Security guard dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of security guard can connote snugness, emotion and benevolence.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's interpretation this dream about security guard expresses autonomous heart, womanliness sexual desire, accomplishment and potency.
Good evolutions are going on in waking life : security guard - This synbol of your dream generally marks ascendancy and being a vanguard. Still, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream could point out vice versa message: an unspecified person should be seeming and/or wicked toward your personage.
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  • Security guard - General Meanings: Protection The guard in a dream is a symbol of superego, also morality and social norms and values​​. In the dream security guard often plays the role of an overseer. Perhaps security guard acts as an overseer of inner world and also tries to suppress some part of personality that are not useful and may make damage. This dream symbol protects some aspects of the spiritual self from external influences. Psychological Meanings: Need of protection A dream of a security guard may point out that someone or something needs protection, or that you have to defend against... (read more)
  • Roof - ...Meanings: Make order A roof is needed to satisfy the basic human need for security and protection. Roof as a dream symbol stands as the head of the dreamer. If in a dream something is not right with the roof then you have to examine your own thoughts and emotions and to make order. Dreams of attic sometimes remind you early sexual experiences or long-forgotten events or situations. Climbing up onto the roof in a dream means that someone wants to overtake you with his knowledge. Spiritual Meanings: Sometimes the protective aspect of the woman is depicted as the guardian... (read more)
  • Dead father - ...this dream begins with fundamental associations of dead father: a) 1. Security; 2. Power; 3. Authority; – that stand as the symbolism of father; b) 1. Spirituality; 2. Purification; 3. Intelligence; – that is for the death. The general meaning of dead father dream has significance of authoritative powerful security and perfectly pure intelligent spirituality. That is from both sides exceptional good symbolism and portends outstanding happiness in various areas of the dreamer’s life. So, for physical aspects it means that you are protected and being in calm, safe, careful and peaceful environment. You have fair success in your career,... (read more)
  • Customs - ...Their goodwill and reliability can be explained by the fact that customs officers to exercise a security service. In general: Customs (tax collectors, customs station) can stand for the tribute, which one must give life for joy, happiness and success, one should not therefore quarrel with fate, once it is not so cheap, but remember the good times, it will return. Sometimes it also warns against exposure, if you have something to hide. For dealers dream about customs brings luck. Because only large foreign transactions, must clear customs, and if they are registered there, the trade is already in the... (read more)