Finding a watch dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about finding a watch may imply cheerfulness, crush and attraction.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung analysis this dream about finding a watch represents self-supporting sparkle, womanhood sexual urge, ability and ability.
Encouraging renewal are around in life when: finding a watch - This synbol of your dream normally signals the fact of being more important. You are a trailblazer. Yet, if it was bad dream then your dream might show vice versa explanation: some person could be astute and chancy in relation to you.
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  • Fight - Association: Violent behaviour when finding solution; release of energy; conflict side of personality; confrontation. Question: How do I deal with conflicts? What kind of conflicts do I have? Which parts of my personality is at conflict? General Meanings: In general the dream about fight can indicate doubts the dreamer has. It means that individual is confused, fighting with himself and trying to find the solution to the problems he has. When the dreamer finds himself in a fight with somebody, then such dream signifies his need for independence. Maybe he is frustrated and feels helpless in particular situation. The... (read more)
  • Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver) - indicates that all concerned persons are confronted with losses and unpleasant things. The prospect of a harmonious working atmosphere are extremely unfavorable; Grief if young women sees a corpse –  This dream prophesies grief and downfall, because you involve the devious person in your life; Bad lover If a young woman sees – If a young woman dreams the corpse of the owner of the shop (business) in which she works and realizes that its face is well shaved, then she will meet the lover who is not so justice with her and she will disappoint the feeling of love; Watch out of enemies... (read more)
  • Bee - – Threatening bees or destroying bees honeycomb point to tensions between one’s own personality and the environment. The dreamer has difficulty finding a place in society and feels uncomfortable in teamwork. Opportunity – The dreamer was stung by a bee, this means that he stands in front of an important event or a change in his life situation. Pleasure and Protection – He meets a non-aggressive bees swarm this means he will enjoy many small pleasures in life. The bees sit on his head, he should be very careful from harm of any kind. Award – According to the old... (read more)
  • Cemetery (graveyard) - and evil-threatening for you. Cemetery sometimes can signify a fatality, if there are evidences and indications in real life. Other traditional meanings arise from the following circumstances: Standing, sitting or walking in the cemetery promise that you can expect a peaceful, quite and happy age. Seeing a cemetery points perhaps to the separation (not by death) with a very close people. Observing or watching when someone is carried to the grave in the cemetery, shows that you have to give up with expectations and attitudes in previous situation, so only then you can move forward. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual... (read more)
  • Eye - the symbol of sensual and intellectual perception. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) if dreaming eye in general – This is a symbol of faith, intelligence, mind, alertness, curiosity; Warning if see an eye – This dream is a warning that a watchful enemies try with the smallest chance to harm your business or life; Love if seeing fiery eyes – This dream will bring you love and happy family; Help if seeing blue eyes – In the dream you see blue eyes, signifies that confidence inspires confidence and you should protect a friend; Love if see blue eyes of known person... (read more)