Exam dream meanings


The checking of one who is performing.


Am i ready to pass the exam?

General Meanings:

According to Freud the dreams which involves exams or tests in it, signifies the very important risks or challenges the one is going to take. Freud also mentions that the one who dreams of the examinations, should not be afraid of tomorrow and new things that are coming up. The dream itself shows the preparation for something very important as the result at the present and the future.
Consider, that the exams also shows the self-criticism and the wish to be the best performer out of the crowd. There are different meaning of the dream that includes exams, depending on various circumstances. For example, the one who had a dream about a positive results of the exam, will succeed at anything he does. Alternatively, the one who dreams of failing at his exams, will also lose at things he does.

Psychological Meanings:

On the psychological level, the dreams which includes exams usually shows the tendency of the dreamer to check himself or others over and over again. It depends on who is taking the exam, the dreamer, or the others that he dreams of, as if the dreamer took the exam it shows his desire to be the best.
Sometimes people dream of being examined by aliens, which shows the fear of unknown and the questions that will be asked by strangers, or things will be checked which are unexpected. The fear of the dreamer to be tested by unknowing is reflected in the dreams, where the one does not know what to expect.
It is very common dream in which people taking exams, being examined in any other way. Such dreams usually symbolizes the fears of life, where the risks and chances must be taken and unknown things scares.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level, the dream about exams signifies the spiritual test the one that is having this dream will have to take.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Unexpected fortune if know the answers to most of the questions in the exam – to dream that you were having an exam, and most of the questions answered correctly, denotes to very positive surprise and luck you will have;
Difficulties within business deals if find the exam too difficult to pass – if it was too hard to answer the questions, it means that the one who dreams of it, is going to face some obstacles while dealing with problems;
Luck at all aspects if dream of passed the exam – the one who dreams of passing the exam, will succeed at all aspects of the life.

Arabian (Islamic)

Will get rewarded if dream of passed the exam – to dream that you pass the exam, denotes to luck, fortune, richness and happiness;
Will lose if dream of failing the exam – to dream that you did not pass the exam, symbolizes fear of failure or losing on some certain situation or problem.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Running out of time
To dream that you are having an exam, and see that you are running out of time, shows the tendency of your personality to leave things for the last minute. You are the person who always leaves things for the last minute.

Is late for the exam
To dream that you are late for the exam, denotes to your fear of not doing everything that supposed to be done at time.

Unable to find the seat
To dream that you can not find your seat and the place where you are sitting, denotes to lack of confidence you do not have.

Not prepared for the exam
To dream that you are not prepared for the exam, signifies the unsure about things the one has. The dreamer is always in doubts about something, therefore he keeps dreaming about exams.

* Please, see meaning of teacher, graduation, test.

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  1. Thank u for providing such an opportunity where we can get the direction. I will explain my dream in points so that it becomes easy.
    1. I am sitting in an exam the question paper is completely unknown.
    2. The clock is ticking and i am chatting a friend of mine.
    3. Then i realize that i have to solve the paper.
    4. There is some sort of reference book provided, after consulting it i got some know-how about the paper. again there is a friend of mine who is taking the same exam, and he is using his native language, that language appears to be prohibited in the exam, this act of my friend gives me appreciation and then a begin to solve the question. here my dream ends.