In a dry river dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about in a dry river may convey facility, fondness and familiarity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud analysis such dreaming of in a dry river omens separated liveliness, gynic sexuality, craftship and cogency.
Favourable revisions are going on in your life only if: in a dry river - This dream sign frequently means the condition that puts the dreamer in a superior position. You are one step ahead of other. For all that, if your dream has left bad feeling then your dream should betoken contra significance: a person of great significance is being fallacious and/or unreliable in relation to you.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: yellow and purple .
  • Islamic Water - ascertaining something that is not too clear. Walking on water in a dream also means undertaking a dangerous trip and trusting in Allah Almighty for protection and guidance. Walking on water in a dream also means undertaking a dangerous venture. If one walks back from the water to dry land in a dream, it means that he will satisfy his needs or desire. Falling into a deep sea or a deep river but not reaching the bottom of it in the dream means wealth and prosperity, for the world in a dream represents a deep ocean. ggg If one falls... (read more)
  • Brook - of fresh spring water is a sign of emotional healing and spiritual refreshment. On the contrary a dry brook is a warning of the soul. This requires your own investment of optimism and confidence. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Rich or poor if measure level – The water level of the stream indicates richness. If it is very low then this indicates disfavor in your life. It the level is high then this announces wealth in your life; Happiness if see clear stream or creek – This dream is very positive which denotes health, money, profit, good luck in business, loyal... (read more)
  • Precipice (Cliff) - own depths. The dream points to a fear of control loss or loss of identity or before the failure in any respect. More positively can be expressed, it is possible that you will exceed or cross your own borders and limits of your own experiences. Critical situation In the dream you hold on a handrail and watched – terrified – into an precipice (and rapid river, flowing stream, waterfall, etc.), so you just live in a critical situation. Worries The ground is slippery under the feet, or the bridge has cracks, the problem is not solved yet and stress is still... (read more)