Echo (phenomenon) dream meanings

General Meanings:

An echo in the forest can show loneliness and desire for social relationships of the dreamer. The echo of our own or another’s voice may be a sign that someone wants to bring something to our minds or to send us a warning.

Psychological Meanings:

The echo in the dream may be a sign not to repeat the mistake from your past. You have to learn to use your experience.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Unpleasant events if dream of echo –  The dream of echo displays absurdities, warns of slander and a waste of time;
  • Hard period if listen to an echo – You will have anxious times and worries about your work. Also this dream shows that friends will leave you in trouble;
  • Seclusion if hear an echo in the forest – When you hear an echo in the forest then this means loneliness in your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Visitors if hear echo – When you hear an echo in your dream, then this dream shows that you will have unexpected visitor.

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