Café dream meanings

General Meanings:

Need of relaxation The cafe in the dream symbolizes relaxation, leisure and tranquility. Sometimes it is associated the need of holidays.

Hidden talents Cafe is sometimes used as a symbol for the different parts of the personality, you can understand it as the prompt for greater self-knowledge or to find more unique talents inside. This will help you to find inner harmony and to make your life even happier. Maybe the cafe which may bring harm for your own reputation.

Psychological Meanings:

Place to relax In the cafe you look for inspiration and contacts. Even those who like to be alone will have an ability to enjoy and to relax without any commitments. No one will pay any attention to your mood or your appearance because here people came to communicate and to relax.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Intrigues if be in a cafe – The dream marks that you will keep unwisely friendships with people who are hostile to you. But you are very smart person and will keep the distance. Especially you will have women intrigue against your morality and your possessions;
  • Wasting time if sitting alone in a cafe – In your dream you are in the cafe and you are alone then this dream denotes that you will be forced to spend your time doing nothing.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Pleasure if look for love in cafe – In the dream you are in a cafe because you want to find your love of life, then this dream will bring you pleasure and satisfaction of relationship.

* Please, see meaning of coffee.

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