Hug stranger dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of hug stranger might portend quiet, hankering and intercourse.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's explanation of this dream about hug stranger omens sovereign disposition, girlish sexual drive or interest, craftship and efficacy.
Reassuring evolutions are around in life if: hug stranger - This synbol of your dream presages the condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status. You are an innovator. Diversely, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream may add up backwards context: somebody could be disingenuous and/or insecure in relation to your being.
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  • Bride - ...Spirit and the bride for the Virgin Mary). Purity The bride wears a white dress, the color of innocence, but also of abstinence and in a sense also the feeling of cold (see also “White”). Forbidden actions In the dream to sleep with own bride, for the man, means an adventure in which he breaks a taboo. Worries Who sleeps with a stranger in the wedding dress, might get in trouble because of his research approach in waking life. Doubt For women, the bride’s dream could include love and happiness from which they shrink back because somebody in their life... (read more)
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