Sausage dream meanings

In general:

Sausage is often as a phallic symbol for sexual needs. More generally, sausages refers to a materialistic outlook on your life, which you should be able to correct. Consumption of sausages announces a nice, but very superficial acquaintance.


– To eat: delight your stomach;
– Also dreaming that you eat sausage: you wait for the fulfillment of a wish;
– To see: you’ll soon be going to a festival;
– To produce sausages: you should care well your household.

– Dreaming of sausage in general: domestic difficulties are often due to poor health;
– To see a sausage: bring a delightful acquaintance which is without any intrinsic value;
– Dreaming of sausage’s manufacture: you will be successful in many ways;
– To eat a sausage: you will have a modest, but comfortable home.

– To see a sausage: do not be so condescending to others;
– To eat: you’re lucky that you have not lost everything;
– To dream a smelly (fetid) one: your health is in danger, you should see a doctor;
– To make sausages: you can be happy with your life.

* Please, see also other interpretations of phallus in dreams.

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