Playing a piano dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of playing a piano might betoken plenty, love and cordial friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung explanation of the dream about playing a piano indicates individualistic morale, feminine eroticism, genius and right hand.
Constructive evolutions are afoot in waking life when: playing a piano - This dream sign announces supremacy and being an innovative person. Even so, if your dream has left bad feeling then this dream may convey upside down effect: a person of great value could be deceitful and faulty toward you.
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  • Stage - this dream indicates that you have pointless struggle in your life; Advice if play on the stage – In the dream you are playing a role on the stage, then this dream gives you an advice that it is better to be a spectator in the life but not as a main person acting in the play; Want for easy way if be on the stage – In the dream to be on a stage marks that you want to achieve you professional success without much effort. Arabian (Islamic) False truth if see yourself on the stage – You see... (read more)
  • Bean - with neighbors; Troubles if dried beans – There are some dried beans in your dreams, announces disappointment in family affairs; Worries if eat beans – In the dream you are eating beans, this will bring you disease, quarrels and disputes in your family, trouble at work or economic deterioration; No worries if sowing beans in a garden – This dream marks that you are going to overcome some obstacles in your waking life. Be with your family if seeing children playing with beans – This dream signifies that time is expensive, but you have to be more attentive with your... (read more)
  • Baseball - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Popular person if see baseball game – In the dream you see a baseball game, then this dream marks that you are easy-going person and your cheerfulness makes you a popular companion. No benefits if young woman plays baseball – You are dreaming that a young woman is playing baseball, you will enjoy your work but you will not have real gain. * Please, see meaning of ball, sports.... (read more)
  • Backgammon - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Some changes if take part in Backgammon – In the near future your abilities and talents will be checked and this will affects your life; Oppose if play – In the dream you are playing backgammon, then this indicates that you will meet with hospitality, but your inner feelings resist for this; No success if be defeated – You were defeated during the game in the dream, this dream denotes that you are out of luck.... (read more)
  • Monkey - is playing – It seems that in spite of your age you will do ill-considered things; New friend if play with them – This dream announces that soon you your enemy will become your good friend; Be vigilant if kill – This dream wants to show you that you have to keep your eyes open, if you want to win the disputes and quarrels; Signal if scratched – The dream is a signal that your soul is suffering and you have to master your feelings. Arabian (Islamic) Leader of the family if fight with monkey – Dreaming of a fight with... (read more)
  • Excrements - is available for certain aspects in the life of the dreamer, which he has “to use up” and “to sort out”. Also you can see the note in it, that you should take advantage of the previous experience, that you left behind, to connect them to create new elements. Worries and Fear – Dream that you’re playing with excrement, can be a symbol of money and valuables and also expresses financial troubles or fear of responsibility. Wish of free life – The emptying of the intestine usually stands for the wish of the dreamer to live without having responsibilities and concerns... (read more)
  • Circus - respect from others; Warning if playing in a circus as artist – This dream shows that you need for caution, because now you can easily involve in a costly affair, which may bring you worries and losses; Loneliness if empty circus – To dream that the circus is abandoned or empty, shows that you are feeling excluded in some situation. You are feeling lonely, nobody pays attention to you. Hindu (Hinduism) Keep your mouth shut if seeing circus in the dream – The dream is a warning that is not always good to speak to much. Contexts’ Meanings: Dreaming performing or... (read more)
  • Cribbage - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Changes if take part in cribbage – In the dream you take a part in cribbage then this means that you will have to make important decisions which may change your life; Give advice if watching others playing cribbage – Then you will be asked for advice, think twice before you give it because this may influence others life.... (read more)
  • Boy - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happiness if be a boy – You are dreaming that you are happy in your life about everything; True friend if card of boy – In the dream you keep the cards in your hand the cross boys, so the life will give you really good friend and support; Lover if boy the knave of hearts – This card announces a faithful lover. * Please, see meaning of lad, playing card.... (read more)