Lemons dream meanings

General Meanings:

All the negative aspects Eating lemon often indicates annoyance, disappointments and bitterness, which one must not be overestimated, because this will be overcome. Sometimes, it also can stand as a failure or a deception by others behind that.

Psychological Meanings:

Development of personality The lemon is a fruit and it is a dream symbol of success, happiness, confidence and the development of the personality of the dreamer.

Sour experience The juice of the lemon is very sour, in a dream this image sometimes points to experienced disappointment or bitterness of the dreamer. The dream of squeezed lemon can point to the fact that dreamer is exploited in the waking life, which makes him very sour.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Earning if see a fresh lemon – In the dream you see a fresh lemon, signifies that this will bring you sour hours, but after that you will have beautiful for wages;
  • Exploitation if seeing a squeezed lemon or a squeeze one – When you squeeze a lemon in the dream, means that you are used by others and can not defend yourself;
  • Well-being if squeeze out a lemon and drink the extract in the dream – This dream will bring you health;
  • Sadness if eating a lemon – You are eating a lemon in the dream, this shows that you will have bitter disappointments;
  • Annoyance if seeing prepared as food and eat a lemon in the dream – The dream announces that you will have troubles with authorities;
  • Illness if dreaming green lemons – This may predict a disease for you, you have to take care of your health;
  • Warning if seeing shriveled lemon – When in your dream a shriveled lemon appears, this may be a signal of divorce or separation;
  • Sadness if dreaming many lemons – The dream signifies that you will have many disappointments, but everything will be alright;
  • Jealously if dreaming juicy lemons are growing on a glorious flowering tree – This dream wants to warn you, that soon you will have confront with jealousy;
  • Traveling if seeing a lemon is growing on a tree – Very good omen, that after hard work you will have a journey with a great experience.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good life if see or have a lemon in a dream – When you are dreaming that you have a lemon, this shows good living;
  • Sourness in life if eating a lemon – In the dream you are eating a lemon, the life will show you what does it mean bitterness.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Lie around you if have a lemon – In the dream you have a lemon, means that somebody has told you a lie with no reason, and now it is very good time to escape from  inconvenience;
  • News if see a lemon – When you dream a lemon, this announces about upcoming pleasant news for you;
  • danger around you if peeling a lemon in dream – When you are peeling a lemon in the dream, this shows that you will escape from a danger by your cleverness;
  • Bad news if squeeze out a lemon – In the dream you are squeezing a lemon in the dream, signifies that you will receive sad news;
  • Cheating yourself if eating a lemon – You are eating a lemon in your dream, marks that you’re cheating on yourself.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming lemon tree – Lemon tree in the dream, is a good sign. This indicates freshness and clarity. You have started the new and fresh life. You have grown the harvest of your work and now it is time for you to enjoy this. But do not waste everything very fast, because this can bring you some sour disappointment. This dream shows personality development in all the areas. A tree with lemons means a good work deal or projects.

Dreaming a lot of (many) lemons – In the dream you see a lot of lemons (on the ground, on the table), this dream indicates upcoming news. This may be very pleasant and also unpleasant news. Yellow lemons in the dream, announces healthy and long living. If lemons are falling in the dream fro the tree or from the basket, this announces you unhappiness and sadness in your life.

To eat a lemon/lemons in the dream – Such a dream when you eat lemons in the dream isn’t so positive. This symbol will bring you annoyance, disappointments and bitterness. But do not worry after hard period always comes better. You have to accept all sourness and unpleasant things. Also this may be that you are cheating on yourself, you try to swallow all the negative things and do not take them so seriously. But this is very bad, because the acid will destroy you from the inside. You have to deal with all the worries and try to sole them. In the dream you are eating sour and rotten lemons shows that some of your future projects or ideas will not work out, you will be restricted. Eating sour lemons in the dream, this dream warns that you have to take care of your health, because you will have serious illness.

Drinking fresh lemon juice or squeezing lemons in the dream – Squeezing lemon or somebody else is squeezing lemon, signifies that you are using somebody to reach your goals (if you squeeze a lemon), or somebody uses you for their goals. You or that person can not defend from this. Also this indicates your sour experience that you had in your waking life. And this eats you from inside, you have to reconcile with these experiences.

Picking, harvesting lemons in the dream – This dream will bring you lots of success, you will be lead thought life with fortune.  Picking lemon also announces richness and pleasures. You have deserved this because of your hard work. In the dream fresh and yellow lemons marks long and healthy life.

* Please, see meaning of fruit & plant.

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  1. I dreamed that I bow down to the prophet the time he was ministering on a plane place and the prophet prayed for me and he end the service just after playing for me.
    The following day I dream the same prophet walking with me and I was carrying a heavy bag in my back that made me to fall down. I was walking with a prophet who was planting small plants along the road. Then I also take a small plant along the road to plant, then I realized it’s name as a Lemon tree and I planted it.
    The prophet went to talk to a girl in her room who was having a problem, so I left the prophet there and I don’t know what happened but I saw myself walking with my wife and my friend’s wife who were talking bad of the prophet.
    From no where I left them and I was in a car driving it, then I wakeup
    What is the meaning of these dreams, help me please

  2. I just woke up with the memories of last night’s dreams. I can recall feeling hungry and eating an ok-sized meal. However, my hunger was still strong so I munched on quite some lemons. Their sourness didn’t bother me, in fact, they didnt really taste sour at all. Now, I remember finishing the entire small pile I had but when I bit onto the last lemon, it was incredibly sour and so I didn’t finish the last one.
    Im not sure but I think I was with my family. Also, I ate the lemons quite fast taking two bites to finish each (the lemons werent too big nor too small)

    Anyone in the comments section are welcome to comment on my dream^^

  3. I dreamt my cousin and I saw a lemon tree full of yellow lemons in our garden at home and we went and picked and ran happily away. Then I exclaimed with excitement how juicy the lemon was after hearing the juice swirl around inside while I ran.

  4. I dreamt of going on long journey by foot and after years of walking and fatigue i finally made it to s land of lush green valley with beautiful bright yellow lemon trees every where. What does it mean?

  5. I had a dream that I was trying to get past a ferocious dragon and I was stuck hiding behind a rock and looked down at my hands and all I was holding was a squeezed lemon. Please help decipher my dream. I hardly ever remember my dreams but when I do, they always mean something

  6. So, I’ve been very upset lately, and took a nap after balling my eyes out. I had a dream (I don’t ever dream) there were squirting lemons on strings. It was dark, and I kind of thought it to be a dangerous dream.

  7. My mom and I was picking lemons off a tree and off the ground, then we found out they belonged to someone else, they told us we could have the ones we had gotten.

  8. i dreamnt picking lemons from someone else tree selling them an making profit, then i bought others and sold them and made a profit. What does it mean.

  9. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته رايت في منامي عندي ليمونه واحده خضراء اللون وكنت اريد من احدان يقصها وكانت ابنت اختي وعندها سكين لكنها لم ترد ان تقصها ورايت عند ابنة اختي الاخرى سكينا فنظرتاليها فقصتها ثم اخذت اعصرها انا واشرب ماؤها وكان طعمه حالي وكانه وضع فيها سكر حتى اني استغربت من شدة حلاوته ولكم مني جزيل الشكر ارجومنكم تفسيرالحلم