiphenduka ngamubona ehleli phansi emumva kwam, and ubebonwa yimi kuphela nomzala wam omunye. Ngenkathi simubona ngikhalile kakhulu ngenjabulo ngamubamba naye wasibamba. Manje inkinga ukuthi obengabonwa yiwo wonke umutnu. Pls help with this dream.

  36. libi leliphupho lihlola ingozi nobunzima obuzokukwehlela lingasho ukulahlekelwa, inkathazo, usizi nengozi kwabampofu ukuphumula.

  37. Last week I dreamt of a girl which were are friends and have recently met kissing me on a forehead. It was only a short dream about 5seconds. I need to know what this means.

  38. Hi, I had a dream about big waves of clear waters coming towards me and splashing me with force, forcing me to move to another surface of standing, this kept happening no matter where I moved or stood. What does a dream like this symbolise or seek from me?

  39. Last night i had a dream where my boyfriend came by to my place for a visit,then i walked with him when he was leaving. There were other people from my neighbourhood standing on the street as we were walking and they took notice of us. As we were about to say goodbye,his phone rang and i saw the caller’s name to be a girl,he just ignored the call but i felt like he was cheating with the girl that was calling him. The scary part is that in the past i had a boyfriend that was cheating with someone i knew and i would often dream about them sneaking behind my back, i would ignore such dreams until finally it all came out to be true in the end. Now with this one, i dont know wether to believe that he’s cheating,that would break my heart, but in the past i was in this same situation and the dreams were telling the real thing.

  40. Can you please help me. Since I started dating this guy, I have been plagued by nightmares that cause me to wake up in a cold sweat. I will tell a few, please interpret for me.
    First dream: I was in the apartment I stayed in. It was dark. I had a beautiful baby with me. A boy. Happy and smiling. Then I put it on my back. I left the bedroom. As I was walking towards my kitchen, a dark figure of a female and a dog barking viciously are standing by the kitchen.i am scared I could feel it. But im determined to protect this baby. I walk backwards as the dark figure and black dog approach me. I end up in a bedroom, with my deceased aunt lying in bed. I ask her to hold the babyfor me whilei fight, she says no. Shes scared she will crush the baby in bed. So I took the baby n somehow managed to shrink it. To fit the grasp of my hand n inserted it gently into the pocket of pants. I started praying and the figure and dog stood at the doorway unable to enter, at the point I woke up. Second dream: I dreamt a dark black arm was trying to pull me down to the sideof my bed. I again woke up praying and crying. Third dream: I dreamt I was at my boyfriends apartment , in the bedroom. He was standing there, and baby momma was there too…naked. I seemed to have been asking them if they are still together, he was quiet. She was the one standing there telling me, naked, that nothing is going on. Last dream: I was in my bed. Sleeping. An old woman with pointy long nails came on my bed sid3. She started stabbing at my abdomen. I again awoke, crying and praying. Please help me. I have been told its isichitho. I have no idea of rituals and ways to cure such.

  41. Sawubona but Velaphi, nginamaphupho amabili. Elokuqala ngaphupha ngisendaweni engingayazi kodwa ephupheni kwakungathi ngiyayazi and kunenyoka. Although ngangingaziboni kodwa I could feel them and ngangizama ukuzibalekela. And it wasn’t inyoka encane kodwa enkulu eyodwa I have a feeling yayi brown. Ekugcineni kwephupo kwabakhona eyanikwa I CEO yalenkampani engiyisebenzelayo emhlophe qwa, I’m not sure by whom though.

    Kuleli lesibili iphupho nakhona bengisendlini engingayazi but felt it familiar. Engathi nakhona ngibalekela inyoka. Ekugceneni kugcine sekuvele encane eluhlaza with black dots on it. I then decided to nalana ababekhona engingabazi ukuthi asiyifunze enye inyoka. Then sathula inhlwathi emhlophe le eyi albino emahlombe omunye sayibeka phansi. Le enkulu Yadla le encane eluhlaza but haai yonke. Ikhanda and half of umzimba wale eluhlaza was still sticking out of umlomo wale enkulu

    Ngyaxolisa ukuba mude kodwa bengicela usizo. I have also taken ur number from previous emails sent to others if u don’t mind I may contact you after this

  42. Hi everyone
    A frnd of mine,dream he walked to the bedroom and find two black naked black people there.male and a female.he was lying on his back and she was sitting on his face.he looked and put oil on his hand and rub him,till he ejaculated.when he woke up his pj were wet.he doesn’t know what this means and his so stress about it.I know it sound bad but I need to know,what it means.thanks

  43. I once consulted to a male sangoma and he told me relevant information then he said I must visit his Zionist church. After the second time attending his church, that sunday night I dreamt I was at his church with all church members singing and praying, then he blew in my chest twice and I had fits. I got angry but he was smiling at me and I quickly got over it. I saw him wearing umgexo wami on his left hand that I wear everyday on my left hand and he said he’ll make 1 for me and he held my hand and kissed me. Then he took me kumsamu wakhe and we stood there like a couple. What does it mean?

  44. I also dreamt two leopards eating a dead man in the sea, is that good or bad?

    My final dream is that my girl neighbour was scarying me with two frogs and she said abakwaKhumalo(my clan) said kumele angigcabe for me not to have a miscarriage, but I said no to her I’ll ask my sangoma friend first.

  45. Ngiphuphe ngibeletha umntwana womfana,ngimbone esesongiwe ngendwangu esashidi kuvele ikhanda engath manje ubekwe uyantanta emanzini ayichibi elincane elilingene yena emaceleni kunotshani,abantu bathi kimi “Thatha umntwana wakho” ngime ngisathukile ngithi ngiyambona unekhanda elikhulu sengisaba nokumthatha ngiyasaba kuthi kusanjalo mangimbula unezandla eziwu8 u4 karyt nomunye kaleft kodwa lezi eziwu2 zokqala ezakhe azinalutho zilingana nomzimba wakhe.Ngisathukile kanjalo ngingaz ukth ngenzenjan.Athi uMama engingamaz”Thatha ingane yakho angithi udla izinto ozinikwa abantu” ngithi mina kuye aningitshelanga nje ukth ngingayidli into engiynikwa umuntu.Ingane ithathwe odokotela bayoyihlinza bethi besayithatha nje ngemumva khona elinye ikhanda futh elinamehlo ngigcine ngisathukile kanjalo.Ngicela nichazele ukth ichaze ukthini into enje…

  46. ukuphupha ubeletha umntwana oysidwalwa kuchaze ukuthini.Ubenekhanda elikhulu nezandla eziwu8 entanta emanzini ayichibi elincane kunotshani emaceleni esongwe ngokusashidi elight blue.

  47. I dreamt I was collecting lots of strawberries and suddenly there were llots of lions and I was collecting honey, what does it mean

  48. ukuphupha ingonyama kusho ukulinyazwa umuntu omkhulu ukuphupha uqoqa uju kucaza impilo enhle nokuchuma
    ukuphupha istrawberry zindaba ezinhle zokuba izifiso zakho zophumelela noma kusesenezitha mawubona kuvela izingwenyama kodwa iphupho elihle nezindaba ezinhle bambelele kuloko okuhlosile.

    • sanibonani nginenkinga ngiphuphe ngisendaweni yasemakhaya lasisuka khona sabalekiswa izinkinga.ngiphuphe nginovalo ngisaba ngibaleka kunomuntu ongijahayo ngesibhamu ubengaveli ubuso.uthemase keduze ngasihlakaza sibhamu savela izinhlavu ezigold wakhipha esinye esiyiramba ngathi ngiyasiphula sagoba sangahlakazeka ngabaleka ngayozivalela endlini ngisaba wagcina engadubulanga ngabe kusho ukuthini ‘

  49. nxa uphupha ngaleyondlela kusho kona ukuthi kukhona lesangoma esikucwasile lapho kuwe useyakushadisa emsamo noma usekucwiya idlozi ngoba usefake loku okufake esandleni esethi uzokwenzela okwakho qaphela kunomkhuba lapha.

  50. I always have bad dreams & its always a man can’t see his face he holds me down can’t breath and sumtyms he tries to have sex with me I try to scream for help but no one in the house hears my voice.just had a dream no it was someguy but cudnt see the face he hold me tight on my abdomen ihaving abdominal pains as we speak

  51. sanibona, nginenkinga yokuphupha njalo nginika umuntu imali ye siliva kungathi ngiya mupha. ngezinye izinsuku kuba sengath sime esidakeni and ngiphethe amanzi akhanyayo kepha ngingcoliswe udaka. kungabe lokhu kusho ukuthini?

  52. Ngicela ukusizwa nganawa amaphupho ama amabil, last year benginokuphupha amakaka dis year ngiziphupha ngikhulelwe.engabe achaza ukuthin??

  53. Bendisacela ukubuza bhuti Velaphi….I dreamt I was about to get into the car with my boyfriend as we both had the doors openned on respective sides a frog jumped from the driver’s side onto the passenger’s sit where I was going to sit….what is the significance of that..Thank you

  54. Ngiphuphe ngisekhishini kukhona umzala wami omdala kanye nogogo ongu-Aunt kababa wami. Kuleli phupho siyapheka ekhishini sengathi kuzoba nomcimbi ngakusasa,bese umzala wami akhumbule ukuthi utshwala besizulu ngathi asenziwe,kumele senziwe for usuku lwakusasa. Ilapho ke ugogo avele athi uzoqala manje yena ukusenza ngokuphuthuma ukuze sizobe sesilungile for ksasa. Lichaza uk’thini leliphupho coz i have a feeling it means something that has to be done by me.

  55. Ngiphupha iziphethu ekudleni.okokuqala ngaphupha ngidla amashimsi nazi phakathi,kwesibili ngiphuphe ngisedlini nabanye nje kodwa yonke into engiyithitayo nazi izimpethu,kwesithathu ngiphuphe ibhodwe ekameleni lami ngifike ngiphake ngidle mese ngithi ngiyophaka kwesibili sekugwele izimpethu.kanti neBoy friend yami Ike yaziphupha.cela ningisize

  56. The significance of ixoxo will depend from culture and traditions of a person to others it represent ancestors and others evil and in your dream you should find out more about the significance of ixoxo to the culture and tradition of your boyfriend and it will dawn on you if this was a sign of rejection by his ancestors of your relationship or was it a welcome sign from them and if we take it further where is the woman who used to love him how did they separate it might be tears anger and vengeance from his past.relationship

  57. Ukukhulelwa uma ushadile eziphupha ekhulelwe kuhlola ukuthi kuzotholakala amawele uma intombi iphupha lokho kukhomba ukuthi isoka layo aliqotho neze kuyo nokuthi liqonde ukugcina ngobusoka nje kuphela lingayithathi.

    • Hy few days back ngiphuphe mina nentomb yam sijabule futhi sinengane wayiqamba igama en now in my room ngishaye inyoka encane ebihlezi ewindin kant ngiphatheke kabi ngakuyishaya kwam ayifanga

  58. Sanibona ngicela usizo ngephupho lam ngiphuphe amanzi kunezinhlanzi phakathi ngingene kuwo ngezinyawo izinhlanzi zeza kimi ngabamba eyodwa ngesandla ngabuye ngayiphindisela emanzini

  59. ukuphupha ukufa kusho ukushada kepha kogulayo kusho ukufa ngoba abaphilayo abahambelani nabafileyo.

    Ukuphupha isidumbu izindaba ezimbi kodwa abukho ububi obukhulu

  60. Mawuphupha Udaka ubishe kulo uzokhathazeka ngenxa yokuxakeka kwezomnotho. ngxa lukuthela kusho ukuthi uzohletshwa.
    ukuphisana ngemali esiliva kusho ukuthi inhlanhla unayo kepha wena ubuye uyilahle ube budedengu ngemali oyiphiwayo noyi tholayo ungayisebenzisi ngendlela.
    Amanzi uma uphupha acwebile kusho indaba enhle ezovela noma inhlanhla kanti uma edungekile ubo bhasobha uzo velelwa yingozi uma echitheka uzo lahlekelwa umuntu omthandayo

    • the other day I had dream, ngise mangcwabeni amadala singumba sisebenza ama coffin abantu sikhipha izinsalela sizilahle siqoqe sibeke lapha, sisebenza sishesha nje nabantu engingabazi emini, ngisaba but ngenza ngiqhubeka. ngivuke ngishaqekile ngabe lokhu kuchazani?

  61. Hello, My fiance’ keeps having bad dreams every night abut tthe same things over and over. He’s always being chased by very viscious dogs or always fighting with someone or getting stabbed. In these dreams he doesn’t die, he always manages to get away but he has these kind of dreams all the time! The dogs hav weird mouths like that of a shark or something. They look like killer dogs and when they chase hm they hav intentions to nt jst bite him but eat him up completely. He keeps dreaming he is fighting with ppl and no one is ever there to help. He fights with ppl he know and from around his neighbourhood but sometimes he can’t recognise his fighters. Sometimes they are a gang of people and sometimes its jst one person. He has also dreamt of a snake chasing him but the dreams that keep coming back are the ones where he is constantly fighting with ppl and they stab him or being chased by vicious dogs but he always manages to escape or I wake him up before anything else happens. Recently he dreamt he was eating food with me and another night he was being chased by a snake. The day doesn’t end without him having a bad dream. And wathi wacindezelwa isilwane ngingekho mina and wayezama ukuvuka kungavukeki and he couldn’t breathe and he was so scared that’s why he calls me over all the time so when I feel him twitching r mumbling something I can wake him up. Please help us find 0ut what this could mean. #worried

  62. I dreamt ngisekhaya ngiphalaza kanye nabanye abasekhaya ababili, ngithi mengiphaphama kube ngathi kuyenzeka ngempela kodwa ngibuyise amagwebu, mangibukisisa amagwebu kanti kunento ekwasa ntwala noma angithi intuthwanyana like kwamagwebu, ubusuku bonke kwaze kwasa inhliziyo ibincane kodwa ngancono ngokuhamba kwesikhathi. Kuqondeni lokho?

  63. Uma uphupha nilwa niphikisana kusho ihlazo nokuphela kodumo lwakho kwabathandanayo abasoze baphumelela ngokuthandana kwabo .
    Ngxa uphupha izilwane ezihamba ngesisu yisitha esinobuqidlana
    Ngxa uphupha ukulimala ulinyazwe omunye umuntu kubika ukuthi unembangi kwezothando noma emsebenzini engahle ibe yingozi kuwe.
    Ngxa uphupha izinja zilwa qaphela abangane abanamanga ningazitholela leli bhuku eliqaza amaphupho onke libizwa Ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho lencwadi itholakala e jhb president & kort opposite old stock exchange.
    Ngxa uphupha izinyoka

  64. Ukuphupha izinhlanzi kuchaza ukuthi ukuyibona nokubamba enkulu kusho inzunzo ukubona izihlobohlobo zazo kwabagulayo ubuthi kwabaphilayo kusho ukulimala, ukuphikisana nosizi. thola lelibhuku ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho utholakala epresident & kort street opposite old stock exchange egoli.

  65. Uma uphupha izimpethu libi lisho ishwa zitholelel ibhuku elibizwa ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho litholakala e kort no president street egoli opposite old stock exchange.

  66. leleiphupho lakho limayelana nomndeni wakho kanye nenyoka le oyishayile ifuna abadala ekhaya bacaze ngemvelaphi yakho nozalo lwakho buza kubona

  67. ngiphuphe ipython enkulu ngayibona ikhanda sabhekana emehlweni nayo mina ngayesaba ngaphaphama ngabe kusho ukuthini lokhu

  68. Hi Velaphi. I dreamt kunolwandle lul’khulu namagagasi eza elandelana, kwabhukuda umuntu waze wafika kubo kujatshulwa abantu behlezi phezulu kwezindlu. Kwase kuphuma amakokoroshe andizayo kwimoto kwaqhamuka izinkankani zadla wona amakokoroshe. Nginolwazi lokuthi ikokoroshe symbolized idlozi, kodwa lithini iphupho selilonke?

  69. ngiphuphe ngishaya izilwanyana ezine ezingathi amagundane kubuye kube sengathi imidlwane yenja esanda kuzalwa, ngiyibulalile. Kubuye kwavela inja emnyama efana nesiyifuyile ekhaya, nayo bengiyishaya ingigwavumela kodwa ngqonde kyona ngqo, ngiphaphame ngibhekene nayo. Lisho uk’thini leliphupho?

  70. ngaphupha ngihlezi phezu kwedwala elalivele phezu kwamanzi engathi idamu ngizungezwe amanzi ngapha nangapha kungekho zihlahla natshani, kungathi ngisesiqhingini samanzi.

  71. sanibona, ngicela usizo la ngiphuphe sise mcimbini wokuvulwa kwe center e thize, kwagcina kufika abantu nezi bhamu bavulela inhlamvu all over the place, sabaleka sacasha phansi kwezihlahla kwaze kwathule but bagcine sebeza kumina no bengi cashe naye basvezela lezi bhamu kazi abaziphethe bethi asihambe nabo, uma sinqaba kuzo konakala.

  72. Nxa uphupha amangcwaba akulona iphupho elihle kusho loku ukuwabona -uzobona umhlobo wakho okade wamgcina.
    Umgcwabo ukuya emgcwabeni wesihlobo lihle lisho ukuthi uyoba nemali noma uganwe isicebi.
    Umgcwabo- ukubona umuntu engcwatshwa -umbiko wokufa kwesihlobo sakho, nxa kungcwatshwa owakini isihlobo sakho sizokufa.
    Ungazitholela le bhuku elibizwa ngokuthi (ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho ) esitolo samabhuku.

  73. Ngiphuphe ngisendaweni eduze lasekhaya engizalwa khona ngilomunye usisi sasuka sisiya kuworkshop sathola umfula ugcwele amanzi ungacapheki, sawulinda kwaze kwaba sebusuku umfula ugcwele sehluleka ukucapha. Kungabe kusitshoni

  74. Ngiphuphe ngisendaweni eduze lekhaya lapho engizalwa khona. Ngiphuphe ngisuka lomunye usisi sisiya kuworkshop. Sithe sifika emfuleni sawuthola ugcwele ungacapheki sama salinda sithi amanzi azaphela sidlule. Kuze kwaba sebusuku engaphelanga sacina singacaphanga umfula. Kungabe kusitshoni

  75. Nxa uphupha isibhamu kusho inkani nenkathazo ngezidlela eziningi
    ukusizwa siduma libika ukugula komngane wakho kodwa uma sidutshulwa
    nguwe inhlupho iza kuwe.
    Ungazitholela ibhuku elichaza amaphupho elithiwa (Unngqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho ezitolo ezithengisa izincwadi )

  76. Ukuphupha idwala kusho ukucunuka ukukhwela edwaleni kubika ukunqoba
    Zitholelel ibhuku lokuchaza amaphupho okuthiwa (Ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho) ezitolo ezithengisa amabhuku.

  77. Ukuphupha amagundane izitha zenyenye nokuhlubuka nxa emhlophe ukunqoba izitha zakho. ukuphupha izinja zikhonkhotha kusho ukubhujiswa nokucanulwa. nxa uphupha izinja ezakho (kusho ukwethembeka .isibindi nothando
    (Uzitholele ibhuku lokuchaza amaphupho ezitolo ezithengisa amabhuku ebizwa (Ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho)

  78. Ukuphupha izinkankani kubi kwabahamba emkhunjini kubika ukulimala
    komkhumbi nokuminza emanzini ngaphandle kwalokho qaphela imithetho
    yezwe lakini. ukuthi amakokroche asymboliser idlozi cha ngiyakuzwa
    kushiwo kodwa mina akunjalo.

  79. Uma uphupha ubulala libi kabi uma uphupha ubulala inkukhu inyoni noma isilwane kubika ukuthi isithandwa sakho siyonamathelisa inhliziyo yaso komunye sikulahle wena kumfazi oshadileyo kubika ukuthi umngane wamanga womyeni wakhe uzomkhohlisa ( Zitholele ibhuku lokuchaza amaphupho elibizwa Ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho) ezitolo ezidayisa ambhuku.

  80. Ukuphupha izinkankani kubi kwabahamba emkhunjini kubika ukulimala komkhumbi nokuminza emanzini ngaphandle kwalokho qaphela imithetho yezwe lakini. ukuthi amakokroche asymboliser idlozi cha ngiyakuzwa

  81. Ukuphupha izinkankani kubi kwabahamba emkhunjini kubika ukulimala komkhumbi nokuminza emanzini ngaphandle kwalokho qaphela imithetho yezwe lakini. ukuthi amakokroche asymboliser idlozi cha ngiyakuzwa (Zitholele ibhuku lokuchaza amaphupho elibizwa Ugqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho ezitolo eziothengisa izincwadi.

  82. Ukuphupha ukuhlanza noma yini kwabampofu lisho inzunzo kanti kwabacebile lisho ukulimala ( zitholele ibhuku lokuchaza amaphupho elibizwa Ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho ezitolo ezithengisa amabhuku.

  83. Ukuphupha izinyoka ukuyibona izisonga lisho ingozi nokuboshwa futhi lisho isifo nenzondo uma ziziningi lisho ukuthi wokhohliswa umkakho kanti futhi lisho ukuthi uboqaphela abangane bakho obathembile omunye wabo ucabanga okubi ngawe qaphela.
    zitholele ibhuku ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho ezitolo ezidayisa amabhuku.

  84. Nxa uphupha umfula ugcwele kuchaza ukuthi kukhona osendelene naye noma wena ukhulelwe zitholele ibhuku lokuchaza amaphupho okuthiwa (ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho ezitolo ezithengisa izincwadi)

  85. mina ngiphuphe engathi sika aunty wami udade wabokamama, besitshala izithombo zocarrots, spinach, kabishi. okungixakayo ukuthi angikaze ngibe nephupho elinje nokuthi angikukhonzile nokutshala. ngabe kuchaza ukuthini loko

  86. Sawbona Velaphi, ngicela ungisize, izolo ngiphuphe simatasatasa ekhaya sonke si busy nga something outside and inside the house, kulungiselelwa abakhongi abezayo for ama lobolo ka dadewethu omdala, naye mangingena endlini uyagqoka ulinganisa izingubo nezicathulo ujabulile. emnyango masigawula izihlahla ukuze kubukeke kuvele kuqhamuke izinyosi eziningi. udade akashadile.i phupho leli liphele bengeka fiki abakhongi. bengicela ukubuza ngabe leli phupho lichaza ukuthini, something tells me alilihle since lifaka indaba zomshado nomcelo, kepha angaz ngoba kusanda kuvela isifo vele ekhaya a few weeks ago. ngisiza.

  87. Uuphupha udadewenu kusho ukuthi uzozwa izindaba zokuphumelela kwakhe,
    ngxa uphupha ukuhlakula kuhle lihlola injabulo nenhlanhla, ukuphupha ngekhaya lobungane bakhonangokwenza kwakho kulo unezinye izingane enanidlala nazo kubika ukuqhubeka kahle empilweni nokuchuma kokwenzayo kothandanayo noma othandwayo kusho isithandwa esiqotho umshado omuhle nenjabulo nenjabulo enkulu uyoba nabantwana abaningi bayophila kahle bonke kuhle endodeni eganiwe.
    Uma uphupha abakwenu ubona abakwenu odade noma abafowenu uyophila uze ukhokhobe kepha kuyovela isifo ekhaya. ngxa uphupha ukugqoka izingubo ezimnyama injabulo nxa ziphethwe ngegolide noma ngomunye umphetho ukuklonyelwa.ngingathi kuwe ngencazelo yakho yephupho awuphuphanga umshado kodwa bekungathi kuzokwenzeka wona manje asingathi sizaxazulula okungavelanga sithi yikho kanti cha. zitholele lelibhuku elibizwa ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho ezitolo ezidayisa izincwadi. akwenze kahle umdali namathongo abanawe.

  88. Sipho akulona iphupho elihle leli kusho ukuthi umele uqaphele ingozi enkulu. ukhuleke ucele ukuba isuswe lengozi. zitholele ibhuku okuthiwa ungqeqe wokuchaza amaphupho esitolo esidayisa izincwadi.

  89. This is not a dream but if you wanna know about your future and present I will advice that you visit the clan practitioners who will either throw the bones or seers in short izangoma noma abaporofethi.

  90. Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha ngezinto ezazenzeka kudala usakhula njengokuphupha umuntu owawuthandana naye nikhuluma nje kukuhle

  91. Hi bhut’Velaphi. Namhlanje ngiphume ngisesigangeni ngibaleka ngibambe ngesandla undodakazi wam omncane. Inkinga ukuthi konke lapho bekumele sambe khona bekugcwele izinyoka ezincane eziningi zisaphalele indlela yonke. Masibaleka sibuyela ekhaya, singena endlini kuthi dwe. Ma sengiphumela phandle nakhu sezigcwele ibala manje, ngibaleke but zingifice ivele ingilume ngizwe engazathi ngiphelelwa amandla, ngavele ngaphaphama.
    Ngyaxolise ngokwanda kakhulu kodwa cela usizo bandla, ngabe kuchazani lokhu

  92. Hi velaphi ngicela ungichazele leliphupho,ngiphuphe ngiwela edwaleni ngica ubhuti thizeni wathi angifake inyawo zami emanzini abehamba khona lana kulelidwala lingumfulana nje lona wathi ngifake kathathu besengihamba,ngakwenza emvakwaloko ngacaca idwala ngaze ngafika phezulu lashintsha ngabona amahhashi elimhlophe elibomvu nelifuna ukuba mnyama ….

  93. Ukuphupha ubaleka kusho ukuthi uzongena ehlazweni, ukuphupha isilwane esihamba ngesisu yisitha esinobuqidlana.izinyoka ukuzibona ziningi lisho ukuthi wokhohliswa,
    Ukuphupha ikuluma lisho ukulimala noma ukukhathazeka.

  94. Ukuphupha idwala kusho ukucunuka kanti ukukhwela edwaleni kubika ukunqoba izingozi,
    Ukuphupha amahashi ukuliphupha kuhle noma uligibela intokozo ukuphupha elimnyama lisho ukuphumelela kancane elimhlophe inhlanhla obungayilindele ihashi lasendle ubuphikankani.

  95. Hi velaph kuchazan uma uphupha ibhubes bt in dar dream alenz lutho lizihlalele nje etshanin kodwa nguwena olibalekelayo

  96. Sanele ngicela ngaphambi kokuba nithumele amaphupho enu kulewebsite nike nibheke amaphupho aseke acazwa phambilini ukuthi awekho afana nawo noma incazelo efuna ukuthi ifane nephupho oluphuphile na. kungazoba khona iduplication masicaza lapha,
    Ukuphupha ibhubesi kubika ubukhulu nokuphakanyiswa okuzayo uyoba nesikhundla esiphakeme, ensizweni kubika umfazi ongelona isaphasapha kodwa onegqondo, onomoya omuhle, nonamandla okuphatha umuzi uyoba lusizo kumnyeni wakhe.
    Ukuphupha ubaleka kucaza ukuthi uyngena ehlazweni.

  97. Hi Velaphi. Ngicela ukubuza ukuthi if uzophupha njalo abantu bakubo bakababa bezingane zakho abangasekho bekwazisa izinto azenzayo nasazozenza. Naye futhi umphuphe njalo uma ezokwenza izinto noma ezozakuwe ezokubona. Kodwa senahlukana wabano munye umuntu.

  98. Ukuphupha ubhukuda emanzini acwebileyo kusho inhlanhla emsebenzini (webhizinisi) nasezindabeni zezintombi nezinsizwa kanti amanzi adungekile asho amashwa nokungaphili kahle.

  99. Ukuphupha abafileyo ukhuluma nabo, lihle linenhlanhla, lisho isibindi esikhulu.
    Nxa uphupha izihlobo esezafa ukubona, ukhulume nasebafa, isiyalo sokuthi qaphela izindaba zakho uziphathe kahle ezweni. nxa uphupha umkhwe wakho ephila noma efile lishwa, ikakhulu uma ebanga umsindo noma ekusongela. nxa uphupha umkhwekazi noma ephila noma efile kubi ikakhulu uma ubona ethetha ekusongela. nxa ekhuluma kahle ithemba eliyize nenkohliso. nxa uphupha umnyeni liphupho elibi kuhlola ukuthi ngeke baphelelane nesoka layo bazokwahlukana.

  100. Ngiphuphe ngihamba nabantwana ababili owami womfana nokamakhelwane wentombazane kodwa besele emumva ngase ngibona inyoka iza ngakubona ngabamemeza ukuthi bagijime sibaleke bona bema khona lapho lenyoka inhlwathi yagijima kwangathi iyabathandela bobabili kodwa yase igwinya lo owentombazane lo owomfana wakhala wabaleka khona lapho futhi yaphinde yamhlanza waphuma ebhocobele masifika endlini wemukelwa ngumama wami wahlambuluka.Ngabe kuchaza ukuthini, ngicela ningisize.

    • Ukuphupha ubaleka kusho ukuthi uzongena ehlazweni, ukuphupha isilwane esihamba ngesisu yisitha esinobuqidlana, kanti ukuphupha abantwana ukubona ababili noma abathathu ukuthokoza nempumelelo emsebenzini. kanti ukuphupha izinyoka uyibona izisonga lisho ingozi nokuboshwa futhi lisho isifo nenzondo nokukhathazeka.

  101. Ngiphuphe ngibanjwe ikhehla engingalazi ngingena nalo ngaphansi kolwandle , safica isalukwazi esidala sihleli eqhugwaneni nabantu engingabazi abagqoke izinene, sangikhothisa insizi sangibeka imbenge ekhanda, sakhuluma sathi angilalele kahle into esizoyisho; “sathi kuyofika isikhathi lapho….” ngavele ngaphaphama…

    • Ukuphupha isalukazi uma uxoxa naso sihleka intokozo, kanti ukuyela olwandle wavuka waphaphama wethuka lisho ukuthi ngesikhathi sokuphila kwakho wochitha konke onakho,ukuphupha ikhehla kusho ukuthi khukhona uzokweboleka imali akwenyule otakwini okulo, kanti lihle entombazaneni esakhula othandane naye ukholekile kuwe.
      Naku okunye iphupho lakho lingaba licaza ubuwuwe kwezomoya ukuthi uphethwe zindlondlo ekuwukuthi eqwakele phezulu isalukwazi esifuna ukuqumana nawe sikuyalele uyalele izizwe sifuna umamele ungethuki nxa sifika kuwe uzothe uzwe isiyalo. ungabe bese uthi uyothwasa ngokuzwa loku bazobuya bakuyalele.

      • Ngpupe siwela umfula kwavuka izingwenya ezning zifast sabaleka ngenkat sbaleka i was like a pro coz bengnake kakhulu enghamba nabo ukt zngabadli yaze yacishe yadla mina saphepha uma sesnyuka intaba sahlanga nezgebengu ezbulalayo enghamba nabo basaba babambelela kim ngaqonda ngqo kuzo bezfuna ukuhlasela bt azange sadlula saphepha fut

  102. Ngisanda kuthenga imoto. Ngiphuphe ubhuti omuncanyana kimi omuhle ekhuluma nami ekhombe imoto yami ehamba nomama osekhulile begqoke iziketi ezibomvu & white t-shirts with red & white beads. Maye khomba imoto ngibona inyoka enkulu igrey inama spots amunyama kodwa ingafuni ukungiluma izihlalele igoqe imoto

  103. Ukuphupha uwela umfula nivukelwa izingwenya zifuna ukunidla nisinde ukuphupha ugibela uneviyo lamadoda kuhle kusho inhlanhla nenzunzo, kodwa nxa ugibele neviyo lamakhosikazi amashwa nenkohliso.kanti uma uphupha amagquma uwawela kanzima wophumelela ezinkathazweni zakho, ukuphupha ingwenya noma isphi isilwane esihamba ngesisu ukuxabana: nomhlobo nesithandwa esikhohlisayo kusho ukuthi unesitha esinobuqili qaphela ke

  104. Ukuphupha ikhehla kusho ukuthi kukhona uzokweboleka imali akwenyule otakwini okulo. kanti lihle entombazaneni esakhula lisho ukuthi othandana naye ukholekile kuwe. kanti ukuphupha umakhelwane wakho kusho ukuthi musa ukungabaza ukuyocela iseluleko mayelana nezomndeni wakho ngoba uzokusiza kokuhluphayo. nxa uphupha imvula lina isihlambi esihle lihle ngoba lisho impumelelo kukho konkeokwenzayo.kanti ukuphupha indlu kusho ukuthi uzothutha uye lapho uyokubakude nobefuna ukukhwenza kabi. kanti ukuphupha ingane kusho ukuthi qaphela ubuntombi bakho, kanti ukuphupha umtwana kowesifazane kusho ukuthi uzokhulelwa uma owesifazane ekhulelwe lisho ukuthi wokhulelwa kahle.

  105. Ukuphupha izilwane ezihamba ngesisu yisitha esinobuqidlana lomfana ombonayo usekuhlanganyele nabanye bemimoya emibi babuswa umona qaphela.

    • Hi Bhuti Velaphi
      Ngike ngalandelwa inyosi yangilandela impela ngiya emsebenzini kuthe kulezo zinsuku ngaphupha isingihlala ekhanda ngisesitolo sezingubo namhlanje ngiphuphe ngiphuza amanzi amaningi acwebile amnandi kakhulu lawomanzi ngiphaphame sengomile nje

  106. hi i need your help please ngiphuphe ngikumuzi engingawazi ngimile on the top level of the stairs umam ngbuka ezansi ngbona inyoka ebrawn (a cobra)uma ngbuka umsila wayo ilimele ebese izama ukukhuphuka ize kumina phezulu kumane kuqhamube ibhubesi liyinqobe ngibaleke ngingene endlini ngvale iscabha lapho i was very scared none of the animals hurtd me the snake tryd to hurt me but th lion stoped it .what does ths mean

  107. what does it mean to dream drinking a lot lot i mean lot o clean water then when i woke up i was very thursty

  108. Hi Mandisa uma uphupha inyosi lisho okubili kuhle-kubi kuhle uma zingakuhlabi lisho inhlanhla ekulandelayo nehleli ngqo ekhanda kodwa uphuphe usesitolo esthengisa zingubo ukuthi uye wazithenga zona akucacanga nokuthi bekusebusika noma ehlobo na? ukuphupha amanzi acwebile kusho indaba enhle ezovela noma inhlanhla. angazi noma uyasonta kukhala lapha umphefumulo wakho awutholi ukudla okuwujulisayo okumele kukunelise emoyeni ngingathi ivoid ekhona kuwe ungazi ngabe ibangelwa yini khuleka kakhulu uze uxumane nomthombo lowo okumele uphuze kuwo.

    • hey velaphi…ngiphuphe ngidla inyama yenkukhu nghleli
      nomfana engifunda naye..cela ukwaz ingabe
      liqonde ukuthini….

    • Hi Bhuti Velaphi
      Ngiyabonga ngempendulo yakho mayelana nephupho lami yebo ngiyasonta kakhulu futhi….izingubo ngangizithenga lapha ephusheni….well ukusa kwanamhlanje ngiphuphe mazambane amaningi kakhulu amahle siwacweca ezokwenziwa amachips kwaqamuka umzala wami wanginika usiliva oluningi wadlula wangasho luthi ngabese ngiyothenga wona lamazambane asenziwe kodwa ama chips(fries) ingabe lokhu kusho ntoni na?

  109. Ukuphupha umama wakho ukhuluma naye kusho ukuthi uzozwa izindaba ezimnandi kuyi nhlanhla, kanti uma ethukuthele uyaxwayiswa ukuba uyeke loko okubi okwenzayo kanti ukuphupha ibhubesi kubika ubukhulu nokuphakanyiswa okuzayo uyoba nesikhundla esiphakamileyo, entombini kubika ukugana umuntu onesikhundlwana, onegqondo enkulu nesimilo esihle ensizweni kubika umfazi ongelona isaphasaphana kodwa onengqondo, onomoya omuhle nonamandla okuphatha umuzi, uyoba lusizo kumnyeni wakhe.kanti ukuphupha inyoka ukuyibona izisonga lisho ingozi nokuboshwa futhi lisho isifo nenzondo. kanti kungasho ukuthi uboqaphela abangane bakho obathembile omunye wabo ucabanga okubi ngawe qaphela.

  110. What does it mean when you constantly dream people chasing you and running, hiding behind buildings, schools. When you always dream hitting your relatives, being in a physical fight and confronting them.

    I also dreamt dancing it seemed like there was a celebration and I was in the forefront. And when you dream holding a baby, is it literal?

  111. can i ask yini ukuphu uhambisela your boyfriend ama fruit avuthiwe in a plate.
    another dream is yini ukuphupha udla your nails to the extent that blood nearly comes out and in the same dream i seemy ex sleeping in a matress where ekhanda on the matress theres alot of stains of blood and nase zinyaweni theres alot of blood stains , and i comment kuye ngithi yooh where did use to sleep la please interpret

  112. I dreamt I was eating off my nails that blood was even coming out…and my ex bf was sleeping in a bed full of blood stains by his head and feet. .
    Than I dreamt making breakfast for my bf which it was fruits only they were so ripe and juicy,then we were in a car and his family weren’t talking to me…and my bf was driving but in his left foot there was a chain which consisted of an animal that was a big cat(imbodlha) what does this mean?

  113. uma uphupha uwasha impahla amahembe amhlophe amanzi aza angcole awafake emanzini amahle kusho ukuthini?

  114. Ngiphupha ngilwa no ma wami ngimthuka ngimtshela amagama abuhlungu ,ngiphinde ngiphuphe ngishanyela iguma noma indlu

  115. Ukuphupha amazambane nxa emaningi kusho inzuzo nempumelelo uma emancane kusho inhlanhla embi.
    Ukuphupha amachips ukudla okuthandwa kakhulu izizwe zonke emhlabeni njengenzuzo nokuphumelela kunjalo nakuwo amachips kanti imali eyisiliva ukuyinikwa noma uyikhokhelwa kusho ukuphumelela kwezothando nenjabulo enkulu.

  116. Hi Velaphi, what does it mean if you dream of being in the house you grew up in, and being attacked by snakes. Ive had this dream twice now. The first time I was in my mothers room in that house, and i was fighting the snakes, trying to keep them out, but one bit me and i woke up. Then in the second dream i was by the entrance of the house fighting off alot snakes with my sister.There was a big python which someone(Im not sure who) fought and carried away, then i woke up.

  117. Nxa uphupha ulwa niphikisana ihlazo nokuphela kodumo lwakho.kanti kulishwa ukuphupha unolaka kwabanye abantu. kuhle ukuphupha umama wakho kepha ukumethuka ishwa elinyayekayo. nxa uphupha indlu kusho ukuthi uzothutha uye lapho uyokuba kude nobefuna ukukwenza kabi kodwa uma incane zizimbi uyabampofu.

  118. Sawubona pleaz help mina every nyt ngyaphupha sometyms ngiwakhohlwe amaphupho ngabe kunormal ukuphupha nsukuzonke?

    Ukuphupha icell no. iphelelele kushoni, ikuphupha intaba enkulu emnyama emise kwebhubesi kushoni? ukuphupha izingane ezingamatriplets eziwu2 shuthi sezizonke ziwu6 engathi ezacuzin brada wami kushoni?

    todae ngiphuphe engath kuzoba nomsebenz ngath kuzohlatshwa 3 wezinkomo bezisesibayeni engath kume amadoda eduze kwesibaya alindele ukuhlaba but kugcine ingahlatshwanga iinkomo lamadoda ebengiwabona ngangisebenza nawo

    ,kuthe kusenjalo engath ngiwasha izitsha kufike ingan yomfana ilethe ezinye ithi angifake amanzi ama ice cubes kungathi kukhona umama but usekameleni lakho
    kodwa usashona kukhona noaunt naye usashona but yena ehleli kamalume ngixabane no aunt eyisihlobo osaphila ngibone sengishaya abantu abawu2 ngamaplate bebaleka angibonanga obani but bekukhona nengane encane kulabo engikade ngibajaha, lamadoda abekhona bengathi eze ngoba azimina layikhaya lichazani.

    Xolisa nge essay.

  119. Ukuphupha ubaleka kusho ukuthi uzongena ehlazweni kanti uma uzifihla kusho ukuthi kuza izindaba ezibuhlungu. nxa uphupha ulwa kusho ukuthi ihlazo nokuphela kodumo lwakho kwabathandanayo abasoze baphumelela ngokuthandana kwabo. ukuziphupha usemcimbini akukuhle kusho ukuthi kuza izindaba ezimbi. ukuphupha ingane kusho isicwayiso sokuthi qaphela ubuntombi bakho.

  120. Ukuphupha udla kubi kabi kanti nxa abanye bedla kusho impumelelo kuyoyonke imizamo yakho.
    kanti nxa uphupha udla inyama kowesifazane oqomile lisho umnyama, ukwaliwa ibuye inyama uma uzimuka kusho ukunotha emfuyweni kanti ukuzaca uzobampofu kanti ukuyibona kusho ukulahlekelwa nokonakelelwa uma uyidla kusho isifo.

  121. > Ukuphupha izilwane ezihamba ngesisu kusho isitha esinobuqidlana kanti ukuphupha indlu kusho ukuthi uzothutha uye lapho uyokuba kude nobefuna ukukwenza kabi, uma leyondlu inkulu zizinhle kusho ukuthi uyohlala kahle kodwa uma zincane zizimbi uyobampofu.nxa uphupha izinyoka ukuyibona izisonga lisho ingozi nokuboshwa futhi lisho isifo nenzondo ukuzibona ziningi lisho ukuthi wokhohliswa umkakho noma othandana naye.
    nxa ikuluma lisho ukulimala noma ukukhathazeka.

  122. > ukuphupha njalo kuya ngesimo sempilo yakho kanye nempande yozalo lwakho uma uphupha intaba inde : imile mpo kusho impilo ngesithukuthuku nosizi. nxa uphupha ingane noma izingane kusho qaphela ubuntombi bakho, ukphupha abantwana ukubona ababili noma abathathu ukuthokoza nempumelelo emsebenzini nxa unezingane eziningi zidlala endlini ungenayo wena awusoze waba nayo.kungcono ukuphupha abafana kunamantombazane nxa zinezilevu noma zimpunga isifo.kanti ukuphupha amawele kusho ukuthi ayeza ngempela.uma uphupha izinkomo yimpumelelo nxa zidla edlelweni kanti ezimnyama zibika inkathazo emsebenzini ngenxa yalo mbala wazo.
    ukuphupha ukulwa nilwa niphikisana kusho ihlazo nokuphela kodumo lwakho kwabathandanayo abasoze baphumelela ngokuthandana kwabo.kanti ma uphupha nixabene nomunye kuhle kubika inhlanhla, yikuchuma emsebenzini nokuhlangana futhi nabangane.

    • Hi Velaphi,

      namuhla ngiphuphe amawele abafana, abemahle empofu, lamawele abekubo nomama wawo kanye nobhuti wawo. umama wawo engithanda. ngikuzwile uthi ukuphupha amawele kusho ukuthi ayeza. nomama wami unamawele, ngimbuzile washo njengoba usho. Ngiyasola ngimithi ngoba kuthangi bengiphalaza ntambama ngoba ukudla bekunginukela kabi kade omunye usisi epheka.

      I really hope I am not pregnant, not now!!
      Thank you.

  123. Iphupho lami lithi. Umuzi wasekhaya awusekho sekwalala izihlahla.Ngiphuphe umfana ka brother wami engathi ukhona ufice kukhona izindonga zo rondavel kuphela. Waxhuma kuzo akha indlu. Bengifikele emzini ongezansi ngase ngiya khona kobuka ngimfica uyakha indlu. wathi akalali kahle ebusuku uhlushwa imimoya yabafana abafikayo ebusuku , kukhona umfana oyedwa owashonela khona kudala belwa nomunye. ngase ngimnika u R30 ukuthi akwazi ukuthenga akudingayo

  124. Ngibingelele, ngiphuphe ngiwela umfula ubungenamanzi ngicaca kunzima kakhulu ukukhuphukakodwa ngaze ngaphumelela

  125. Hi Nomzamo
    Kunjalo impela ene akukho ongakwenza engingakusho kuwe ukuthi kwamukele kuyi sibusiso ukuthola amawele ungenzi lento enziwa ilabantu abangana buntu ubulale lezo ngane ngoba mawuthi hayi manje ubuyelani ecansini ngaphandle kokusebenzisa icondom.

  126. Sawubina baba velaphi.
    Ngine nkinga uma ngiya enyangeni noma esangomeni
    Singitjela ukuthi kumele ngithwase kodwa
    Phuphupha ngiphupha inkonzo namacilongo ekhaliswa ngabantu abgqoke i uniform emhlophe. Futhi ngiphupha kuthiwa kumele
    Ngibhaphiswe kodwa umangithi ngibhaphathisiwe ngiphendula mina angitholi mpendulo

  127. Can anyone help me here to solve my dream. I am a married women . But I dreamed as if It was my wedding day and was wearing a white bridal gown, I was so beautiful, without make up. there were 2 brides maids , 1 is my sister who past away long time and the other one is my husbands sister daughter who is still alive. I wanted to put make up, and I WENT to put it on cause I knew that I had to wear make up om my big day, than I woke up.

  128. Please help me. I dreamt of my 4 year old girl giving birth to another baby while she was sleeping. I’m really scared.

    • Ngicela kubuza kushoni ukuphupha owesifazane ongumakhelwane wam egqoke ingubo yomshado engathi siyomshadisa but uziphathele yena izimpahla zakhe bese ngicela kumphathisa angnike u3leged pot uma siyowela umfula kungaweleki kuphoqe kuthi lelibhodwe ngilijikijele kuze ngkwaz ukwehla.Nggenkathi lifika phansi umfula uvele uhlangane abile amanzi engacwebanga emnyama,ngathi mangehlela kuwo wavele waphakama wenza amagagasi ngazithola sengindiza ngawelela ngaphesheya ngabashiya ebengihamba nabo nalomakoti.Uma sengingaphesheya wavele wabohla ngase ngibuyela emuva phakathi emfuleni ukuyothatha ibhodwe ngisize nalaba engihamba nabo waphinda wenza lawomagagasi ngaphinda futhi ngandiza ngawelela ngaphesheya ngase ngphaphama.Ngyaxolisa nge essay

      • Makhosi!!! Ingabe kuchazani ukuphupha ukhala strong kungathi kuthiwa umama wam ushonile.Ngiworried ngoba mama uyagula washaywa istroke

  129. ukuphupha ukubeletha uma eseyintombi kusho ukuthi kukhona okuzomvelela ebuntombini bakhe qaphela ingane leyo kuhle kukhona ofuna ukyigangela. abuse

  130. ukuphupha amacilongo ulizwa likhala libi lisho inkathazo namashwa kwabathandanayo ukukhohliswa kanti ukuzwa kuhlatshelelwa kahle ukuthola izindaba ezinambithekayo uma umubi kuklabalashwa izindaba ezimbi ozozizwa, ukuphupha ukubhabhadisa iphupho elibi hleze kuvele isifo ekhaya. ukuphupha inkonzo engcwele kusho ukufa kwesihlobo le yezangoma nezinyanga ukuthi uyothwasa uma kunjalo wena abakakutsheli bakukhomba nala kumele utwase khona uma kunjalo linda bazofika bazokulayela obathwasayo.

  131. Ukuphupha imvula kusho ukuthi yisipho noma ilifa kepha kwabanye ibika ukugula okusheshayo ukudlula, kanti nxa isihlambi esihle lihle ngoba lisho impumelelo kukho konke okwenzayo uma lina isiphepho linomoya liduma libaneka inkathazo nelishwa ugcine ngokuphumelela

    • thokoza baba,mina ngiye ngabanephupho lokuthi kukhona umfana engizwana naye manje sithe singekahlangani ngokocansi ngaphupha ngilele naye lokhu kwenzeke izikhathi ezimbili singekalali,kungabe kusho ukuthini lokhu?

  132. Hello! ngiphuphe amandwane amhlophe amaningi ngiwaxosha ngokuwathela ngamanzi aClean

    elesbili. i Boy friend yami iphuphe inamajuba amhlophe amabili kodwa elilodwa labese liyafa.

    elesithathi. ngphuphe ngiphakathi esibayeni sezinkomo ngino bhuti wami, umama, uBaba ne Boy friend yami. uma sibheka phezulu ngabona izinyosi eziningi zisnetha ngoju olumnandi olunama taste amathathu ahlukene. ngabe asho ukuthilni lawa maphupho

  133. Hi there,please could you help me. I keep dreaming of having sex with people I know and some people I don’t even know. After I wake up from these dreams I feel really disgusted. Right now I’m 9 months pregnant and could give birth anytime, I thought with the pregnancy the dreams would stop, but they haven’t. They are really starting to worry me. Please help!!! Thank you.

  134. Ukuphupha amagundane amhlophe kusho ukunqoba izitha zakho. kanti ukuphupha Amajuba kusho ukuthi uzokwaneliswa likhaya kanti ukulibona lifa induduzo osizini .
    kanti ukuphupha uju kucaza impilo enhle nokuchuma

  135. Ukuphupha ngokulala noma ngecansi kubi kuhlola into embi kepha kuhle uma wena usenkathazweni ngenkathi uliphupha leliphupho.

  136. Ngiyabonga ngencazelo yami. manje kusho ukuthini ukuphupha uswane oluna six months lizhambele .

    Nokuphupha uphuma ubuhlalu enyaweni ngaseqakaleni buhambe buye ngakubhonzo bese buyajika kuyatantelala kulelo nyawo. umbala walobuhlalu buGrey n white bufana nalobu obugaxiswa uswane maluceda ukuzalwa. Ngiyabonga

  137. ngiphuphe ngigade isitimela uma sisigadile sinanzelele ukuthi sigade esingayisiso siyehle siyegada esiyiso nxa ngifika ngihlala phansi ngiyama isitulo bekuledrogon ebidwetshiwe esitulweni ngahle ngayibona siyi tattoo esandleni Sami nxa ngithi ngibheka unyawo lwami nginanzelele ukuthi ngiqamuke unyawo ngisamangele njalo nginanzelele ukuthi unyawo Lolo solubhibhidla soluphuma ubomvu lungani lufuna ukubola. ngincedani kutshoni lokhu

  138. hello, ngiphuphe ngigade isitimela esingayisiso ngayehla ngagada esiyiso ngafika ngahlala phansi , ngithe ngiqamelisa isandla Sami esitulweni ngananzelela ukuthi ngisiqamelise emfanekisweni we dragon , ngemva kwalokho ngabheka isandla Sami ngasibona laso sesile tattoo yaleyo dragon, ngithe ngikhangela unyawo lwami lwenxele ungathola ukuthi ngiqamukile ngisamangele ngananzelela ukuthi sokuphuma ubomvu sokungani unyawo solubola. ngincedani kutshoni lokhu

  139. Hie Velaphi ,ngihleli ngiphupha ngithola ubaba wengane ejola besengiyamtshaya kabuhlungu ngitsho naye lowo cc oyobe enaye ngishaya bonke ,izolo ngiphupha ngishaya ubabe ngane yami njalo ngophini lokupheka ipapa njalo ngihleli ngiphupha ngisesikolweni njalo ngisizeni ngikhathele ila maphupho

  140. Ngiphupha ngithandaza izkhathi eziningi ngiyobe ngisemoyeni njalo kwesinye iskhathi ngithandazela umuntu ngizama ukuxotsha amadimoni

  141. Ngi phume ngithatha amatshe womfula ekucineni ngabamba into e soft kodwa ngithe uma ngiyibeka ngola ububa inyoka enkulu ngabaleka kodwa yangilandela ngayongena kwenye indlu ngathola usisi wakhona wathi kimi mangihlale ngoba angeke ngigijime i 5 cm izongithola ngempela ingitholile kodwa ayangiluma ngayikama ngayibulala uma ngifika ekhaya emvakomyango ngithole ugogo engingamazi wathi kimi kumele ngiyokotwasa emanzini for four months dowa ngizohamba nomunye,

  142. Hie velaphi. ngiphuphe ngicapha umfula ogcwele amanzi ancolileyo Kodwa abanye bayehlulekile ukuwucapha, kungabe kutshoni

  143. Sanibona.Ngiphupha ngijahwa amanzi angaphezu kwami endaweni yakwaNongongoma(angikaze ngiye khona)ingabe kuchaza ukuthini

  144. Makhosi!!!!ngiphuphe ngingaphansi kwamanzi ngiphethe iphehlo ngishaya ngalo amanzi ngikhuluma no Babamkhulu, bekungathi ngigqoke ubuhlalu obuyellow ngigqihile ngabo. Ngicela incazelo.

    Elesibili ukuphupha amafu ephunduka eba mnyama noma udaka olumnyama kuna namatshe kusho ukuthini njalo ngiyakwazi ukubaleka endaweni ephephile. Njalo uma ngibaleka endaweni ephephile kubakhona izingane kuleyondawo. Selibuye kaningana leliphupho seliyangikhathaza. Ngiyabonga

  145. Sawubana Velaphi!Ngiphupha ubaba wami ongizalayo kanye nomkhulu osashona emachekeni la ngakhulela khona (Ekhaboma wami) kodwa kungekho muntu esiyidini lika Ma kungathi kunomthandazo….Umkhulu wasukuma sekuzofundwa izwi wakhulume ngomuntu angingamazi athi uyamlwiso,asho ukuthi uthini kodwa akukho ekhandala lami ukuthi ubani lo ebekhuluma ngaye nanokuthi ebethini….ubaba yena ebembili kunguyena nobaba oshade naMa kodwa bayafana, wase waqghoka impulampula yakhe emyani kungathi uyinto enkulu kwase kwaphuma izwi elithi kumele ayoqgokiswa wulwandle….ingabe lichaza ukuthini leli phupho

  146. Candy
    Uma uphupha uyihlo ekhuluma nawe kuzovela injabulo kepha nxa ethule noma sengathi ufile libika inkathazo. kanti ukuphupha umkhulu/ikhehla kukabili kungasho ukuthi kukhona ozokweboleka imali akwenyule otakwini okulo kanti emantombazaneni esakhula lisho ukuthi othandana naye ukholekile kuwe., ukuphupha ngekhaya lobungane bakho nangokwenza kwakho kulo kubika ukuqhubeka kahle empilweni nokuchuma kokwenzayo, kothandanayo noma othandwayo kusho isithandwa esiqotho : umshado omuhle nenjabulo enkulu , uyoba nabantwana abaningi bayophila kahle bonke.uma umkhulu wakho esukuma ekhuluma ukhuluma enkonzweni kuchaza ukuthi ebenesifiso sokuthi ulandele emsebenzini yokuba isangoma kodwa lenkonzo iyona emlwisayo ukuba kube njalo kungakho ebuye waqoka lempulampula emnyama ebezokuqokisa yona kungakho kuthe uma eyembatha waphenduka okunye nezwi elithe kumele ambathe olwandle ngoba kuyimfihlakalo yomndeni akumelwanga ibonwe emphakhathini.

    Uma uphupha uyihlo ekhuluma nawe kuzovela injabulo kepha nxa ethule noma sengathi ufile libika inkathazo. kanti ukuphupha umkhulu/ikhehla kukabili kungasho ukuthi kukhona ozokweboleka imali akwenyule otakwini okulo kanti emantombazaneni esakhula lisho ukuthi othandana naye ukholekile kuwe., ukuphupha ngekhaya lobungane bakho nangokwenza kwakho kulo kubika ukuqhubeka kahle empilweni nokuchuma kokwenzayo, kothandanayo noma othandwayo kusho isithandwa esiqotho : umshado omuhle nenjabulo enkulu , uyoba nabantwana abaningi bayophila kahle bonke.uma umkhulu wakho esukuma ekhuluma ukhuluma enkonzweni kuchaza ukuthi ebenesifiso sokuthi ulandele emsebenzini yokuba isangoma kodwa lenkonzo iyona emlwisayo ukuba kube njalo kungakho ebuye waqoka lempulampula emnyama ebezokuqokisa yona kungakho kuthe uma eyembatha waphenduka okunye nezwi elithe kumele ambathe olwandle ngoba kuyimfihlakalo yomndeni akumelwanga ibonwe emphakhathini.

  147. Bhuti Velaphi ngethembe uyaphila
    Ngiphuphe nghamba endaweni ebengingayiqondi eceleni kwam kunenyoka encane koda ayi kakhulu eluhlaza ihamba imise ikhanda ibihamba nam indlela yonke kungath ingigadile

  148. Ukuphupha inyoka noma izinyoka kuchaza ukuthi qaphela kukhona omunye kubangani bakho omethembayo okucabangela okubi .

  149. Sawbona, ngaphupha ngisezihlabathini ezimhlophe zolwandle ngase ngibona impangele enhle izalele amaqanda yawamboza ngesihlabathi ngafika ngasimbula, elinye ngiphupha ngihamba ngiphethe isikhwama ngikha izihlahla ngizifaka esikhwameni kwase kuba khona izwi elithi linda ugogo wakho us

  150. ngiphuphe ngishaya umyeni wam kabi ngaze ngamulimaza ubudoda bakhe ngoba ngimbone nomuntu wesifazane ngavele ngahlaselwa ama bhubesi amabili elesifazane nelesilisa amakhulu amabhubesi efuna ukungibulala ngafuswa uyena umyeni wam engibuza ukuthi ngukhalelan angibange ngisalala

  151. hi. Ngiphuphe umuntu engizwana naye ethi ngeke esakwazi ukuqhubeka nami. Vele ngamfica enomuntu 2yrs ago bt besenza into yethu eceleni. Ngabe akasangithandi ngempela na?

  152. Hi. I always dream having sex with strangers and ngihlale ngiphupha ngiphethe izingame noma ngizitetile.namhlanje imhlophe lengane ngakusasa izoba mnyama. Pls help. From jabu

  153. Hi
    Nginenkinga ngiphupha umuntu oyisitha sam engilunguza kungaty ngisendlini indlu le yintsha ngisanda kuhlala kuyo akulaleki ebusuku iyaqhuma ngaty khona oshaya amatshe phezulu so lomuntu useduze kwami futy iyisitha sami

    Ngiphupha omunye oyisitha sami ngimshaya ngempama asizwan naye lo muntu unenhliziyo embi.

  154. Ngicela usizo ngencazelo ngaleli phupho.

    Ngiphuphe Ngisekhaya lapho kuzalwa khona u mama wam wase engicela ukuthi ngiyomkhelela amanzi emfuleni lohamba khona ekhaya kagogo ngase ngithi kuye angeke ngikwazi ukukha amanzi ngoba u 25 litre uyasinda. Ngibese ngicela umama ukuthi ngizomkhelela ngo 5 litre ababili ngase ngikhanyisa ilambu ngoba ubefuna ukuwashela emnyameni.ngiwathethe ama 5 litre amabili ngaya emfuleni okhona lapho ekhaya uma ngibuya namanzi
    Ngifice kunotjani obuluhlaza nezinyoka eziningi eziluhlaza.

    Apoligies with my Zulu I’m swati



  156. Ngikhuleke Baba Bhedlindaba !!

    Sinamantombaza amabili asemancane sino Nkosikazi, enye siyilindele ezinyangeni ezizayo. Unkosikazi uphuphe eshayela imoto
    endaweni esabisayo, ubethuke kakhulu kodwa ephikelele ukufika endlini. Kuthe kunjalo kwaqhamuka indoda angayazi ihamba e ngqayinga (bicycle)
    yavela ngewindi lemoto yathi izomngada. Nangempela yamphelezela ikuyona ingqayinga, yaze yafika endlini. Kuthe ngakusasa “kulo belu iphupho”
    LeNdoda yengqayiga (bicycle)yafika izosipha ingane yoMfana yaqeda yanyamalala, uNkosikazi uthe ngiyithathile mina leNgane ngayiguda izinwele. Ibiyinhle
    futhi isithanda, nathi siyithanda ngalendlela eyisimanga. Ibingayi nokudlala nezinye ingone kuyena belu uNkosikazi, naye enothando oluyisimanga
    lwaloNtwana. uNkosikazi uphaphama nje sifuna lomlisa or indonda ukuze sithole umlando or ubulandu balontwana.

    Singayithola ingcazelo. Ngixole ngokwelula.


  157. Ngingumuntu ohlushwa abadala, kangiphuma ngingna esibhedlela, until umamfundisi wami athi ngihlushwa umoya ngavulelwa umoya e postoli. manje konke ngikubona ngamaphupho kodwa amanye ngiyahluleka ukuwahlaziya. ngingumuntu okhulekayo ngamandla ngize nginabantu abathi uma benezinkinga beze kimi ikakhulukazi abadala ekuqaleni ngangi complainer kodwa manje ngihlala nabo phansi ngibaluleke bese siyakhuleka inkinga idlule. manje ngiphuphe umama wami akasekho wayethwasile efake isiphika sengwe sensikazi ne neduku ngiyozithungisa zizobusiswa, last ngiphuphe indwangu yengwe yenduna nayo ngiyithengile ngikhuleka ngayo, kanti neziphika namajazi ahlukene ngiwathungile njengalokhu evela emaphusheni. mnje kumele ngiphakamise iladi nalo engilibon ephusheni kangitsheliwe vele ukuthi bazongibonsa lona. inkinga ukuthi angimazi kahle okunguyena okimi. ukhokho ozala umama ka mama, umama naye uza ngezakhe angaziphethanga esaphila, umkhulu wangakabobaba esingakaze sambona ngamehlo useze walala. ngiphupha izinyoka ezahlukene, ngiphuphe amanzi inyoka ivela ingifuna la. last ngiphuphe kumele ngeqe emfuleni umangiphakamisa ikhanda kume isikuta esihle esisha esivalwe ngenethi elibomvu ngaphuma emanzi ngabaleka, kuthiwa badala bangibekele imali kodwa kumele ngiyongea emanzini kungenjealo abazonginika yona and ngiyawasaba kunejazi okumele ngiyolithatha khona ngiyesaba kodwa manje sengiyazidela ngoba ngiyabona akunalutho embi abazongenza yona uma ngiphetha umsebenzi wabo

  158. Ngibingelele,
    Ngiphuphe ilizwi lithi kimi kubo mama wami banginike igama elithi ngonyama ukuba ngi bizwe ngalo kepha la emagameni wami alikho.

    Okwesibili ngiphuphe ubaba wami agqoke ijazi elimhlophe aphethe umkhonto, kepha akazange akhulume. Ngabe kushoni?

  159. Bhuti Velaphi,ngiphuphe ngisekhishini nginobhuti nosisi wami omdala sihlukaniselana izitsha zaMama. Bekukhona amabhodwe amakhulu lawa ekuphekwa ngawo uma kukhona umsebenzi. Ngamunikeza uBhuti wami leli elikhulu ukuthi alithathwe nguye,kodwa wanqaba ethi uzolenzani ibhodwe elingaka. Kuchaza ukuthini uk’phupha amabhodwe? Elisibili iphupho,ngiphuphe ngiphunyelwa izinyo,kepha belingeb’hlungu,kwaphuma igazi lagcwala umlomo. Ngicela ungichazela lama phupho.

  160. Sawubona.mina ngiphuphe engathi ngimba phansi kwavela amaKhebuli kaGesi amakhulu namancane kwangathi futhi amanye asendaweni ephezulu ngingcengca kuyona iwudonga plz incazelo

  161. I have been having plenty of dreams that have been bothering me, I like having a dream where im either inside the train and I get out then it leaves me or im running late to catch a train. my other dream is a snake that looks like its tale has been cut off.my other dream is being in an elevator and im always floating in it and my last dream is im at school( my high school) a week never ends without me having one of these dreams. please help me im worried that they may mean something and I am ignoring it.

  162. Sawbona mkhulu, ngicela uhlaziye baba. Kuchaza ukuthini ukuphupha ubhukuda olwandle olu clean kodwa ngathi lusemgedeni, khona la nap handle olwandle kungathi kunendawo enezihlalo namatafula and my older brother was sitting there with his friends having a nice time mina ngeskhathi ngibhukuda. I swam until ngiphumele kwi swimming pool yomuzi kamngani kabhuti wami, I was eating nuts and kule pool kuna different kinds of fish some were beautiful and big with orange and yellow colours and one was black and ibifuna ukungiluma but it didn’t, they called it a flying fish, my btother’s friend wathi kimi I’m welcome to come to his house whenever. In the same dream ngathi bese ngisuka at my brothers friend’s house ngiyogibela I taxi to go home and emgwaqeni ebengihamba kuwo bekunezinja ezi vicious one came running to me ngihambisana nentombazane engingayazi but she must have been in her late teens, when the dog came closer it just looked at me and sat down. When I got home it’s like it was the next day but my late brother and my older brother were both there, my late brother looked happy and I was making food ( conned beef and baked beans) for my older brother cause uthe ulambile and bengikhipha namakhethini ngyowasha and I was eating cup cakes.

  163. A married friend of mine dreamt that he was in a kraal and there were about 10-12 cattle. He states that he stood in the middle of the kraal and the cattle were skinless with their hides laid to a side on the inside of the kraal. He states that he was never in any danger or felt threatened nor were the cattle hostile or felt threatened. The cattle eventhough skinless looked very healthy and content. He felt ( no one told him however ) it was his place to put the hides back on the cattle. He was given clues to which cow got which hide in that by the foot of each cow was a piece of hide that had not been completely skinned off. Ngicel’ukuthi usisize :-)

  164. Ngi phupha u baba mncane wami u sa shona, ethi kimi ucela ngi mu tholele indawo yo ku hlala, ngoba la esebenza khona use hola kahle.

    Please help

  165. Ukuphupha intombi umlisa wakho ebezitshontsha nayo…ikubikela ukuthi ikhulelwe kodwa mawuyibheka ngathi inokungabaza okuthile…

  166. kusho ukuthini ukuphupha amasimba akho uqobo okokuqala ngaphupha ngise toilet ngizisiza uma ngisukuma ngibona ngingcolisile kwaconsela phansi okwesibili bengehla embhedeni ngase ngiyazisiza khona lapho kodwa indle yami ibeyomile njenge yembuzi uma ngiyibamba ngesandla futhi ayinamatheli



  169. Ngiphuphe ngisemanxiweni amadala asekhaya kufike umkhovu wendoda olingana nengane ena3years sawubamba sawubulala but before ufe wabulala omunye umfana; sawuqoba lomkhoba waba ngamapieces njengenyama yokosayokosayokosayokosa sahamba says ocingweni oluhlukanisa amaplazi amabili sagaxa lenyama khona kwabe sekufika imoto yamaphoyisa namaphoyisa amabili kanye nezimoto zasemsebenzini zihamba abelungu engisebenza nabo zama ngaphesheya kocingo elilodwa lamaphoyisa licele ukubhenyiswa insangu omunye obekade eyibhema; kube sekucelwa ukuthi kuthandazwe ngalesosikhathi mina ngisagaxa izimbambo kanye nesibindi ocingweni kuzokhulekwa nje abanye bangaphesheya kocingo uma sithi siyaqala ngibone lomkhovu uphuma emotweni yami uza ngakithi ngibizwe umfazi womlungu engisebenza naye owayede eqhelile kithi emi ngemumva kwendlu engikhombisa lomkhovu ngimkhombisa ngezandla ukuthi ngimbonile weza lomkhovu wafika kithi ngambuza ukuthi ufunani emotweni yami but wahleka wabaleka ngamxosha wangena egaraji ekhaya waphumela emnyama ongaphambili ngambamba lapho ehleka ngathi ufunani emotweni yami wathi ngifuna abakithi bakhiphe ubukhovu ngifuna ukushada.

  170. Hai
    Bengicela ukubuza kusho ukuthini ukuphupha ubona inja lhleli emgodini lapha ehleli khona bekunotshani obomile phansi futhi ihleli nemidlwane yayo.lenja ibinkulu ngendlela eyisimanga ibilingana nethole lenkomo ngobude.ithe uma ingibona ngilunguzile emgodini yasukuma yakhiphela ikhanda ngaphandle yalibeka ethangeni lami ngayiphulula ikhanda yangikhotha yase iphindela emgodini wayo. ngibe sengiphaphama.

  171. ngicela ukubuza uma uphuphe usemchwabeni wendiya ophambili kakhulu uxoxela umfowenu ukuthi liyakusiza uma likubona ingakho uze emchwabeni walo. liwusicabha wamabhasi uma likubona liyakumela ugibele mahala.

  172. ngisizeni bo, alipheli isonto ngingaphuphanga ngisesikoleni ngisuke ngifunda noma ngifundisa, kanti kulezizinsuku ngihlaselwa yiphupho lamahhashi amhlophe amabili. ngisizeni

  173. Hi bhuti velaphi, can u plz help me with this dream, ngiphuphe sidlala ngamanzi nge hose pipe nabantwana base khaya de ngezwa izinja zikhonkonta from there zangi gijimisa then i woke up b4 zingi bamba kusho ukuthini loko

  174. ngiphuphe ngigeza olwandle kodwa angingenanga.kusho uk’thini loku?

    Ngake ngaphupha umhlambi wezinkomo zijahwa ibhubesi.loku kona?

  175. Kunjani Mkhulu ngiphuphe izinkomo ezintathu engathi kuzokwenziwa umsebenzi ngazo.Ngiphuphe neklabhu nembuzi.I phupho engijwayele ukuliphupha ngiphupha ngishumayela enkonzweni noma eholo etc sometimes ngihlezi nabefundisi bt angiyena umfundisi but ngiyakhonza.A amanye amaphupho ami ngiphupha nginabasakazi abadumile kumbe abadlali bebhola abawosaziwayo nabathandwayo noma ama actors sometimes ngiphume upresident wezwe omdala no khona nginazo izincwadi zamaphupho but awekho lawa asemqoka.Thanx in advance

  176. Ngiphuphe mina and my husband packing our clothes and this is the second time i am having this dream. It worries me a lot because its like he is telling me which clothes to pack in this dream and also if i look close its like its my only clothes that are being packed.

  177. Ngiphuphe nginomntwana omncane omuhle nje ngihlezi nogogo osewadlula emhlabeni ngihleli nodade wabo kamama ngishintsha imntwana inabukeni aselimoshile engathi usephethwe umamncane wami emqghokisa selibuye kaningi iphupho nginosana ngabe lichazani

  178. please help ngiphuphe ubaba wengan yam engala phambi kwentombi aseytholile athi ngeke yena akwaz kuqhubeka nami…ngakhala ngigijima ngingaz ngyaphi ngayshiya ijabula intombi leyo.

    • Njalo izingane zasekhaya ezashona ngihamba Nazi..nogogo wami sewashona ngimphupha engibiza sixoxe..ngiphinde ngphupha umyen wami engala noma angitshele igama lentombi yakhe..ngiphinde ngiphuphe amatshele ezinkukhu ahlukene ngezinhlobo egijima ejabule edla ephuza amanzi

  179. Hi Velaphi,

    Ngicela ungichazele ukuthi kusho ukuthini ukuphupha unabantu owawusebenza nabo, lona omunye wakhipha imali engamaphepha (R150) wayinika lona omunye kungathi sihlezi emotweni emileyo.


  180. hy bhut Velaphi ngcela ungsize. Ngphuphe ngihamba nomngani wam. Mina ngigijiyiswa inja yena ingamenzi lutho, athy kimi mangihambe kahle angeke ingenze lutho, nangihamba kahle iyangiyeka kodwa nangicala ukugijima nayo iyalandela ngyabonga

  181. Ngiphuphe ngise sibayeni sobabili kunenkunzi embili ezibomvu zilwa,zathi zingibona enye yangijaha ngabaleka kodwa ngama,ngakhiphi sbhamu ngayidubula enye yabaleka ngayijaha,emva kwalokho ngaphaphama

  182. Hello
    Kulezinsuku nginamaphupho a strange Kodwa.
    1. Ngaphupha ucc wami ongasekho engicasukele ngalendlela.
    2. Ngaphupha sihamba sibathathu. Lo omunye ucc ngyamaz kanti lo omunye angmazi. Sihambe sibheke ngasemfuleni wangasekhaya owaziwyo ukuth unenkunzmalanga. Sithi uma sifika ngakhona sikhwebule as if siyanqamulela. Indlela esihaba ngayo iqonde ngqo emfuleni. Imina phambili,kulandele locc engimaziyo, kugcine lo omunye. Ngibone Mina ukuth siyemfuleni ngqo ngime ,ngith kulaba abajike Ngoba sizodliw inyoka. Avele ateleke ucc ongemuva, kucace ukuth akuyiwa ndawo. Ngibheke emfuleni, ngiyibone inyoka enkuuuulu eYellow enekhanda lehhashi igijima.ngibatshele. lo ongolandelayo avele afune ukusale eseziphonsa, Mina ngilwe, ngiyinqobe intombazane, ngbaleke ingijaha. Ngithi sengzophumela emgaqweni nansi inyoka isingaphambili. Ngidonse loccc ngimjikijele kyona ngbaleke. Ngaphaphama lapho.
    3 . Ngiphuphe inyoka eblack n white enkulu ngampela isemnyango, bekukhon Nomah (sewashona) ,ibonwe yimi ngimemeze. UMah avele aye kuyona ayoyishaya. Igoqongane bese eyibamba ikhanda ayiphakamise. Angonanga ukuth iphelelephi leyonyoka. Kuqhamuke encane ebrown ngayo ayenze okufanayo, athi angiye koyishisa khona ngizokhotha izihlungu.

  183. Ngiphuphe ingwenya isekhaya ingijaha ifuna ukungiluma…iyacasha ngibuye ngiyibone isingihlasela futhi. ubuye izenze inja.

  184. Please assist

    l dreamt we were by my granny’s house having a family meeting. My aunts and sisters were inside the house discussing the issues. But l was outside in the garden eating very ripe fruits. Surprisingly the garden had all sorts of fruits and all were ripe and juicy. I ate one that was very juicy it looked sengathi yi watermelon. My mum and my other aunt never got inside the house instead they were outside saying they were in a rush to go see this other granny of mine.

  185. Ngicela incazelo

    Ngiphuphe ngisemngcwabeni wesihlobo esikude nami kulomngwabo kukhona nobaba wami osaphila kodwa esingahlali naye, wangibiza and he hugged me wase engigonotha wangilungisa izinwele kahle wazifasa ngama pins ngemuva wazishiya ngaphambili

  186. I had 2 similar dreams of my bf being dead bt I never see a coffin or he’s body. I just happen to know and start crying. Wat does it mean? Cs I dnt want him to die I love him.

    Before I say the 2nd dream, me n my family visited my dad’s family e newcastle for the first time ever this year, I met the gogo, aunties n cousins and I had a weave on. So in my dream , I dreamt I called them, the cousin who I don’t remember her face said hi Nonku, I asked how’s impilo she said fine then suddently she got angry and asked why ngichache my hair, and kept asking with the gogo also emphasising why did I undo my hair, I got angry and told her vele I did and there is nothing they will do to me as if I knew they wanted to do something?

    The 3rd dream I dream of bears attacking me, first they nice, they singign and telling me they love me next thing they attacking me or my loved once and I escape

  187. ngicela isizo ezinsukwini ezidlule ngphuphe ngikomunye umuzi ngihamba nabantu ababili engingababonanga ukuth bangobani kulomuzi kunegceke elikhulu neynkukhu eziningi ngilandela isangoma ngemuva kuqhamuke izinja eziningi zikhonkothe zisho ukusiluma siphenduke isangoma sithi xoshani lezizinja ngoba sona asizwan nezinja ngizixosheke mina zihambe. okungixakayo lezizinja ezakhona la esangomeni

  188. H ngnephupho ngphuphe sengath ngimisa imoto emgwaqeni mangithi ngiyagibela ngvele ngibe ngath ngyashokheka ngith ngiyasukuma kungasukumeki ngithandaze ngithatheke ngojibeka lephesheya komgwaqo ngphaphame sengigqhoke ingubo zamanazaretha ngabe lishoni leliphupho

  189. hai bhuti velaphi.nginephupho ngiphupha nginomama emasimini kwaqhamuka inyoka enkulu yangihubha uma sengiqalaza ukuthi ikude kangakanani ngibona sekuyinja uma ngibona ukuthi ngake isangifica ngejlisa ijubane ngifica izingane zezingane zabheti kade ziklabha ugodo sezifakile izinkuni emasakeni sezithwele zihamba nezinja.ngabe lichazani l eliphupho

  190. ngiphuphe ubhuti ebengijola naye ovele waduka ethi usendaweni e dark so akakwazi ukuxoxa nami.engathi ungibhalela msg.lichazani leliphupho?ungabe usewashona?

  191. Ngiphuphe u boyfriend wam eshonile ngise mangcwabeni akhe ngikhala kakhulu kodwa okungimangazayo uninazale no skoni bebengakhali bebethukuthele nje.

  192. Hi Velaphi

    Ngiphuphe sengathi ulwandle lufuna ukuzomboza lapho bengihleli khona. Sengathi bengibaleka. Ulwandle belugcwele izinhlobo ezahlukeni zezilwane ezinkulu nezincane engingazazi. Ngabe kuchazani lokho?

  193. ngiphupha ngibuza ingane yami ukuthi ubani ubaba wayo, and ngiphupha isitha sami savele nje emaphuphweni ami, ngiphinde ngiphuphe, ngenza ucansi njalo, ngiphuphe nemali,

  194. Sawubona bhuti velaphi bengicela ungisize ungichazele leli phupho. Okokuqala mina ngine nkinga yoku quitter(dropout) ezikhungweni eziphezulu zemfundo ngithi sengishiye kwaze kwaba ikabili ezikhungweni ezahlukene.

    Enyangeni edlule ngivuke nephupho, ngiphuphe sengathi ngise hovisi kunabantu abaningi engathi mengingena mina ngibizwe ngusisi osemusha, athi kimina mangiye kofundela ubumeli uzongikhokhela yena ngingasabi wathi mangisayine amaphepha ngawasayina ngithe mangiqeda wathi mangihambe ngiyfuna isikole engizofunda kusona. Ngisahamba nje endleleni bengilokhe ngicabanga ukuthi mhlawumbe lo sisi udlala ngami mhlawumbe ufuna ukwenza ubu gebengu. Ngiphaphame ngisamba nje

    Ngicela usizo!

  195. ngiyakubingelela bhuti. ngiphuphe ngivakashele umndeni womngani wami. uma ngifika ngasedining room umnyango uvuliwe, uma ngithi ngiyabheka lomuzi wakhe eduze nolwandle obelunamagagasi amakhulu kunamadwala eduze. akuyona indawo yokubhukuda, kunezihlahla zasolwandle eduze kwalo. ngize ngiyababuza ukuthi kodwa bawuthengelani umuzi oseduze nolwandle ngoba mina nokubhukuda angiwathandisisi impela. angisaphathi ulwandle. ngicela ungisize. ngiyabonga

  196. Molweni kuchazani ukuphupha ngidabulabha phakathi nezi nkomo eziningi kuthiphambili nngidibane nezinja eziningi zilwazodwa

  197. Sawbona. Ngicela ungisiza kulamaphupho
    1. ngiphuphe iboyfrnd yam ingipha iwashi, ngigcine ngibonga bt ngaphaphama ngingakalifaki.
    2. kuchaza ukuthin ukuphupha ucleaner using imop endlin kade kungcolile phansi.
    3. ngaphinda ngaphupha ngisendlin egcwele izinyosi nd benginamanye amagals singamafrnds. bezingatinyeli bt beziningi ngokweqile kuze kube engath sekukhona neziqandu.

  198. Makhosi. Ngibe nephupho. Lapho ngimi esqiwini sentaba encane. Ngale kwayo kunedamu lamanzi ancolile angabonakali nokuthi agcinaphi.abemaningi ngalendlela yokuth akukho okunye ngaphandle kwawo.

  199. hi , ngicela usizo ngiphuphe ntombi yami sisekhaya ingibiza ingitshela ukuthi ikhulelwe kodwa ingane akusiyo eyami , sisakhluma emnyango saya emvakwendlu yena wabona izinyoka , nam ngazibona zigcwele igceke siyabhaleka sobabili sesibambene kade dinwe ngiqhuma engitshela kuthi khulelwe , ngamemeza umzala kuthi nazinyoka kodwa eyodwa yangena ndlini , uma ngikhumbula kahle zi green kodwa not to much kanti ngomzimba inkulu ngenhla isidumbu sincane .

  200. Velaphi, mina ngiphuphe ngisekhaya kubo kamah ngivunule ngifake isdwaba nomtwana kabhuti wami, bese kuba namazwi athi umuntu ofana nathi uyakhothama akami ngeyinyawo ngase ngiyaphaphama…. Plz help

  201. Thokoza gogo,

    Ngiphuphe ngikhala emsebenzini ngikhaliswa omunye umama uthi ngenze into engingayenzana……..ngahamba ngaya kumphathi wami umlungu ngimfice ehlelinomunye ugogo engamazi ngimtshele ukuthi kwenzakaleni, athi kimi ngingakhathazeki she’ll sort this woman out, the one who made me to cry….

  202. Pls help me about this dream:
    Ngomsombuluko Ngiphuphe ngidakiwe kube ngathi ngisepartyini naba ngani bam… Leliphupho ngiliphuphe emva kwe interview ebengikuyona ngomsombuluko so ngididekile cela ningisiza bantu besizwee

  203. Hi bhuti Velaphi ngicel ukubuza kusho ukuthn ukuphuph into ekanje…..ngiphuphe engath besihlane siwemnden angsaz isizathu sokuhlangan kwethu mina bengishanela egcekeni ngihamba ngibutha izibi ngeskhath ngishanela ngala eceleni bekukho umah wamy nomamncane wamy udadewabo kamah bobabili abangasekho emhlabeni benza iwashing yabo kanye neya bethetha engath labuntu abagcwele la Babantshontshel izikhwam ezinemali yabo

  204. Hi I had a dream while I was with my bf and on the dream I was sleeping and his grandmother came in and asked who is sleeping and hiding then she wanted me to show my self I dint then she put her hand inside the blankets and pinch my Kuku I jumped and she was happy to see me and liked me and then my Bf s mother came in shouting my bf but nice towards me then I left and went home I told my mother that my bf s grand mom pinch my Kuku then my mom showed out her Kuku and asked me to show her where the gran mom pinch me and I was like hai hai mama fihla

  205. Sanibonani
    Ngicela unolwazi angisize ngencazelo yephupho izolo. Ngiphuphe ngijahwa inkunzi(inkomo) emhlophe, ngibaleke ngigebele esihlahleni, kusenjalo kuqhamuke indoda endala ebidinwe igane unwabu, ifike ingiphuce induku ebengiyiphethe.
    Ngabe lisho ukuthini leli phupho, ngicela onolwazi angisize ngencazelo.

  206. Ngicela usizo.

    Kuno wesifazene engithandana naye , unokuphupha elele nomlungu ngibe ngi lele naye, engabe lokhu kusho ukuthini?


  207. Sanibonani

    Ngicela usizo. I stay in a very urban place where one rarely hears or sees owls but izolo ebusuku or early hours of the morning my dad heard an owl on top of our house. What does this mean?
    And just to add my sister passed away 4 years back round about the 23rd and 24th september so do these events link and if so how?
    Anyone who has knowlegde of this please enlighten me

  208. Thokoza Makhosi.

    Ngiphuphe ngihamba noMama siwela iBridge. But le Bridge ilana ngasekhaya and I know ukuthi kuhamba amanzi aya esizibeni kulo. However, in the dream, abengekho amanzi. Koda siqhubekile sawela. Emveni kwalokho ngizibone sengihamba nomfowethu kanye nodadewethu sihamba kuyo futhi lendawo, engasajabuli kanje unfwethu.

    Lapho engidideka khona isekuthenini, abeyephi amanzi alana emfuleni ngoba phela besikhona ngqo.

    Ngojabula mawungiphendula. My number is 0849528609. Thokoza!

  209. ngiphuphe ngizoshada and umuntu engizoshada naye angimaz futhi besiqala ukuhlangana ngosuku lomshado masengimbona ngimthande futh kungath uwumuntu onemali kodwa ngalo ilanga lomshado izinto zethu zihambe kancane nje akukho okusheshayo…..ngixakiwe ileliphupho sekuze kwakabili ngvula nalo
    ngicela usizo

  210. Hi Velaphi, ngicela ukwazi ukuthi kusho ukuthini ukuphupha inkukhu yakho kusengathi uyivule esiswini kodwa wabona amaqanda ahleli ngokwama rowss awo 4:4 kungathi ambozwe ulwembu.

  211. mina ngiphuphe ngihajwa izinyoka uma ngith ngiyazisusa azisuk kodwa futh azingenzi lutho kdw ngisuke ngethukil ngishayiwa uvalo okanye ngiphupha ngibalek ngith mangiw ngiwel edawen emnyama ngicela usizo plz ngisasemncane

  212. ngaphind ngaphupha ngilele emini ubaba umunt okhanda ama frigde manj ngiyaphupho e garage lakhe kugcwele amafrigde ne moto isilele ngaphandle ngabe lokh kuchazani

  213. Sanibona…. Nginenkinga yokuphupha ngikhulelwe kuchaza ukthini? Kant kwathi ngakusasa ngafonelwa u anty wath ungphuphe ngikhulelwe ngampela kusho ukthini lokhu?

  214. Sawubona, nginekinga yokuphupha izinyoka. Last week ngiphuphe in yo enkulu ezakumina ngilile embedeni, ngaphaphama ngikhala, ngabaleka ngaze ngafika e sitting room.!!! Then I realized that I was dreaming ngathandaza ngabuyela embedeni.

    Yesterday ngiphuphe izinyoka ezi brown zizihambela ekhishini.

    Please assist,

    Thank you


  215. Umuntu engihlalisana naye uphuphe sihleli sobabili uma ethi uyangiqabula wabona ngiphuma izibungu ezinsinini zamazinyo, ngabe loko kuchazani?

  216. Sanibona,
    Ngiphuphe ngigibele ibhasi, kodwa ingagcwalanga kakhulu. ingathi bengihamba nomntwana wami oyintombazana. Kungaba kuchaza ini lokho?
    Thank you,

  217. Hi Nndwa bathi yiSlwane esi yinyoka iBus. nami ngine phupho elinjalo futhi liyenzeka every night, it’s been 2 months now. ngiphupha ngigibele imoto, ibus or bicycle, most of the time ngiyaphaphama ingakafiki lapho iyakhona. nam I just want help or confirmation ukuthi yislwane na ngempela imoto or iBus and what does the dream mean.

    Thanks in advance.

  218. sawubona, bengicela incazelo nami kuleliphupho. Ngiphuphe ngigibele i taxi newele elilodwa lathi kumina angiligadele izimpahla lisayo landa elinye kodwa ngize ngehla eTaxini engakabuyi, ngabe kushoni lokhu?

  219. Hi Velaphi ngicela ukubuza ngalamaphupho ngiphuphe istep mother sami sixabana naso kwavele kwavele kwagcwala amanzi endlini mangithi ngvula umnyango ukuthi aphume amanzi wala wavala umnyango and bekukhona I furniture endala ama dressing table amabhokisi amade okungathi awomshado namatafula isimanzi nezingubo zengane ezincane sihleli phansi kumatrasi and kwathiwa umtanami uyagodola ngifuna ijezi kulezimpahla kugcwele nomama engingabazi endlini

  220. okwesthathu ngphupha kanjr …ngphupha ugogo wam ongasekho ozala umama..okokqala ngamphupha engigonile engeluka ikhanda..ngaphupha ngishaya inyoka egreen ingafun ukufa ngabe sengiphupha khona lapho ugogo ETH ngiybulalelan lenyoka ngoba uyena. ..ube esengphekela ukudla wacleaner nase ndlini as usual

  221. Sawubona Velaphi
    Ngiphuphe nginomuntu wesilisa sixoxa engimthandayo engihlezi ngicabanga ngaye uma nginaye washisa impepho ngathi mina hawu kanti uyayishisa impepho we have something in common akuvumi lomuntu ngimkhohlwe okuxakayo asibonani akakaze asho lutho futhi. Ngiyafa ukumthanda.

  222. Sawubona Velaphi. Ukusa kwanamuhla ngiphuphe ingathi ngiwine imali yelotto, ngase ngiklonyeliswa ngemoto, kodwa indlela ebekade kwenzeka ngayo ingathi ngiye kwi show nje la ongabamba isikhiya semoto eyakhe, imoto enhle iAud emnyama basija ngasibamba baphinda futhi okwesibili ngasibamba futhi. kodwa kuthe makuthiwa nanso imoto, ibikade igcwele uthuli okungathi ibilala ngaphandle inethwa imvula, kwangikhathaza kancane kodwa ukuyibona incolile, ngasibona isikhiya sisesandleni sami, kodwa angiyishayelanga leyomoto ngashayelelwa omunye okungathi ngimujwayele, but angimubonanga ubani, ekugcineni angazanga ukuthi kwenzakaleni imoto lowomuntu uyigwayile ngathi ngobonda noma ngani angazi ngibone sengikhonjiswa nje mina lokho, kodwa okumangazayo bengingafuni lutho ngoba benginethemba lokuthi ekugcineni izophelela ezandleni zami. ngaphaphama.

  223. Sawubona buti Velaphi ngiphuphe ngikuphuka intaba ne ex bf yami angibambe ngesandla ngumuva silandelwa usesi wakhe kanye nenye yezintombi zakhe sihambe size sifike phezulu entabeni masifika intombi izekimi ifike ithi “manje ngoba nenishonelwe ingane bazothi banginigeza bese nenza njani?” ngingamphenduli bese ngiyaphaphama

  224. Sawubona Velaphi
    Ngiphuphe ngiphethwe makaka kodwa mangijahele endlin’encane ngithola kugcwele makaka ebhakedeni, ngigcine sengisale ngiphuma ngingakazikhululi kodwa nangiphuma ngaphandle kunamanzi celeni kwetoilet lapho ngiwanyathela ngagcina ngishiye khona izigcathulo zami, bathi bangani bami asambeni siyothenga kodwa sengathi sise(mall) ma escaleter awasebenzi kodwa mina ngiyagijima ngehla kuwo ngiphethe iR6 enye intombazane ingimise ithi ngiwise imali yam iR2 kodwa mangibheka yami isaphelele ngithi mina mhlawumbe yomngani wami kodwa naye ayale, ekugcineni ngigcine sengiyithathile. Ngabe leli phupho licazani?

  225. ngicela ukubuza ukuthi kuqondeni ukuphupha ulunywa inyoka encane emnyama, ikuluma emnweni wesine(maduzane nesi thupha). uvuke kusebu hlungu

  226. ngicela ukubuza ukuthi kuqondeni ukuphupha umalume wam osewadlula emhlabeni egqoke izinto ezimnyama zodwa engibiza ekhaya kaGogo, kodwa engakhulumu, engibiza ngezandla

  227. Hi Velaphi

    ngicela ukubuza kuqondeni ukuphupha ulunywa inja yasekweni lakho. lenja iyakuthanda kodwa ephupheni ayikhonkothanga noma ikujahe ngiphenduke isingluma nje

  228. hi velaphi Ngicela ukubuza kuchazan ukubona amagudwane ayi2 angena estolo lapho ngithenga izimpahla uma siyawacosha abaleka kwaphinde kwabuya elilodwa langigijimisa sengitete umntwana nami ngigcoke I jacket yagogo lahlala kule jacket bangisusa legudwane kodwa lishiye umchamo walo ngakhumula Le jacket.

  229. ngiphuphe umzala wami ethi sidle inyama yenkukhu ibivuthiwe kodwa ubelokhu engikhombisa kulena engavuthiwe kahle. anagizange ngayidla ngivele ngaphaphama esakhomba. ingabe kuchaza ukuthini

  230. ndicela nindincede,ndiphuphe utata wam endinika intanga(seeds) zakhala,esithi masizitye(tea them)sizotyeba(we will be rich) sirhumbe umxuma egadini sitholethe kuwe,ingaba lithetha ntoni?

  231. Thokoza edlozini, ndicela ukubuza ndithonge/ukuphupha ngathi x-boyfreind yam ibusy iyafunda ilungiselela ukuya kwi interview, ingathi ndithi kuyo makayeke angafundi ngoba le interview aya kuyo kuno senior managers kuphela and yena akayiyo. Ndicela ukuchazeleka edlozini thokoza.

  232. ngphuphe ngfika endlini yendoda yami ngangena ekameren kant kukhona umnakwethu uzithwele uhamba nengane encane elinganiselwa ku6 months ngsababaza loko kuyaba sekuqhamuka ingane entathu ezikhasayo zihamb nomnakwethu uze nengane zabafowabo kufike indoda sibange lesmanga avele ahleke angash lutho okuning

  233. Sawubona Velaphi,

    Kuchaza ukuthini ukuphupha umama wakho ongasekho egula kakhulu elele phakathi nendlu endlini kaGogo wami osaphila, engifulathele ngihleli emvakwakhe ngikhala ngimtshela ukuthi ngimkhumbule kakhulu. Avedane ahleke asukume mangiphumela emnyango kunemoto emile. Kudlule izinsukwana abe ngcono umama aze azihambele impela.

  234. Ngicela ukubuza velaphi…ngiphuphe hung
    thi ngisendawe engathi yimall…uma ngikhuphuka ngamasteps ngishasana namaphoyisa esehla ehamba nezinja ezingi

  235. u-anti wengane yami uthi uphuphe umfowabo bedlala nendodakazi yami umacashelana , kodwa bagcine bengabonani wamemeza ubaba ememeza indodakazi uthi ayimusize .ingane yami ina only6 bakhona abanye abadala kunaye

  236. Mina ngiphuphe ngibulala isilwane (ibhubesi) lakanye ngasibulala kodwa ngesaba ukuhamba ngicabanga ukuthi esinye singabona lokho sizongilandela ngomzila, ngakho ngakhwela esihlahleni to see what will happen ngaze ngehla ngahamba, ngahamba ngabona umlungu wendawo elandela lenja ithungatha umzila wami bangithola kodwa wayala elokhe engilandela ngacabanga ukuthi usafonela amapholisa ngamcatshela ngabaleka kazanga wangithola futhi

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