Loom dream meanings

General Meanings:

In the dream, the importance of the loom goes beyond its proper function. A loom refers to trade or craft creativity. Every person is capable to produce beautiful objects, and the loom symbolizes this fact.

  • Loom symbolizes the network of social relationships in which you live, you may extend and maintain this.
  • The back and forth of the shuttle, which is always in motion, indicates a task in which the dreamer will have a lot to do, and will probably have to travel too.
  • The thread is running low or even tears, then this dream marks that there is a possibility of failure.
  • The vertical loom means movement and travel, if the weaver is working properly then you have to move forward for your desires.
  • The horizontal loom is the symbol of disability or inability to reach your goals.
  • When the fabric was started to weave, then the meaning of the loom means a long life.
  • When the fabric is near finishing indicates short life.
  • The fabric is ready to be cut off, then announces death.
  • The utilities that are used while working with the loom means a lot of worries and financial implications, the solution will be late and with difficulties.

Psychological Meanings:

The loom denotes the symbol of weaving and refers to the idea that the person will make his own life. Some basic materials can accomplish the basic pattern. A loom is the tool that you need to design your own life pattern.

Spiritual Meanings:

A loom refers to the spiritual level of the fate, the time and the creation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good life if see a loom –  In the dream you see a loom which is working properly, then this signifies that you are creating your own life and reaching your desires;
  • Think again if loom is broken – The broken loom in the dream has a negative meaning which marks that you are on the wrong way of your life. This will bring only sorrow and damage of your own personality.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Good life if loom is working – When the loom is working in your dream, then you will make good decisions in your life. this will bring you and your family wonderful life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • New life if see loom – The loom as a dream symbol stands for ability to create your own life, you have a chance to start to create your new life.

* Please, see meaning of  weaving, weaver.

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