Dinner party dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about dinner party can allude to cheer, worship and intimacy.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's explanation of the dream about dinner party augurs unconnected energy, womanliness sexual urge, creativity and dynamism.
Good amendments normally are going on : dinner party - It generally signals superiority and being a person who runs ahead of other. Even so, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream may demonstrate vice versa value: a person of great value could be beguiling and treacherous in regard to you.
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  • Dinner time - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if eat alone dinner – You have dinner alone in your dream, then this means that you will have concerns and worry about the livelihood; Divorce if young woman has dinner – The young woman has her dinner with loved one, it means dispute or separation of lovers, unless it is a harmonious and enjoyable affair; Meeting if be a guest in dinner – You are one of many dinner guests, then in your near future you can expect a warm welcome or meeting.... (read more)
  • Dinner - Psychological Meanings: Need for strong relation Always returning dreams of a typical dinner scene with a loved partner (refined atmosphere, candlelight etc) often expresses the wish for a strong relations and getting married (and having a family). You want to be sure and to come back to harmonious, stimulating home. The opposite dream of the dinner: unfriendly faces, icy silence at the table and only listless to pick of food. Too tired and exhausted The dreamer is often overwhelmed and expected too much for family expectations, he should constantly “work”, he has no free space within the relationship, etc. –... (read more)
  • Oven - ...quickly lead your company or project to the end. You have to be attentive with all your decisions; Luck if see hot oven and ready to bake – In the dream your oven is hot and ready to be used, then this dream announces you success and happiness; Stagnation if prepare dinner in the oven – When you prepare dinner in the oven in your dream, then such an action denotes that all affairs that you have at the moment will come to a halt; Bad times if meal is burnt – In the dream your dinner is burnt then... (read more)
  • Invitation - ...that the dreamer will become more open and will make contact. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good affairs if get an invitation to a party or public event – Such a dream when you get an invitation to a party marks a favorable development in important affairs; Unpleasant news if visit a place with invitation – You are visiting a special place with invitation in your dream, then this is not so positive because you will get some bad news; Pleasant worries if you invite someone – When you invite someone somewhere in your dream, then in your quiet life you will have unpleasant event,... (read more)
  • Supper - ...strength back and the next day will be very successful at your work; Cooperation reaching the success if eating dinner with others – This dream is a sign that there is a possibility for success, but you have to join together with somebody. Very good for team work and new joint decisions. Hindu Success if enjoy with another – You are dreaming that you have supper with other people, this announces that soon you will be able to enjoy the success; Luck If eat – Your way is convenient to reach the target and the happiness is waving to you... (read more)
  • Pineapple - ...your dream while you are preparing a pineapple you cut into finger, points to significant loss, which passes quickly into success and happiness; Party if eat in a dream – The pineapple shows that you will be invited to a feast; Arabian (Islamic) Invitation and prospect If see a pineapple – In the dream you see a pineapple, this means that you will be invited to the party, where you will meet very important persons, which will help to improve your life. Contexts’ Meanings: Dreaming pineapple fruit – In the dream you see a pineapple, this is a very good sign.... (read more)
  • Choirboy - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Old friend if see singing choirboy – In the dream you see a singing choirboy, then this dream announces that  soon you will hear from an old friend. Hindu (Hinduism) Party if see singing choirboy – This dream marks that you will get an invitation to a party with all your good friends. Arabian (Islamic) Celebration if see singing choirboy – The dream bring you a joyful event in your family and you will have a huge celebration... (read more)
  • Engagement / fiance (fiancee) - ...ready to take such a serious step in his/her life; No chances if own engagement – In the dream you see your own engagement, this denotes that a flirtation that you have at the moment, will take a quick end and will not last; Marriage if be in the engagement party – You dream that you enjoy or celebrate an engagement party, this dream announces you a quick engagement or marriage. For married people it brings a nice and beautiful friendship; Troubles if break off an engagement – In the dream you break off an engagement, this marks that you... (read more)
  • Puppy - General Meanings: Puppy in the dream (young dog) symbolizes spontaneity, innocence, trust and affection. Dreaming of puppy or puppies usually means, that you will be asked not to reject friendly courtesy from other people. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Thanks if see puppy – Dreaming of puppy means that you will help innocent and unlucky people and for that you will get a gratitude; Party if see puppies – Puppies in dream can mean an invitation to a fun party and you will experience fun and happiness. Property if puppy or puppies are awake – The awaken puppies in the dream denotes that... (read more)
  • Threesome - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Party if see threesome – In your dream you see threesome then this denotes that you will luxury and extravagant party or event.... (read more)
  • Wet nurse - ...in the current situation; Good news if drink from their own breasts – You will get an unexpected success or pleasant news which will change your life to better; Solving worries if be a wet nurse – In the dream you are a wet nurse, then this  means that you have to work on on your problems by yourself; Hindu (Hinduism) Invitation if see a wet nurse – When you are dreaming of a wet nurse, then this indicates that you will be invited for dinner with really important people. And this may give you an opportunity to show your talents; Free... (read more)
  • Music - ...the music has a big part in dreamer’s life he will have dreams that are related to music too. Consider, what part of your life the music takes in it? Maybe you were partying a lot in the last days of your life or your profession is related to music too. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level, the music and the rhythm of it shows the connection a dreamer has with divinity and God. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Will get happy news if hear nice music – to dream that you were listening to music, which was pleasurable experience, shows... (read more)
  • Snake in my shoe - ...Other snake in your shoe dream meanings: May many South American killer bees and the hosts of Hades seek a battleground in your father’s house. May the hosts of Hades gleefully throw a party in your shoes. May a crazed Rush Limbaugh find your buttocks suddenly delectable. May a truckload of plague-ridden gnats and the hosts of Hades seek a battleground in the sewer you call home. And some meanings more: You festering bag of mung. You musty, unspeakable, bad excuse for fungus. You friendless, sloppy, bad excuse for leaf clippings. You funky, blithering offspring of a motherless simpleton. May... (read more)
  • Heavy rain and flooding - ...if the fear of high water doesn’t bother you too, then your dream can be seen as a blessing except one fact. Flooding is usually interpreted negatively. So, first, you are blessed because your mind is free of worrying about weather conditions. Second, this dream has symbolism of vitality, spiritedness and forcefulness, which are overflowing too much. Also, it means growth in financial efforts and personal proficiency, but with negatively impacting others interests. So, dreaming about heavy rain and flood symbolizes success in your professional life and family relationships, which will be reached by doing some damaged to third party.... (read more)
  • Pour - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if pour something – To pour something in a dream then this indicates that you will experience losses and will have some troubles; Celebration if pour coffee or tea – In the dream you pour tea or coffee then this may be a sign that you will get an invitation to a party.... (read more)
  • Campfire - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy if be near campfire – You are dreaming that you are sitting near campfire then this denotes that you will experience joyful event or happiness. Hindu (Hinduism) Celebration if see herdsmen near campfire – In your dream you see a herdsman near campfire,then this dream may show that in near future you will you come into a merry party or event. Arabian (Islamic) Safety if see campfire – The dream of campfire stands for coziness and safety from danger. Now you have such a life.... (read more)
  • Sugar factory - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Party if see sugar factory – To dream of sugar factory means that you will be invited to a celebration; Joy if working in sugar factory – You are working in sugar factory in your dream then this dream is a sign that you are satisfied about your life.... (read more)
  • Meeting - General Meanings: You are dreaming that you are in the meeting. The reason why you participate in the meeting in the dream is that you might be keen on what is happening in the political life, you may support the aims of the political party or fight on the contrary side, this is very important for the interpretation. Psychological Meanings: Be special If you hear yourself talking in the meeting , you should not use so many words or do not be so talkative when you talk in public, in conference or in other important meeting in your everyday... (read more)
  • Grave - ...grave – A woman in a cemetery and in the darkness, she finds only an open grave to sleep, she will have many worries and disappointments through experiences with death or false friends. She has maybe even bad experiences in love. Hindu (Hinduism) Marriage if digging your own grave – You are digging a grave in the dream, this means that you will have a good and happy marriage; Feast if see open  – This dream announces you cheerful party; Health problems if shut a grave – In the dream you see somebody shuts the grave, then this is a bad omen. This announces... (read more)
  • Farewell - ...you might want to pass or dismiss something out of your life. You dream of a farewell party, this can be interpreted as an indication that something is completed or soon will be.  Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if farewell to parents – In the dream you say goodbye to your parents, this dream warns about affliction, sorrow or disease; Happy love if hear from a lover – In the dream you hear farewell from your lover, this is a very good omen. The dream shows that he/she is loyal and faithful; Trustful friends if from friends – The dream... (read more)
  • Kiss / Kissing - ...be a big party; Melancholy if does not like the kissing – to dream that you do not want to kiss the person you love, shows the anger towards that person or sadness you are suffering; Evil if kissing the married person – if you kissed someone that is married, then such dream shows the negativity and badness that lies in you. Make sure you get rid of the negative aspects that you have in your personality. Arabian (Islamic) Will gain the profit if kissing your wife – to dream that you kissed your wife, denotes to the richness you... (read more)
  • Gold ring - Gold ring in dreambooks: European (Judeo-Christian) – Dreaming of gold ring meaning: promises a speedy marriage or christening; Hindu (Hinduism) – Ring of gold in dream: for married couples – marriage blessing, for unmarried – imminent wedding party; M. Ibn Sirin (Islamic) dreambook: If raining with rings of gold – woman has lost her wealth; Golden ring for man when his wife is pregnant – she will give birth to a son; Golden ring with a gemstone (diamond, ruby, sapphire and etc.) – means that benefits will come with ease; Golden ring or a man wearing a golden ring – represents... (read more)
  • Diamond ring - ...to wear – Dream of a diamond ring fitting on finger meaning: Happy relationship; Coming proposal; Successful marriage; Excellent spouse; Clear indication that new ventures will be successful; Other symbolism foretells to be cautious, dream warns against an infidelity or adultery. Metal, alloy – Diamond rings’ meanings by ring’s composition, by metal or alloy: Gold ring with diamond: for married couples – marriage blessing, for unmarried – imminent wedding party; means that such benefits will come with ease; Silver ring with diamond: dream promises a happy family life and lots of healthy and happy children; nothing will stand in the dreamer’s... (read more)
  • Gasoline (gas) - ...Much efforts and warning if dream gasoline – In a dream you see or smell gasoline then this dream means risk of fire or disputes. You have to be wary of both. Also this dream indicates that you will have to put lots of efforts while dealing with new tasks; Very spontaneous if see gasoline – The dream denotes that you can very easily inflame yourself, but also very quickly calm down; Party if see burning gasoline – The burning gasoline in the dream announces that you will have a fun entertainment with your closest friends and family members.... (read more)
  • Accordion - ...that the joy and the luck you had is becoming not so joyful for you and you could get depressed in your near future. Take care of your health If you see yourself playing the accordion in your dream, this could be the warning that you are not so healthy as you used to be. Make sure that you have enough rest and do not have any physical ailment. If there is someone who is playing accordion on the stage it could be the meaning of unexpected invitation to a party. Luck If someone plays the accordion, this symbolizes the luck... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...– imminent wedding party; – If ring is very valuable: a pleasant future, marriage for unmarried persons; – When ring is broken: dispute and separation; – To lose: sadness and anxiety, you will lose respect; – Ring made of ivory: the days are getting friendlier, and thou shalt be freed from suffering. Arabian (Islamic) – To see one ring in dream: happiness in all aspects of your life; – Dreaming of several or even more rings: you will have various experiences. – Wear on your finger (for singles): early marriage; – Wear on your finger (for married): discord in marriage;... (read more)
  • Welcome - In general: If the dreamer in a dream welcome, he accepts himself and begins to like himself. If he reveice welcome from family member, now he is accepted by the family and his relations will improve​​. Psychologically: To welcome another person in the house means, that the dreamer learns to trust himself. If dreamer belong to a welcoming party, it shows his ability, to belong for a social group with common beliefs. Spiritually: Dreaming of the welcome on spiritual level means, that the dreamer is accepted spiritual, and his first steps to spiritual fulfillment are greeted.... (read more)
  • Sugar - ...distributed sugar to the poor, he will need people with advice and practical support. – Or Sugar Loaf: flirtation or flattery; – Spill: one will have an experience that is not as enjoyable as it first appears. European – try to enjoy the pleasant life, you tend to yourself and others’ lives make it difficult by jealousy, but even to indulge in the pleasure, physical and emotional setbacks are inevitable; – Indicates prosperity and that you get into a position of doing good deeds; – To wee: an unpleasant task or job is a very easy from a third party;... (read more)
  • Big snakes in the road - ...half-baked, fungus for brains. Finally, also it can mean this: You hirsute dingo. You fetid, shit for brains. You nasty, bat guano for brains. May a sweaty hoard of yaks happily find shelter upon your mother’s grave. So, big snakes in road dream can mean that you’re repulsive offspring of a motherless gekko. May a rotting and rancid group of yaks discharge bodily waste in your shoes. May a biting Rush Limbaugh find your innards suddenly delectable. May the hosts of Hades happily throw a party in the oil refinery you call home. May a truckload of yaks and a... (read more)