Baby boy in dream islam dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream of baby boy in dream islam may express relaxation, friendship and friendliness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud analysis of the dream about baby boy in dream islam means autonomous liveliness, womanliness passion, artfulness and ascendency.
Enthusiastic adaptations are ahead when: baby boy in dream islam - Symbol of a dream occasionally portends power over others. You are one step ahead of other. If not, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream may indicate upside down content: an unknown person should be two-faced and ticklish in regard to you.
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  • Giving birth to a baby girl - giving birth to a baby girl – shows huge spiritual connection that is not visible for naked eye; Unmarried girl giving birth to twins – shows her forthcoming happiness in a family. Islamic interpretation of a dream about giving birth to a baby girl: If a pregnant woman sees herself giving birth to a girl in a dream, it means that she will give birth to a baby boy. Giving birth to a baby girl means relief from distress. If a man gives birth to a daughter in a dream, it means relief from distress, happiness or the birth of... (read more)
  • Baby / Babies - or she would like to help others, serve and care for them; – If you are holding and breastfeeding your own baby: you will be deceived by those for whom you trusted the most. – take your fever-ridden baby on her arm: psychological torture are imminent. Arabian (Islamic) Baby’s symbolism in dreams is explained for Muslims and based on Islamic meanings, which is given by Islam prophet Ibn Sirin’s prophecies and interpretations. – To dream a newborn baby boy: indicates (current or just coming) sorrow, sadness, grief and trouble along with difficulty and distress for the person to whom this... (read more)
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