Arguing with girlfriend dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about arguing with girlfriend may connote cheerfulness, fervor and fraternity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud explanation of the dream about arguing with girlfriend announces self-contained force, womanliness sex drive, originality and gift.
Positive restylings are afoot in life only if: arguing with girlfriend - This dream frequently embodies superiority and being a person who runs ahead of other. For all that, if it was bad dream then such dream might show contra substance: a person of authority should be seeming and/or misleading in regard to your personage.
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  • Cheating on your girlfriend - General Meanings: Guiltiness –  Dreaming of cheating on girlfriend meaning in common sense is about feelings and emotions, that you might have in case of such activity. Unhappiness – Cheating on your girlfriend in dream also can mean that you have insufficient satisfaction from relationship with girlfriend. Changes – To dream that you cheat on your girlfriend can indicate changes that you wish in your life or in the relationship. * Please, see meaning of an adultery. See dreaming of adultery meaning for complete understanding your dream about cheating on a partner.... (read more)
  • Parent - advice. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of love if see parents – To see parent in a dream (if they still alive), then this means that you are longing and yearning for their care and love; Happiness if speak with parents– In the dream you see or speak with your parents, then this dream has a positive meaning which announces joy, happiness and success in near future; Harmony if meet cheerfully parents – When you meet your parents cheerfully then this is a sign of harmony and pleasant assistants or friend; Warning if arguing with parents – Arguing with your parents in the... (read more)
  • Kiss / Kissing - Association: Welcoming, intimacy, privacy, affection, love, relationships. Question: With who I want to get closer? General Meanings: In General the kissing is presented as the action of tenderness, sign of love and affection. Those who have dreams about kisses usually are longing for sensitivity and closeness. There are different explanations of the kiss, depending on the circumstances of it: Kissing a certain person The dream in which you kiss a particular person shows your relationships and feelings to that person. Sometimes when we longing for some person or feel deeply and emotionally attached to him we dream of kissing... (read more)
  • Mayor - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Changes if see or speak with mayor – In your dream you see the mayor then this dream denotes that you will make a favorable acquaintance which may change your life; Dificulties if arguing with mayor – In your dream you are arguing with mayor then this announces adversityand some worries; Hindu (Hinduism) Opportunity if be yourself a mayor – In your dream you are dreaming that you are a mayor then this denotes about advances in the profession. Arabian (Islamic) Respect if be or see a mayor – In the dream you see a... (read more)
  • Servant - ...Influence of others To be a servant in the dream marks that you have to know that you are influenced by others very easily and you suffer from poor self-esteem. To have a servant in the dream marks that you have a possibility to create something new in your life with the help of others. This will be even easier for you to reach your goals. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Troubles because of influence if be a servant –  You will come in strong financial dependence because of your feelings of inferiority because you are too humble and submissive and people can... (read more)
  • Giving birth to a baby girl - ...someone is giving birth to a girl represents forthcoming relationship with bright people; If the dreamer’s girlfriend is giving birth to a baby girl, then it shows a wish for stronger bond between the two; Giving birth in hospital – means success in business, career or with any professional skill; Giving birth on a bathroom toilet to a girl – such dream can be induced by as external stimulus of bowel movements, alternatively it prophecies economical fortune throughout careful planning; Giving birth to a baby girl and bleeding after delivery – means that you are very helpful person, you have huge amount of good... (read more)
  • Vase - this shows that you will have pleasure everywhere because of a huge popularity; Admired person if have a vase with beautiful flowers – The vase with beautiful flowers in the dream signifies that you are very popular person and lots of people admire you; Richness if get a vase as the present – In the dream you get a present and it is a vase, then this means that you will increase your wealth only by your own efforts; Loss if break a vase – This dream denotes that you will lose a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Arabian (Islamic) Good... (read more)
  • Teacher - ...very common, especially for teenagers to fall in love with their teachers. Such dream only reflects the feelings, fears and fantasies the one has. Arguing with the teacher The one that is having a conflict with the teacher in his dream, is having argues with the system or some certain question in his life. Such dream indicates the dreamer’s desire to be the best, find out the truth and be the winner at some point. Studying to become a teacher If there is a wish to become someone who teaches others, then it is very normal to dream about becoming... (read more)
  • Advocate - ...(Judeo-Christian) Invitation if Seeing Advocate – In a dream to see advocate: means that you will be invited to a society or a company; Hardship if with Black Clothes – In a dream to see an advocate in a black robe: means that there is no chance in the improvement of the situation; Misfortune if Talking – In a dream to talk with an advocate: shows worry, loss and adversity; Fail if Arguing – In a dream to argue with an advocate: indicates chance of losing a lawsuit; Disputes if in Court – If you see an advocate in the court on... (read more)
  • Duet - Psychological Meanings: Duet is a dream symbol of contradictory feelings that you want to reconcile. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Peace in life if dream of duet for lovers – The dream of duet for lovers announces peaceful and quiet life. You will not have any disputes; Competition if dream of duet for business – You are a business man and dream of duel then you will feel a slight competition; Arguing if dream of duet for musician – You will have competition and skirmishes in near future; News if hear a vocal duet – You are listening to a vocal duet then this... (read more)
  • Lawyer - ...dream to see lawyer or advocate: means that you will be invited to a society or a company; Hardship if with Black Clothes – In a dream to see a lawyer in a black robe: means that there is no chance in the improvement of the situation; Misfortune if Talking – In a dream to talk with a lawyer: shows worry, loss and adversity; Fail if Arguing – In a dream to argue with one: indicates chance of losing a lawsuit; Disputes if in Court – To dream a lawyer in the court on the trial: means that serious disputes will arise... (read more)
  • Instruction - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Better time if type instruction – You are typing the instruction in your dream then this indicates good position at work; Arguing if receive or get an instruction – In your dream you receive or get an instruction so you may have some arguments with traffic with witty and irresponsible people.... (read more)
  • Bailiff - In the dream you are arguing with a bailiff, then this dream indicates that you will have lots of problems because of others fault; Difficulties if see reading bailiff – The reading bailiff in your dream represents obstacles and difficulties in near future; Warning if bailiff with wig – In the dream you see a bailiff who wears a wig, then such a dream warns you, that you have to be attentive and very careful in making decisions; No worries if a bailiff with a robe – When you see a bailiff with a robe, this denotes that you will get... (read more)
  • Dog - to you and now you’re in good position, because of the ability to see true intentions. If you see a lot of black dogs, means that there might be more than one traitor; Barking, arguing or quarreling dogs means family’s problems – In the dream to see or to hear that several dogs are barking on each other, between them, shows family feud or also it can mean dispute with your partner or quarrel in the family. Psychological Meanings: Protector and aggressor – The dog in the dream must be always considered in the connection of two opposite meanings, because... (read more)
  • Chef - ...with chef  – You are arguing in the dream with your chef then you will have uncertainty of your own decisions or life. You are afraid to fail; Changes if see hands of a chef – When you notice your chef’s hands in the dream, then this dream goes as a sign that will have careers changes ; Loss chance if receive a gift – You have got a gift from a chef, then this dream signifies about lost ability. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if become a chef – In the dream you are a chef or become one, then this dream has a positive... (read more)
  • Bridegroom - little quarrel with partner; Surprise if Arguing – To argue with bridegroom in a dream: you will be pleasantly surprised by your partner. Hindu (Hinduism) Misfortune if Dreaming – To dream bridegroom or bride: indicates misfortune, unhappiness, sorrow and disappointment; might be the loss of some relative; (Swami Sivananda) Arabian (Islamic) Luck if Man is Seeing Bride – In a dream to be a bridegroom and to see bride and to recognize her: indicates happiness; the dreamer might get married; or the dreamer might get power or he might receive something valuable; (Muhammad Ibn Sirin) Disaster if Man is Not... (read more)
  • Bishop - if bishop with robes – This dream signifies quarrels and disputes in your life because you resist you inner feelings and voice; Subordination if see a bishop with a priest – The dream indicates subordination. You have to obey the authority or higher persons; Aggressiveness if argue with a bishop – In the dream you are arguing with a bishop then you may expect violent behavior against you. You have to be attentive in order to avoid unpleasant and harmful situation; Success if get a blessing from a bishop – You are blessed by the bishop in the dream, then... (read more)
  • Acquaintance - General Meanings: Wonderful time When you are dreaming of pleasant acquaintance it represents your happy time. During this period of your life it is very appropriate time to make important decisions which may change your life. Warning When you see yourself fighting or arguing with an acquaintance in the dream, then it is the sign, that you should be very careful as you might get yourself in very uncomfortable situation. News To meet an acquaintance in the dream, this may be a sign of new good or bad. To speak with an acquaintance in the dream marks that you have to beware of gossip... (read more)
  • Ebony - General Meanings: Ebony as ad ream symbol in the traditional interpretation stands as a symbol of noble beauty. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Trustful family if tree ebony -In the dream you see tree ebony, then this means that you can rely on your family and friends. Also this dream symbol may show that you will have a trip to a foreign country; Arguing if see furniture and other products made ​​of ebony – The furniture that are made of ebony may bring you quarrels and disputes in your own home. Hindu (Hinduism) Solve problems if have something made of ebony – This dream shows... (read more)
  • Iron (material) - ...iron is old and rusty then this warns sorrow because of love and passion, you may be separate with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Also this may be a sign of poverty and disappointment; Discord if break an iron – In the dream you break an iron then this denotes discord and strife in prospect; Pain if be wounded – To be wounded with a piece of iron in the dream, then this dream will bring great sorrow; Love if see melting iron – The melting iron in the dream means love and passion; Loss if an iron weight pulls... (read more)
  • Blow - General Meanings: While stringed instruments define female, then wind instruments interpret male. This is a warning a gay sex partner for the women, for men the risk of their power. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Negative feelings if blow something – In a dream you blow something , then this is a sign of sorrow, you may lose your boyfriend or girlfriend because of your wildness and desire of freedom. Arabian (Islamic) Unpopularity if blow on brass instruments – In the dream you blow on a brass instrument, this dream marks that you will make yourself unpopular by being cheeky... (read more)
  • Coffin - Association: Includes the end Question: What am I ready to bury? General Meanings: The importance of death When the coffin appears in the dream, then the dreamer remembers his mortality. Such a dream symbol is used to recognize the importance of death and the rites related with this. Perhaps the dreamer successfully came up with “the death” of relationship, now he can pure or overcome a sense of loss. Luck and Worries Coffin also urges to bury the past, so that you can make life more carefree. If you lie in the coffin, this announces you luck, but you... (read more)
  • Gravestone / Sepulcher - have to take care of your health if you want to avoid serious disease. Dreaming a gravestone (headstone, tombstone) with your name – This dream doesn’t mean the end of your life. This is the sign that you are now in the new phase of your life, the new beginning, radical changes. You have left the old life behind you and don’t look back you have to move forward and reach the new goals. In the dream  the tombstone (headstone, gravestone) of former partner (ex-husband, ex-wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner) – The unconscious shows that you still miss one of them... (read more)
  • Silver ring - Association: – Valuable promise, important oath, spiritual obligation. Question: – With what I want to unite myself spiritually? Generally: Historically at the practical level in subconscious silver act as money, ring usually stands for a relationship. But dreaming of silver ring shows more than material values in the relationship. Silver ring shows clearly that the dreamer has same values in his life as partner has. Silver ring in dream shows same way of thinking and acting. Silver also is a symbol of the moon. The moon stands for soul. In such way ring of silver in dream symbolizes two souls.... (read more)
  • Lightning - ...and events; especially well among wealthy people, wealthy people with no luck and wealth, it announces of short duration; – without thunder: distress, discord and strife, anger and annoyance; – thunder and lightning: promises happiness and profit; joyful reunion with boyfriend or girlfriend; – the strikes with thunder announces a loss; – be near flash and feel the beat: the happiness of a friend you will harm or you are angry about gossips and slanderers; – see a pale ride through dark clouds: for sorrow, happiness will follow soon in difficulties; – from ominous-looking clouds: a harbinger of impending loss,... (read more)
  • Adultery - means that he will encounter severe trials. Possibility of death: If the dreamer enters a brothel and can’t find the way back and it’s impossible to leave that place, then such dream shows small possibility that he may die shortly. Trust: If the dreamer is sleeping with someone else’s wife, while the husband of her is not showing in a dream, means that her husband will entrust the dreamer with his home to manage. * Please, see meaning of marriage, divorce, sexual intercourse. * Partner stands for boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, fiancé or fiancée, spouse or just friends with benefits.... (read more)
  • Bread - ...what he wants from life. Maybe he made wrong decisions. Brotherly love The loaf is also a symbol of humanity, friendship and sharing. Inner growth Food of life which strengthens both equally body and soul. Who dreams of the bread, whose life gets a sense, because he grows inside together with a community. Prosperity Pay attention to the size and form of bread in the dream. The prosperity and success is announced if you see big loaves of bread. More humility The bread sometimes requests more modesty. Anxiety, sorrow Only old, hard or moldy bread announces distresses and crisis from which you will... (read more)
  • Ace, Aces (playing cards) - General Meanings: Perspective person When you are dreaming of an ace, this dream represents how patience, smart and strong you are as a person. Lost respect This dream might also represent someone who is very important to you, but for some reason you lost the honor, which this elder person felt for you before. Envy If a woman has this dream, this may be a sign that someone is jealous with your new relationships, maybe old girlfriend or someone, who likes this man. Important and perspective changes In the dream playing cards and have ace or aces in hand, so this is an indication of a... (read more)
  • Apple - apple – You will have to separate from a dear friend or a girlfriend. Artemidorus Meanings: Sweet – pleasure of love The sight and eating of sweet, ripe summer apples is good. It meant rich love pleasure, particularly to those who try to attract a woman or lover, because the apple is consecrated and dedicated to Aphrodite (goddess of love). Sour – anxiety, grief Sour apples on the contrary describe disorder and disputes, because they are associated with Eris (goddess of the discord). The winter apples, which you also name quinces, bring grief because of their astringent effect. Contexts’ Meanings: Eating... (read more)
  • Painting - ...or other risk. Psychological Meanings: Hiding something You want to paint over something unflattering and that you did. This is very important what was the color of paint. Also it is very important the color, but you have to consider which objects are painted. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Losses if see a white paint – In the dream you see white paint, this announces that you will suffer from great loss; Separation if see black paint – The dream marks that there is a possibility that you will separate with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Also you have to take care of your health, because... (read more)
  • Brew - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Visit if dream of brew beer – The dream of brew beer then this may indicate that you will have unexpected visit of a friend or a girlfriend.... (read more)