Cows and horses dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream about cows and horses may attest succor, partiality and affection.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung analysis of this dream about cows and horses means autarchical gameness, tender sensuality, imaginativeness and ability.
Reassuring renewals are ahead in your life when: cows and horses - Symbol of a dream represents the condition of being superior. You are a notch above the others. In another way, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream may hint backwards substance: some person may be misleading and/or icy in regard to your personage.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: white and brown .
  • Horse - easily overcome obstacles; Good luck if dream of horseshoe – if the dreamer saw the horseshoe it signifies happiness and joy also a joy. The horseshoe is known as a talisman of affluence which brings good fortune. Very often people hang the horseshoe on the doors, therefore it will bring joy into their homes; Necessity for a rush if horse been walked by the halter – there is a particular situation or a matter that has to be sorted out as soon as it is possible; Hard work if see the horse with carriage – the carriage symbolizes the effort... (read more)
  • Wagon - be too much influenced by irresponsible people; Joy if a wagon drawn by horses – The dream announces you happiness and satisfaction of your life when you see a wagon drawn by horses; Strength if wagon pulled by people – The cart or a wagon is pulled by people then this dream denotes tat you will gain power to reach your goals. Hindu (Hinduism) Joy if sit in a wagon – You see yourself sitting in a wagon, then you will reach happiness and honor in your life; Some matters if drive a wagon – Drive a wagon by yourself in the dream,... (read more)
  • Death - and have been abandoned by everyone, promises wealth, but limited one; Will make lots of money, but will lose the respect if been dead, but then became alive – such dream shows that when you get something, you also have to give something away. In this dream you will lose the power and respect from others, however will be granted with riches for that; Long life but loss of the horses if the emperor died – the death of emperor will bring joy and long life, however you will lose all of your horses; Worries and sorrow if mother dies –... (read more)
  • Crow - According to Artemidorus the crow is the bird that is a messenger of the upcoming storms. The cows living a very long period of time, therefore they are related to old women. Everything grows and matures slowly bringing the darkness also both happiness and unhappiness. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Magic, speaking, messenger, quick-change artist, teaching, connection, guarding, cleverness, deviousness. Description The crow is a bird like the raven which is often associated with the ambiguity. The crow is also considered as the bearer of the magic. These birds live in places like fields, suburbs and even in inner cities. They... (read more)
  • Neighing - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad sign if hear neigh – This is the unfavorable omen that you may experience some troubles when you hear a horse neighing. Arabian (Islamic) Laugh if hear neighing horses – This is a sign that your friends will laugh from you because of your silly thoughts.... (read more)
  • Unhitch - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Love affairs if white horse – In the dream you unhitch a white horse, this signifies many love affairs in your life; Offensive if brown horses – When unhitch a brown horse, this denotes that you will by insulted by your close friend of family member; Unpleasant person if black horse – This dream shows that an objectionable person will get married because of money and benefits; Good omen if other animals – This dream is a good omen that you will discover a fraud, this will help you to avoid worries. * Please, see meaning of unharness.... (read more)
  • Throw off - General Meanings: Worries If a woman dreams that she was thrown off when was riding, it’s a sign that she will have some grieve and troubles for a short period. For a man this dream means that the animal or a pet which means a lot to him, is sick and maybe is going to die. * Please, see meaning of horses, riding.... (read more)
  • One-horse carriage - Traditional Meaning: European (Judeo-Christian) Longing for the old times if see One-horse carriage – such dream may indicate the past, as the one who was riding in One-horse carriage is looking for some privacy or trying to get away from things that already happened in the past. Hindu (Hinduism) Richness if see One-horse carriage – usually the carriage is associated with the prosperous life, therefore the dream gives a clue about new incomes. Arabian (Islamic) Victory if dream of One-horse carriage – the horses in Islamic culture are the symbol of wealthy, prosperous and rich lifestyle, therefore the dream is... (read more)