Artist dream meanings

General Meanings:

Possibility to create your own way Artists are traditionally interpreted as merry and careful persons and in a dream such a symbol may warn you not trust friends. This is a symbol of creativity, you have the ability to create your own world.

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • False friends if see an artist – The dream symbol of artist means that you need to keep away from your friends! They hide their bad intentions;
  • Creation if be an artist – In the dream you are any kind of artist, this indicates that you want to create something very interesting and important in your life;
  • Talents if be an artist and create something – When you create something as an artist in your dream, this denotes that you have hidden and unique talents inside you. You have to show them and free yourself;
  • Bad people if watching working artist – This dream marks that there are false people around you, they desire to use your position and news.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Bad people around you if see an artist – In a dream to see an artist, this means that friends will betray you;
  • Wonderful life if painting – In the dream you are painting and you are an artist, this signifies that you have a talent inside you and you have to develop this in order to make wonderful and full of excitements life.

* Please, see meaning of acrobat.

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