Clock dream meanings

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  • Alarm clock - General Meanings: The fear to be late The alarm clock is understood as a bell, a whistle, or signal. The dreamer must also consider the importance of the basic meaning of the clock if he dreams an alarm clock. To you dream that you set the alarm clock it can generally refer to time: what if it might be too late? What I have forgotten? Psychological Meanings: Reminder Dream an alarm clock means that your concision is showing that really important time is near you and you have to make decision. The alarm clock symbol is some kind of reminder,... (read more)
  • Indicator - General Meanings: Be ready Indicator as dream symbol (often the Clock) urges you to take a decision before it isn’t too late. The time is given to you and this is time to make decision. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Now it is time if see indicator – To dream indicator as the clock, then this dream stands as a sing that you have act before it isn’t too late, because this is decisive moment; Faster moving if reset the indicator – You are dreaming that you reset the indicator then this dream shows that everything will happen a little faster, than one... (read more)
  • Watch - ...Also, the watch symbolizes the ticking heart of the human and this can indicate emotional side of you. In other words, we should realize that if the clock has struck, our inner world has stuck in crossroad and now you need to slow down the rate. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Learn to distribute time if see a watch – In the dream you see a watch, this shows and reminds that you have to divide one’s time better, because you miss important thing in your life; Time to start if wear self – The time runs so fast, it is time to make important decisions... (read more)
  • Time - ...and make it more valid. To appear to soon on a date mean, that the dreamer must wait for a specific event before he can resume normal life. A delay is alerting the dreamer to a persistent lack of attention to details or makes him possibly aware of his fear that his time is running out. To look at the clock in the dream, must be interpreted as a call: time to work for the dreamer, time to leave or time to wake up. Spiritually: On the spiritual level, the time in the dream simbolize death or major changes. *... (read more)
  • Chronometer - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Too proud if use chronometer – In your dream you see chronometer so this marks that you are too haughty person and may lose some of your friends; Boring job if watch to chronometer –  You are dreaming that you are all the time watching to chronometer then this may be a sign that you will get a monotonous job; Mess if damage chronometer – The damage chronometer in the dream announces that there will be a mess in the private or professional life. * Please, see meaning of clock.... (read more)
  • Weather Cock - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Unpleasant period if see weather clock – Dreaming of weather cock (weather vane) then this announces uncertainty, changes and trouble. * Please, also see meaning of weathervane in dream.... (read more)
  • Rouse - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Sign if rouse someone – In the dream you rouse someone, then this dream is a sign that you have “to wake up” because there is a chance for you to make change. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if dream of rouse – When you rouse someone in the dream, then in your career you will find big joy. Arabian (Islamic) Good work if rouse – Rouse in dream means that you will have regular work and satisfaction of your life. * Please, also see meaning of alarm clock.... (read more)
  • Alarm devices - ... – This dream is a signal that something is wrong in your family. This may be that your family member needs your help or even you need a help from them. Also it is a signal that you have some problems in your sexual life. To switch or turn on an alarm in a dream – This is a notice that you have to star or to do something now. It may be the new project, the new work or something else. You have only fixed time to reach this. * Please, see meaning of air raid, alarm clock.... (read more)
  • Twelve (12) - Psychological Meanings: Your time The number twelve 12 indicates the hour of the Messiah, this means that you can reach everything by your own efforts. In a dream the clock shows eleven fifty-five, then it is right time to take the initiative in waking life. The Twelve (12) is like the number Ten (10) – a whole symbol. Completed tasks The ancient Babylonians number 12 meant the whole sacred number symbolism. The Twelve is understandable as a picture for completeness, because we have twelve months in the year, also the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve apostles. *... (read more)