Escaping dream meanings

  • Fire - ...positive and fortunate symbol. Except when it returning from fire, then it means that you’re going to be disappointed with the money you earn. But if you are traveling in the fire engine, it shows protection that you will provide to someone in near future. Other positive dreams that prognosticate fortunate changes: building bonfire or starting a fire from scratch, putting out the fire, saving something or somebody or escaping from one. Some dreams with negative meanings about future events: inability to escape a fire, awakening in a dark room where you are surrounded by a fire, seeing roaring bug... (read more)
  • Horse - ...where they were used as the tool to enter from one world to another. General Meaning Horse symbolizes sensuality, the quickness in escaping unpleasant situations. The horse also signifies capability to operate more efficiently if aiming for certain tasks. Sexually the horse symbolizes the power, passion and fertility. Association The dream about the hoof of the horse is associated with a thing, a cause or an object; The dream about Trojan horse is related to the destruction of lives. Transcendent Meaning The horse is an ally who can lead you into other realms. * Please, see meaning of Animals.... (read more)
  • Lizard - ...of  Possession If Killing – In the dream you kill a lizard, this dream announces you about the recovery of lost property; – Irritation If Escaping – When the lizard escapes from you in the dream then you should expect annoyances in love and at work; – Danger in family If crawling lizard – In the dream a woman dreams that she sees a crawling  lizard on the rock. This means that she stands in front of her misfortune and grief. Her husband may have a serious accident, leaves her in penniless, so she has to struggle to earn more If... (read more)
  • Magician - ...bring you happiness; Happy life if seeing magic tricks – The dream about magician signifies that a mystery will be solved in your life. The prosperity and happiness in your family; Escaping from bad situation if showing magic tricks and others can see this – In the dream you show magic tricks as a magician, means that you will soon come to an unpleasant situation from which you can free yourself only with your own strength. Hindu (Hinduism) No worries if seeing a magician – This dream shows that you will avoid unpleasant situation by tricks; Show your talents if... (read more)