Villa dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

The dream of villa indicates your overestimation of material things, which can cause, that you want to create for yourself ” a golden cage”. If you see an uninhabited, dilapidated villa then this dream warns of a looming financial disaster.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Richness if see or stay, visit villa – In the dream you stay or visit villa in the dream, then this is a good sign that you will make a rich acquaintance and this promises great possessions;
  • Better life if see villa from a distance – In the dream you see a villa from a distance then this predicts progress in your life which will bring you better life;
  • Baby if go through the huge villa – To dream of going through the huge villa then soon you will be happy with a newborn;
  • Bad luck if haunted villa – Villa is located in the haunted place in your dream then this is an indication of sudden misfortune;
  • Worries if be in own villa – You are in your own villa in your dream, then this dream brings trouble while moving forward and reaching goals.

* Please, see meaning of palace .

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