Crossing the sea dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of crossing the sea can designate succor, yearning and pact.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung interpretation such dreaming of crossing the sea betokens self-contained life-force, womanish sexuality, workmanship and conductivity.
Reassuring adaptations are awaiting in your life if: crossing the sea - This symbol occasionally stands for the fact of being more important. You are a scout. Variously, if it was bad dream then such dream should augur contra interpretation: a person of authority is being deceitful or wicked in relation to your person.
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  • Water - broad or as narrow flow of the stream; A transient flow in dream is a feeling from the waking life that life is too fast; Sea and river in the same dream at the same time indicate the need for a major shift in the life of the dreamer or want to draw attention to the unconscious side of the dreamer; If it is a very deep river, then the dreamer should give more attention to the world that surrounds him, and his relationships; A river crossing – promises big changes; If the river is scary, the dreamer might be going... (read more)
  • Driving into water - feelings of the domination. Drowning illustrates the tendency of the dreamer to oust bad things into the subconscious, but these bad things return to conscious mind and threatening to overwhelm the dreamer. Floods represent the chaotic side in the dreamer, which is usually uncontrollable and therefore requires his full attention. Water channels symbolize the birth process. The sea is cosmic consciousness that is the original chaos from which all life comes. Water in the sea – the cosmos that holds all knowledge, even if it is obscured by the fear of the depth in the sea. A shallow sea symbolizes... (read more)
  • Transformation - other shore: Always, when we dream of a place, the new place that we go, is equivalent to an inner change. We leave our old position, which is symbolized by the place where we are in a dream, to move to a new position, which characterizes the inner place, on which we want to move towards. You look exactly to the new place , because it shows you symbolically, where you want to develop. An archetypal image of this situation represents the crossing bridge over the canyon or the wild water, that lets you to get to the other shore.... (read more)
  • Boat - shore where a new life smiles to us. Crossing a stream in the boat, indicates that you open yourself for other shores, the consciousness extends and penetrates into new spiritual and mental regions. Boating in the clear, quiet water promises a straight and successful way of life. Boating in muddy, messy water this stands for rather unfavorable prospects for the future. If it floats in quiet water, means a quiet trip of our little life boat in the awake life. Who controls a boat on moving water, can expect stress and imbalance in the conscious life. Who float a boat... (read more)