Persecution dream meanings


– Denied force.


-Which part of me is afraid of myself?
– Where can I certainly express my strength?

General Meanings:

Persecution is one of the most dreamed symbol of your own fear and that is why you unsuccessfully run behind your ideals, hopes and expectations.

Psychological Meanings:

Expression of fears Sometimes the dreamer may also be the persecutor himself in the dream, but more frequently, he is persecuted – chased by (often not identifiable) enemies or monsters. It is important to identify the symbol which persecutes you. Perhaps it is an image or fear, for example, the fear of unemployment or a love partner, sexual insecurity.

Need to find out reasons Also the feeling that you are chased is possible, maybe you have such a fear or a feeling in your real life. Almost every dream of persecution means a conflict – who or what is pursued, is something which you subconsciously identify, even if you abhor it in your consciousness. You should always look closer in such a dream. This represents that you should introduce the direct confrontation with the pursuer in your real life in order to find out information, why you are persecuted.

* Please, see meaning of to be pursued.

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