Lady (woman) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Lady differs from symbol of woman because lady looks elegant. But she can perhaps be very deceptive by appearances.

  • The lady in the dream indicates that your wishes will be fulfilled and goals will be achieved.
  • Lady is talking with lady in the dream, then this dream warns you of gossip.
  • See the lady and want to associate with her socially or sexually, this shows that you want to have sexual adventure.

Psychological Meanings:

Inferiority Man dreams of a strange, often “faceless” lady that moves aloof, she looks fascinating and threatening. So this means, that you are afraid of female superiority or all typical female qualities. This is a dream of inferiority.

For woman the dream of a lady is associated with all-powerful mother or supervisor. The woman has a fear that she will not fulfill all these qualities and she will not be like a real lady.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fulfillment of desires if have connection with a lady – In the dream you have some kind of connection with the lady then your wishes and expectations can come true;
  • News if see young and beautiful lady – To dream of beautiful and young lady, then this dream announces that soon you will get good and pleasant news;
  • Gossip if old and ugly lady – When old and ugly lady appears in the dream, then you may expect annoying gossip;
  • Happy events if speak with a lady – You are speaking with a lady in your dream, then you may expect that something good will happen to you;
  • Gossip if see some women and speak – In the dream you see some women and speak with them, then this dream is a sign of gossip and damaged reputation.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Fulfillment of wishes if see the lady – The dream of lady announces that you will reach your goals and will be satisfied about your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • News if a lady is known – In the dream you see a well-known lady, especially when the lady is pretty and graceful, then this dream announces that you will get good and pleasant news which may bring you satisfaction;
  • Slander if unknown lady – This dream marks that you will be talking negatively about someone you know;
  • Disputes if dressed-up like a lady – You dressed-up like a lady in your dream, then this dream announces quarrels and anger in your family.

* Please, see meaning of wife, mother.

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