Choir dream meanings

General Meanings:

Sing or hear singing choir in your dream, then this dream indicates that you want to maintain good interpersonal relationships in everyday life, to have harmony with friends and neighbors.

Psychological Meanings:

True friends You are singing with the choir or choir is singing for you, then there are more people you can count on than you thought. You stand aside and listen to choir then you should think about what good you can do to others.

Confusion in minds As a nightmare version the choir marks that you try to create harmony in a group but only one person sings wrongly – this means that you will not succeed, you will not have peace in your mind.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good emotions if listen choir or chorus – The choir is singing and you are listening in a dream, then this music will bring you heart and love, joy and peace of mind. You will have positive circumstances to reach your goals;
  • No love if sing choir – The young woman sings in a choir, then this dream indicates that you will get lots of attention from lovers, but she will not be happy and really loved.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happy day with friends if sing in choir – You are singing in the choir in your dream, the dream announces that you will spend lovely days with friends, also reconcile with enemies.

* Please, see meaning of music.

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  1. The general meaning is correct to what is happening now in my waking life, So the interpretation sounds correct to what I dreamt. tanx 4 ur interpretation.