Bull charging me dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream about bull charging me can mean quiet, sympathy and favoritism.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung understanding of the dream about bull charging me shows nonpartisan quality, womanhood sexuality, style and power.
Positive reworkings are going on in life if: bull charging me - It represents power over others. You are a vanguard. Notwithstanding, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream might hint contra essence: an important person is being subtle and ticklish toward your being.
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  • Bulldog - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) True Friend if see – The bulldog in a dream means that without knowing it, you have made a powerful and trustful friend from an enemy; Risk if attacked by one – In the dream you enter into other people’s land and then you were attacked by a bulldog, there is a risk that you exceed the laws of your country or borders; Growth if a friendly bulldog – When the bulldog is friendly, shows that despite incendiary criticisms of your opponent, a rise is imminent. Hindu (Hinduism) Assurance if walk – The dream shows that you... (read more)
  • Bull - Traditionally: Arabian (Islamic) Danger if see Taurus – The dream of Taurus means that you have to be careful because there are danger in business because of enemy or rival in love; Love if be pushed by bull – The bull pushed you in the dream then you will have happy love; Anger if buy a bull – The dream where you buy a bull then this announces disputes and anxiety; Pain if kill a bull– In near future you will have suffering and sorrow; * Please, see meaning of buffalo.... (read more)
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  • Contexts about dog - Dog urine or urinating dog Dreaming about dog that is peeing or to see urine of dog in dream have few meanings. If dream is induced by internal stimuli, then it means that you need to use toilet, because of your bladder is full. It works as signal to avoid bed wetting. External stimuli also can make you to dream urinating dog. Very often we are hearing sounds that are similar to peeing sound and that is reason why we have dreams about pee. Third meaning is applicable when you are owner of a dog. Then peeing dog represents... (read more)
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  • Boar - person will bother you; Lost trust if meet a boar in the forest – When you meet a boar in the dream, then you may lose your confidence loved ones; Enemy if be threatened by a boar – This dream denotes that you will be threatened by a ruthless enemy; Danger if see a running boar – The running boar is a sign that you are running toward a hazard; Dangerous adventure if kill a boar – You will pass through a dangerous adventure if you kill a boar in the dream. * Please, see meaning of goat, pig, bull, animals.... (read more)
  • Pasture (meadow) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success at home if see pasture – Dreaming of green and lush pasture or to see the cattle is grazing on it, then this dream announces good domestic advancement. Hindu (Hinduism) Property if see pasture – To see in dream the pasture with cattle, then this denotes wealth for you because of hard work. Arabian (Islamic) Happiness if see green pasture – The dream has a positive meaning which signifies that you will reach great harvest and happy family. * Please, see other meaning of dreams of cow, ox, bull, also meadow and dreambank: animals.... (read more)