Letter (alphabet) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Way of life Letters (each one for themselves) have their own importance;  altogether they stand, first of all, for the order which you should bring in the life, so that it runs in regulated and visible way. However you should not exaggerate it, otherwise you restrict yourself too strongly; Especially you have to think about that if letters often show up in dreams.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Misfortune If write – In the dream you write a letter, shows that you will have some problems and worries in personal life and your occupation;
  • Order in life If write or see in alphabetical order – When you dream that you see or write letters in alphabetic order, announce that you will or should quickly lead your affairs and matters in order, because the mess will not help you to reach the goals;
  • Happiness If learn – When you are dreaming that you are learning letters, this is a good sign. It shows that your children is blessed and you will have happiness in your house or family life;
  • News If see – In the dream you see letters, means that you will hear some news which will help you to improve your life conditions or knowledge;
  • Warning If see on commercial documents – This is a bad sign, which wants to pay your attention to your business or the occupation you do. You have to be more careful to avoid misfortune.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • New beginning If see – The dream shows that you mind wants begin something new but if you want to achieve something, you can not be shy and to be afraid to take the first step.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Start new things If write or see – In the dream you are writing or you see written letters means that you waste your efforts. This will not bring you any prosperity. You have to start doing new things.

* Please, see meaning of alphabet, individual letters.

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