Dead girl dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about dead girl may illustrate succor, emotion and concord.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud analysis of the dream about dead girl signals unconnected will, tender sex drive, talent and virtue.
Supportive variations are happening when: dead girl - This synbol of your dream naturally foretells the opportunity to gain profit of something. You are a pacesetter. Or then, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream might signify backwards effect: an unknown person may be treacherous and/or alarming in regard to you.
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  • Kiss / Kissing - you, but is in relationship to another person and is forbidden to kiss, shows the longing for love or envy towards relationships between other people; Memories if kissing your ex boyfriend/girlfriend – in the dream which you were kissing your ex girlfriend or boyfriend shows the memories you are having. Those memories could be either good, either bad ones, depending on your past relationships. The dream suggest you to look into your past and learn from it, instead of receiving negative aspects of it; Respect if kissed the friend – to dream of kissing the friend, denotes to adoration... (read more)
  • Horse - ...the results; Guarantee of success if the horse is shining after grooming – such a dream promises the fortune you were aiming for; Luckiness in money matters if comb the tail of the horse – to dream that you were combing the tail of the horse, promises the best deals and better incomes which will bring more money in your life; Losses and disappointments of all kinds if horse is dead – to dream of the horse, that has been killed or is already dead, denotes to sad meanings of the dream. There is a possibility that you will suffer... (read more)
  • Baby / Babies - ...accepted as it is. – Capacity of recall: Dreaming of dead baby or babies can sometimes suggest a bad memory (short and long term) . Maybe you are experiencing decrease in ability to remember? If you have problem with keeping things in mind, then you should concentrate and focus your attention more. Furthermore, think all over and see what have you forgot. Is there anything? Dreaming of defunct, deceased or lifeless symbols may show temporary problems not only with ability to use short term memory, but also to remember places, things, or persons. Perhaps you want to unlearn some part of your past? Is there... (read more)
  • Father - ...appears in women’s dreams and not necessarily represent the biological father. This is typical woman who is striving for security (who felt herself as a small girl, provides protection of the father). However, on the other hand the father is considered in the dream also as the personified bad conscience (particularly if the mother and the father have always act as the punishing), particularly in view of frequent changes of partners. For sons, he is more the authority figure, the model, but also the rival, the husband of the beloved mother.(What suggested Freud, the Oedipus complex, because Oedipus has killed... (read more)
  • Bride - ...the dreamer searches his innocent, feminine side. If the picture of a bride, a bridegroom or a wedding appears in the dream, this can be interpreted as a sing for the wish for a fair connection. Sometimes the desire is also more generally, for a balance of inner and outer discrepancies. But can also be shown the desire for a balance of forces. This is also a frequent dream for young men who are fixed on a specific type of woman and search for these “dream girl” in all. Spiritual Meanings: At this level, the bride stands for the spiritual... (read more)
  • Snake - is just too soon for you. Snakes and Women Snakes belong in the female dream’s world like stars in the sky. Snake dreams have younger girls than mature women because they still have a fear of male sexual power. In later years, the snake can refer to the fear of a rival. Colors and their meanings – The yellow snake in the dream of a woman is the fear of encountering male sexuality and the red is often interpreted as direct symbol of the phallus, because the combination of the color and the form closely related to the penis.... (read more)
  • Bee - ...sources, this comes from the mystical importance of the bees, they usually associated with happiness and success as a reward for hard work. Love – The Greeks and Romans believed that if a girl is stung by a bee in the dream, they will meet in the waking life with Cupid’s arrow. The sting of a bee promises a new friendship or love relationship. Changes – For everyone else the bee sting is equivalent to a drastic change in life. Psychological Meanings: The need of support and Hard work – The dream of a queen bee reflects dreamer’s need to feel in... (read more)