Music dream meanings

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  • Music - Association: Expression of the feelings, harmony. Question: How my feelings are flowing without the environment? General Meanings: In General music and the rhythm of it represents the view and lifestyle of the dreamer. Usually when the dreamer listens to the music, it shows the connection he has with the world. Consider that the type of the music says much more about your dream, depending on how loud it was and the instruments that were dominating in that particular music. It is known that for example the saxophone represents harmony and sexuality and drums denotes to anger and/or unexpressed feelings.... (read more)
  • Village musician - Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Birth if see village musician – The birth is announced to you when you see village musician. Arabian (Islamic) Become wiser if see village musician – The dream of village musician means that you will become more relax and wiser person.... (read more)
  • Evening music (church) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Negative sign if hear – In the evening harmony in music is often expressed with negative sign.... (read more)
  • Bass - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need to make link if see a bass as a musical instrument – This dream marks that you will need to make connection with someone in order to maintain your status as a clever and diligent person; Joy if hear sing – In the dream you hear that someone’s voice is bass, then this dream announces you fun and joy in your life; False people if have yourself a bass voice – This dream denotes that you will find a discrepancy in your business or at work, which was caused by the fraud of employees.... (read more)
  • Accordion - accordion stands for harmony in a relationship sense, perhaps you would expect more of it, but should not underestimate this modest happiness. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Some sad events if listen and play happy music – To listen playing or to play yourself happy songs with an accordion in your dream, this indicates short period of the sadness; Success if listen and play happy music – To hear sad songs or to play sad song with an accordion in the dream, it is a sign that happy and successful time is approaching. Contexts’ Meanings: Too monotonous life To hear playing the accordion, symbolizes... (read more)
  • Gypsy - ...old prejudices as a warning of deceit, deception and business acumen. Predictions of gypsies may arrive at times, but often they also warn against deception, sometimes it is the tendency to mysticism or the need for the Council in an awkward situation to light. To dream gypsic music – refer to the desire for a romantic love affair’s, according to old dream books. Traditionally: Arabian – To see gypsy in dream: you hurt your inconstancy; – To hear talking gypsies: your hopes are frustrated. European – To see or speak with gipsies: in material terms, caution against a beautiful man,... (read more)
  • Choir - ...only one person sings wrongly – this means that you will not succeed, you will not have peace in your mind. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good emotions if listen choir or chorus – The choir is singing and you are listening in a dream, then this music will bring you heart and love, joy and peace of mind. You will have positive circumstances to reach your goals; No love if sing choir – The young woman sings in a choir, then this dream indicates that you will get lots of attention from lovers, but she will not be happy and really loved.... (read more)
  • Violin - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) harmony if see or hear playing harmonious music violin – The harmony in the air and playing violin in your dream means harmony in your family, also you shouldn’t worry about the finances; Unpleasant events if playing violin – You are playing violin in your dream announces you mistakes and because of them you will have a great inconvenience; Painful emotions if see a broken violin – The broken violin in the dream stands for a bereavement and separation. This will bring you lots of sorrow; Honor if young woman playing a violin – This dream signifies that you will... (read more)
  • Xylophone - General Meanings: Hidden talent Xylophone (musical instrument) as a dream symbol can sometimes draw attention to musical talent, which we should encourage and show others. Don’t be rude Sometimes dreaming of xylophone may be a warning not play with the feelings of others, because this may bring bad consequences. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Satisfaction if see or hear xylophone -You are dreaming of xylophone then this dream may show that you will experience short but wonderful pleasure; Talent if play a xylophone – In the dream you play a xylophone then this means that you will discover in yourself a talent,... (read more)
  • Conductor - our soul, our emotional world, also seeks to harmonize in a way. Because we are really sensitive about disharmony in our inner life. When you are a conductor in the dream, then this dream has a meaning of responsibility in your real life. Psychological Meanings: Making harmony The conductor is an authority with the possibility to lead a group “in harmony”. When you stand as a conductor on the stage then this indicates that you have a strong desire for harmony and you will actively ensure this in your environment. * Please, see meaning of concert, music, orchestra.... (read more)
  • Waltz - Psychological Meanings: The waltz in the dream with the music of violins indicates the heaven and flowing of life. But when you see others dancing waltz then this means that you are not happy about your own life. You see others dancing happily and then you do not feel comfortable in your own skin. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Relations if see dancing waltz – In the dream you see dancing waltz then this dream predicts that you will have a relationship with a fun and adventurous person; Love if dancing waltz – You are dancing waltz in the dream then... (read more)
  • Compact Disc (CD) - General Meanings: Use information In the dream you have the CD-ROM and the access to a computer, then this dream denotes that you have the availability of a huge amount of information. This dream is a sign that now it is time for you to use all your experience and information that you have in order to have better life. A music CD indicates that the dreamer needs rest, because he was very active and hard working person. Psychologically: The meaning of a dream of CD indicates perfection and renewal of life. Psychological Meanings: At the spiritual level a... (read more)
  • Wind instrument - Psychological Meanings: Symbol for strong swear word. In terms of classical psychoanalysis Freud this has a meaning of penis symbol. * Please, see meaning of musical Instruments.... (read more)
  • Swan - ...Will be involved in community if see the family of swans – to see the family of swans, promises many friends or the growth of your own family. Artemidorus Meanings: According to Artemidorus the swan as the symbol brings the music and harmony in life. The swan also represents the openness, because of the color of the swan – white, which shows the purity and innocence. Those that are sick and their death is upcoming understand the swan as the symbol of reincarnation through the song they are singing. The desire to hear the sound of swan singing shows the... (read more)
  • Discotheque - General Meanings: Symbol for intense experience of life and youthful self-expression. Psychological Meanings: Relaxation and Movement Firstly, the discotheque refers to the physical aspect of the relaxation, secondly, their erotic aspect. Most persons in our culture move too little during their work, the dream symbol points to discotheque because it announces to move and exercise more if they want to keep healthy. Erotic aspects Dance in the discotheque is also related with an erotic self-expression, which often is not shown at the workplace. This dream symbol, also the kind of the played music, the dancers and the space, as well as... (read more)
  • Inn - ...of inn or pub announces surprises. It is a dream symbol for change. Inn is the male place of relaxation. At the level of dream symbolism, the inn is the male place to relax and a coffee bar is place of relaxation for the female. Traditionally: European – Dreaming of inn: announce grief and loss. Arabian – To visit inn: trust in every person; – To left inn: you will well-being. Hindu – To visit inn in dream: you are wasting your time. * Please, see also meaning of alcohol, friends, guest house, bar, music, restaurant, host and tavern…... (read more)
  • Bridegroom - ...then such dream indicates that death is near; (Muhammad Ibn Sirin) Happiness if Woman is Seeing Groom – If woman is dreaming that she is adorned and on her way to bridegroom and she successfully arrives at him in a dream: then such dream denotes luck and fortune for her, insofar as her clothes and adornment appeared beautiful; (Muhammad Ibn Sirin) Disaster if Man is Seeing Artists – If the dreamer on wedding night is dreaming about musicians and dancers and sees himself as a bridegroom: it shows possibility of dying in that place; (Muhammad Ibn Sirin) Disaster if Man has Intercourse without... (read more)
  • Blow - ...acquaintances; New friends if blow on an instrument – This dream announces that you will have new friendship; Troubles if blow dust – In the dream you blow with the mouth to remove dust or hot food and drinks to cool, this dream indicates that you will attract nuisance and worries through lies; Present if blow in the hand – To blow in hand in order to warm them, this announces that you will get an unexpected gift; Health if blisters on your body – This dream signifies you health and good life. * Please, see meaning of music.... (read more)
  • Ballet dancer - General Meanings: Ability to stay calm A ballerina as a dream symbol denotes the dreamer’s ability to join together grace and poise. The dreamer is able to handle and to deal with everything pleasant and unpleasant events in his daily life. The ballet dancer always makes decisions attentively and responsibly without any doubt. Psychological Meanings: The dreamer is aware of his creative aspects and consciously controls movement. He/she can express his inner being and inner world. Spiritual Meanings: The music and ballet dancer symbolize the aspect of inner feeling. You are looking for inner peace and harmony in your... (read more)
  • Academy - ...levels. According to the real circumstances of life such dreams point to the individual case, also specific scientific success and academic honoring. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Mental progress if see an academy – This dream suggests that you have to love and to start knowing the art, the music. These will help you to make spiritual progress and to lighten your inner feelings; Troubles with happy ending if visit an academy or school – In the dream you visit an academy, shows that you will have to overcome many obstacles, but they will bring you luck in the future; Honor if... (read more)
  • Wren - Artemidoros: The singing birds, chirping, the bodily, as the wren and the like describe, writers, musicians and people with a sonorous voice. Traditionally: European – To see wren in dream means, that you will meet only with insignificant people. Hindu – To see wrens: you show too much pride for your state.... (read more)
  • Duet - Psychological Meanings: Duet is a dream symbol of contradictory feelings that you want to reconcile. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Peace in life if dream of duet for lovers – The dream of duet for lovers announces peaceful and quiet life. You will not have any disputes; Competition if dream of duet for business – You are a business man and dream of duel then you will feel a slight competition; Arguing if dream of duet for musician – You will have competition and skirmishes in near future; News if hear a vocal duet – You are listening to a vocal duet then this... (read more)
  • Banjo - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Pleasure if see banjo – The banjo is a pleasant entertainment, with the music which brings pleasure; Learn to enjoy if see broken banjo – The broken banjo in the dream indicates that you have to learn to enjoy your life and to relax.... (read more)