Zigzag line dream meanings

General Meanings:

Huge amount of energy When the dreamer is moving like zigzag or see someone moving like this, then there is the possibility of an accident, so there is a need of precautionary. The dream indicates that you may have an energy discharge, then sanity will return to a state of equilibrium.

Psychological Meanings:

The dreamer has reached a new level of consciousness, perhaps even he experienced a revelation.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the zigzag line is the sign for new potential and growth.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Changes of behavior if see zigzags – The dream of zigzags means frequent changes of your own mood.

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  1. OMG, I’ve always been disturbed in my sleep every night around 3 or 4…This is the first time I saw a zigzag. Sirit in my sleep I was angry because I want to sleep, I’m finally getting Mt self togeather.Why di I deal with this all my life…I looked it up, it’s meaning said, a accident…Don’t want anybody to get hurt or die, then the other thing Said, grow, and opportunity,,….I hope it’s growth…That was very unusual it went into the air and out the window…I hope I don’t see that anymore, I’m tured I need sleep..I prayed