Wind chime dream meanings

General Meanings:

Dream of wind chimes stand as a symbol of good omen. Wind chimes in dream announce that you will find some good news.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • News if see wind chime – The dream of wind chimes will bring you some pleasant news which will make some changes in your life.

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5 responses

  1. I have a recurring dream that Im walking in the desert (with a few small trees)at night and see wind chimes and hear wind chimes but when I look its dead bodies hanging from rope from houses.
    ***ive deployed to Iraq/ afghan 3 times.

  2. I went to sleep in a really bad mood..I feel asleep because I was so mad.Well I dreamed my sister came home n she had got a package in the mail.then she was so happy giving everyone in the house wind chimes….I remember hanging it on my bedroom wall…then I woke up….what does this mean??????

    Honey FLOREZ

  3. I always listen some melodious sound of wind chimes in my dreams and it sounds so sweet and i like wind chime therefore i hanged a wind chime in my room window it always sounds enchanting music. I bought it from Home 2 garden

  4. I dreaming magical wind chime who its have magical power and a woman [which or magician] give to me to se my future and that wind chime have power in my hands its like open his self from my speling and a lots of wispering I was hear in everywhere around me what its that mean Im dont now??