Briefcase dream meanings


Attitudes and beliefs about work and business, professional identity.


Do I have limit of my work?

General Meanings:

Hard work This dream symbol of briefcase is connected with work and occupation. This dream symbol also appears when you have troubles dealing with your work tasks.

Good qualities Positive meaning of this dream, signifies that you have very good skills and abilities to deal and handle with all the task that you have.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Relaxation if see a briefcase – In the dream you see a briefcase signifies that you can not forget your work and you think about it all the time. You have to relax;
  • Worries if open a briefcase – You have opened the briefcase in your dream, this is a sign that you have troubles dealing with your task;
  • New job if lost a briefcase – This dream shows that you have to change your work, try to find what is more interesting to you.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Patience if see a briefcase – You have lots of troubles at work and you have fear that you will not solve them. You have to be more patient and then you will find the solution;
  • Luck if see beautiful and new briefcase – this dream will bring you success at work.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Ready to work if carry a briefcase – In the dream you are carrying briefcase, this is a sign that you are ready and prepared to deal with your task, you are self-confident and trustful person;
  • Luck if see an empty briefcase – In the dream you see an empty briefcase, this dream predicts you success with your plans;
  • Take care of your family¬†if full briefcase – This dream signifies that you have to pay more attention to your family and their affairs.

* Please, see meaning of file.

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