Zoo dream meanings


Controlled wildness.


Which instincts I would like to watch live from a secure vantage point right now?

General Meanings:

Need to show instincts or to control You are in the zoo or you staying here for awhile then this may be a sign that you wish that some of your deepest instincts need to be understood. Perhaps you have to exercise your self-assessment more objectively. Zoo as a dream symbol symbolizes the instinctual life. In general, this dream marks that you need to control more on your impulses and instincts.

Psychological Meanings:

Be more adaptive Perhaps the dreamer felt a desire to return to simpler behavior. Some people have a natural observation. Maybe the dream of zoo is a reference to the dreamer, that he and his behavior towards the group to which he belongs has to become more adaptive.

Keep your instincts A zoological garden, where you can see blossoms and happy animal, so this is the evidence of our prosperity in society. But if the animal are in the cages and they are sad, then this dream warns you, that you have to keep your instincts and do not put them too much in the foreground.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if be in zoo – In the dream you are in the zoo then this may be a sign of an imminent danger;
  • Be attentive if see entry of a zoo – To see an entry in a zoo, so this dream denotes that it is not good to play in a matter of the fire.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Journey if see zoo – In your dream you see zoo that you will have to travel to distant lands.

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  1. So happy to have found this community today I am just eibgnning out my private body and energy work practice in Boston. I have been doing energywork since I was able to walk and talk. My mom was basically disabled and on bedrest until I was 12. I have been using ocean tide and riptide imagery as long as I can remember. I primarily deal with grief and trauma recovery, as I have experienced my own immense amount of it. Yesterday was one of those particularly recurring grief days for me. But as I slept, the whales beckoned me into the sea with them, as they have before -always touching me as if I were their own creation to hold, examine and love. My dreams are VIVID. Sight, smell, sound some sensations in between and they coalesce into something that is not singular and not plural. I love what someone above wrote about the sound of light hitting the grass right on! that is kind of it. I have those perceptions in waking time as well. Photosynthesis is not just a process, it is plant joy in action those daffodils are screaming in the sunshine so happy to be glistening, iridescent yellow fibrous plant life. LIFE. How this all applies to my life work, I am uncertain. No one I spend any time with has a similar experience where their imagination and their perceptions are inseparable. I believe life to be incredibly imaginary. It seems like some people here may have some good ideas about how to go further with it to incorporate it into my life’s work which is Dharanananda concentration and bliss.I am in transition with my life work and am inspired by the community here. A re-awakening of my dreaming potential is in full force I feel after last night.Love & Light & Attentiveness!Stephen